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Advances and vaccine

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  • With advances in reverse vaccinology approaches, a progressive improvement has been observed in the prediction of putative vaccine candidates. Reverse vaccinology has changed the way of discovery and provides a mean to propose target identification in reduced time and labour.

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  • Rabies is a re-emerging and fatal infectious disease in Asia mainly caused by exposure to rabid dogs. In spite of great advances in virology there is yet no cure for rabies. In recent times newer modality of disease prevention like genetic vaccines and other advanced vaccines have been taken into account. Prevention of dog rabies would be the most effective way to stop rabies transmission to humans.

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  • Advanced non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) represents a significant unmet medical need. Despite advances with targeted therapies in a small subset of patients, fewer than 20% of patients survive for more than two years after diagnosis.

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  • We conducted a phase I/Ib, open-label, single-arm trial to assess the safety, tolerability and optimal scheduling regimen of OTSGC-A24 cancer vaccine in patients with advanced gastric cancer.

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  • Human fungal infections are on the rise. Fungi causing skin infections are common but invasive fungi which are less known appear pathogenic and deadly. Environment, immunity and individual risk factors contribute for its susceptibility. Some of them can be fatal, if not diagnosed early and treated. Advances in molecular techniques help in early diagnosis. New modality of treatment such as antifungal peptides, fungal vaccines are in the pipeline. Improper and “Over the counter” medication must be avoided for the complete cure.

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  • Nanotechnology is the rapidly expanding field and nanoparticles are omnipresent. Biological nanoparticles are assembled from molecules or atoms synthesized in a biological system. They include magnetosomes, lipoproteins, viruses, exosomes and ferritins.. A typical instance of a protein cage possessing this native biological function is ferritin. This engineered ferritin, which has the same architecture as natural H-ferritin, is termed magnetoferritin. The iron storage protein ferritin consists of a spherical polypeptide shell (apoferritin) and accommodates various metal ions.

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  • “Rotavin-M1” is an oral live-attenuated vaccine that prevents diarrhea in children under five years old, produced from rotavirus strains G1P [1] on Vero cells. This vaccine has been studied for 16 years beginning with monitoring the local circulating strain and eventually establishing a seed lots system. The safety and immunogenicity of the vaccine were found equivalent to internationallyimported vaccines.

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  • Nigeria’s Leaders Prioritize Prevention The First Lady of Cross River State, Mrs. Obioma Liyel-Imoke, is a public health crusader who is profoundly dedicated to reducing child pneumonia deaths in Nigeria — the country with the highest child pneumonia burden in Africa. She created the Breath of Life health initiative that works within communities to promote pneumonia prevention. On World Pneumonia Day, Breath of Life, the First Lady and other dignitaries led an energetic advocacy walk to educate parents about child pneumonia in the local government area (LGA) of Bekwarra.

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  • A major focus of the World Pneumonia Day effort was engaging political leadership to advance efforts to protect against, prevent and treat child pneumonia, particularly in countries with high disease burden. Event highlights include the following: Pneumococcal Vaccine Introduction Brings New Hope to Malawian Families On World Pneumonia Day, Malawi became the 16th GAVI-eligible country to introduce pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) into its routine immunization program, promising to protect millions of children from pneumococcal pneumonia.

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  • The purpose of advocacy, communication, and community mobilization is to empower individuals to make informed decisions on programme design and service utilization. It is essential to engage community and professional groups to ensure community participation and acceptance. Informing target audiences regarding key messages on cervical cancer prevention should be done well in advance of programme introduction. United Nations organizations and other technical experts should increase advocacy efforts and awareness to reach country level staff and partners....

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  • Monitoring for coverage, effectiveness, impact, usage (loss and wastage), and safety of vaccines should be planned and use existing systems as much as possible. Collection of coverage data can be challenging, and should include disaggregated data by dose and age at delivery site. Nominal registries may be useful for collecting coverage information and ensuring proper follow-up, but may require unique national identifiers. With appropriate technical support, vaccine impact evaluations may be done using HPV prevalence studies in certain settings.

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  • Public health achieved considerable health improvements in the 19th Century with for example, treatment and legislation relating to water supply, sewage disposal and safer food. In the last century this legacy was extended with improvements in nutrition, the introduction of antibiotics and the sulphonamide drugs, early childhood vaccinations, the introduction of legislation on the compulsory use of seat belt and tobacco controls and taxation etc.

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  • Emergency settings differ vastly in their nature but also by epidemiological context. It is thus essential that medical preparation is as comprehensive as possible (with the limitations imposed by departure at short notice) and tailored specifically for Myanmar. A minimum period of time is needed to build up protective levels of antibodies after immunization, which additionally may require several injections. It is advised that vaccinations are received 2 weeks in advance of departure if possible.

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  • Guided by the belief that all lives have equal value, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation works to help all people lead healthy, productive lives. our Global health Program supports this mission by harnessing advances in science and technology to save lives in poor countries. We focus on problems that have a major impact on people in the developing world but get too little attention and funding. Where proven tools exist, we support sustainable ways to improve their delivery.

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  • It could be concluded from this study that the disease incidence and prevalence fate amongst children of displaced person were generally high with malaria and diarrhea the most prevalent and persistent. The fact that the internally displaced persons camps in Lafia were overcrowded, had poor sanitary conition, unsafe water sources, inadequate food supply could be the reasons for this, aside ignorance and beliefs of the people. The Nasarawa stat Government immunization intervention programme was substantial and commendable having a total of 24,818 idps vaccinated, however only 65.

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  • The book Cell Interaction focuses on various processes that occur within and outside the cells. Cell interactions are important for functioning of many organ systems: cell adhesion, tissue development, cellular communication, inflammation, tumor metastasis, and microbial infection. Key features include developmental cell interactions, immune and neural cell interactions, cell interactions in normal and disease conditions and advanced level methods to evaluate cell interactions.

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  • The local organizing committee for BMS2010 is proud to welcome the delegates of the XI International Symposium for Biomechanics and Medicine in Swimming. It is an honor for us, for the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, and for Norway, to host this unique con- ference and to present this Book of Proceedings. We feel that BMS XI is a reference work which covers the central advances in aquatic science since BMS 2006 in Porto and of which you will have considerable pleasure.

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  • For cell-based bone tissue engineering, various tissues derived cells are utilized since osteogenic cells can be harvested from bone marrow, periosteum, and adipose tissue, though recent studies indicate that bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs, bone marrow derived multipotent mesenchymal stromal cells, or mesenchymal stem cells) are the most reliable cell source because of their superior osteogenic ability (Hayashi et al., 2008). However, it is difficult to obtain adequate numbers of transplantable BMSCs from bone marrow aspirates, as they are rare in the bone marrow (less than 0.

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  • For decades we have been learning about the interplay between tumors and the immune system. Our knowledge seemed somewhat incomplete and indirect, like listening to the ocean waves through a shell. Only recently, cancer immunotherapy has started to become a reality, with Provenge (Dendreon Corporation, WA), an autologous antigen-presenting cell preparation, earning the approval of United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of advanced prostate cancer in 2010.

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  • Emergency medicine is, by its nature, borne out of necessity and through painful lessons that specialized care is required for many patients presenting to hospital “ERs” with complaints ranging from minor ailments to life threatening illness and even in peri-arrest states.

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