Adsorption of phosphate

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  • The aim of this study was to produce adsorbent from paper sludge for removal contaminants in water that has great environmental significant in utilization of waste to solve waste. Paper sludge in Hoang Van Thu paper joint stock company was collected and cleaned with tap water and distilled water.

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  • The objective of the current effort was to determine the efficacy of Fe(II)-montmorillonite (Fe(II)-MMT) as an adjuvant for specific targeted adsorption of phosphate. Specifically, Fe(II)-MMT was studied to combat hyperphosphatemia and anemia arising from chronic renal failure. The adsorption of phosphate over time, pH, and initial concentration was studied. The systems were characterized by X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman, and zeta potential. The experimental results demonstrated the adsorption time was set to 140 min to achieve maximum adsorption efficiency.

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  • Fe(II)-montmorillonites (Fe(II)-MMTs) were prepared by mixing solutions of Fe(II) and montmorillonite at pH 3.5. Two different Fe(II)-MMTs were prepared and the ferrous iron contents were 40 mg/L and 80 mg/L. All samples were characterized by XRD, FT-IR, TGA, DSC, and nitrogen adsorption. By nitrogen adsorption, the pore size can be obtained in the pore diameter curve with average pore widths of 6.67 nm, 9.96 nm, and 17.07 nm, respectively.

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  • The present paper describes the voltammetric analysis of dipyridamole (DIP) at a cheap, disposable pencil graphite electrode (PGE). The working conditions were optimized with regard to the electrode material and the supporting electrolyte. Cyclic voltammetric investigations emphasized that DIP is irreversibly oxidized at the PGE. The electrode process is pH-dependent and controlled by both diffusion and adsorption. For DIP quantitative determination a differential pulse voltammetric (DPV) method in phosphate buffer solution pH 7.00 was developed.

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  • Synthesization and structural characterization of nano La2O3, nano CeO2, nano La2O3- CeO2 on laterite by sol - gel combustion method using gelatin precursor; investigation the adsorption and desorption capacity of arsenic, phosphate on La2O3 nanomaterials, CeO2 nanomaterial, mixed oxides La2O3-CeO2 nanomaterial and La2O3-CeO2 nanomaterials on laterite.

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  • The magnitude and rate of P sorption mainly depend upon the properties of soils and phosphate sources. Soils differ widely in their chemical and physical makeup according to geological and geographical location.

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  • Removal of phosphate from surface water and wastewater has been studied well, but there are a few studies in relation to undergroundwater. In order to increase adsorption capacity for phosphate, natural laterite was used to modify with cerium tetrachloride. Modification condition and characterization of the adsorbent material was investigated.

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  • The purpose of this study was to modify the sludge from DWTP as a low-cost adsorbent for adsorption of phosphate in wastewater. The absorption performance of MS was examined, and the removal mechanisms were elucidated. The finding of this study is helpful for further development of a low-cost adsorbent based on sludge from DWTP to remove P in wastewater and offers a solution reduce water treatment sludge production and disposal fees also.

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  • A major nutritional problem to crops grown in highly weathered Brazilian soils is phosphorus (P) deficiencies linked to their low availability and the capacity of the soils to fix P in insoluble forms. Our studies examined factors that might influence P behavior in soils of the Amazon region.

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  • Hydroxyapatite/titania nanocomposites (TiHAp) were synthesized from a mixture of a titanium alkoxide solution and dissolution products of a Moroccan natural phosphate. The simultaneous gelation and precipitation processes occurring at room temperature led to the formation of TiHAp nanocomposites. X-ray diffraction results indicated that hydroxyapatite and anatase (TiO2) were the major crystalline phases. The specific surface area of the nanocomposites increased with the TiO2 content. Resulting TiHAp powders were assessed for the removal of the patent blue V dye from water.

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  • Amine-SiO2 material was synthesized and applied as a novel adsorbent for nitrate and phosphate removal from aqueous solution. The characterizations of Amine-SiO2 were done by using TGA, FTIR, BET, and SEM analyses.

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  • The investigation of adsorption isotherms indicated that the maximum adsorption capacities (qm) for C-DCP and S-DCP were 714.3 and 666.7 mg g1 (at 293 K), respectively. The experimental kinetics were well-described by the pseudo-second-order kinetic and the equilibrium data were fitted with both Langmuir and Freundlich adsorption models. Thermodynamic studies indicated that the adsorption of uranyl ions on the monetite surface was a spontaneous exothermic process.

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  • The synthesis of nanosize single phase CeO2 by gelatine gel combustion method was investigated. The prepared material was characterized by X- ray diffraction, thermogravimetric and differential thermal analysis, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy measurements. At optimum conditions, such as pH 3, the molar ratio of Ce4+ /gelatine 1/1, and a calcination temperature of 550 oC for 2 hours, the material with average size < 30 nm was synthesized.

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  • Adsorption of phosphate (PO3 ) from aqueous solution on ac4 tivated red mud (ARM) was studied as a function of time, pH, temperature, concentration of adsorbent and adsorbate in acetic acid–sodium acetate buffer medium. The adsorption of phosphate follows Langmuir as well as Freundlich adsorption isotherms. The process efficiency was found to be 80 –90% at room temperature.

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  • Figure 4-43. Adsorption isotherms of alkylsulfates on Hypersil-ODS from methanol/water (20/80) with 0.02 M phosphate buffer at pH 6.0. (Reprinted from reference 119, with permission.) Figure 4-44. Capacity factor of tyrosinamide versus concentrations of dodecyl sulfate (upper curve), decyl sulfate (middle curve), and octyl sulfate (lower curve). (Reprinted from reference 119, with permission.)

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  • admittance Symbol, Y. Unit, siemens (formerly mho). The property denoting the comparative ease with which an alternating current flows through a circuit or device. Admittance is the reciprocal of impedance (Z ): Y = 1/Z. adp 1. Abbreviation of AMMONIUM DIHYDROGEN PHOSPHATE, a piezoelectric compound used for sonar crystals. 2. Abbreviation of AUTOMATIC DATA PROCESSING. adsorption Adhesion of a thin layer of molecules of one substance to the surface of another without absorption. An example is adsorption of water to the surface of a dielectric.

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