Adsorption technique

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  • Organic pollutants cause several environmental problems if discharged to air or water body. The occurrence of organic pollutants in the ecosystem, their risk and removal methods are very important issues .This book deals with several aspects of organic pollutants, especially in the light of organic pollutants monitoring, risk assessment as well as the practical application of different techniques for removing it from the environment.

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  • Natural gas has traditionally been used as a feedstock for the chemical industry, and as a fuel for process and space heating. Recent advances in exploration, drilling techniques and hydraulic fracturing have made it possible for natural gas to become available in abundance (as of 2012). As natural gas displaces traditional petroleum use in various sectors, a certain amount of disruption is likely.

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  • VOCs from process vents are, where possible, re-used within processes but this is dependent on such factors as VOC composition, any restrictions on re-use and VOC value. The next alternative is to recover the VOC calorific content as fuel and, if not, there may be a requirement for abatement. A combination of techniques may be needed, for example: pre- treatment (to remove moisture and particulates); concentration of a dilute gas stream; primary removal to reduce high concentrations, and finally polishing to achieve the desired release levels.

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  • Catalytic oxidation of m-xylene was carried out over the copper oxide catalyst loaded on SiO2 300 m2/g. The various techniques were used to characterize the catalysts x-ray diffraction, TPRH2, N2 adsorption-desorption, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), tranmission electron microscopy (TEM) and CO pulse chemisorptions. The results indicate that the impregnated solution concentration exerts an influence on the catalytic activity.

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