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  • I have spent most of my professional career since the 1980s working on reproductive and sexual health programs, but I first developed a passion for these issues while working on a project in Chile from 1972 to 1973 at the time of Salvador Allende’s government. A multinational group of women friends got together to adapt Our Bodies Ourselves1 for a Chilean audience, which was to appear in the government’s women’s magazine, Paloma.

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  • The European Network of Health Promoting Schools (ENHPS) is a practical example of a health promotion activity that has successfully incorporated the energies of three major European agencies in the joint pursuit of their goals in promoting health in schools. The ENHPS had its conceptual origins in the 1980s, but since 1991, the initiative has been a tripartite activity, launched by the Euro- pean Commission, the Council of Europe and the WHO Regional Office for Europe. Starting with only seven countries, the ENHPS has enlarged over the years and now has 43 countries as members....

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  • In the last 20 years, national and international interest has become increasingly focused on Women’s Health. Throughout the world, this important health care discipline has traditionally been underserved and specifi c conditions undertreated. The National Women Health Network (1975), the Women’s Health Initiative of the National Institutes of Health (1991), and the Global Alliance for Women’s Health of the United Nations (1994) are a few examples of the many comprehensive efforts to increase education, advocacy, research, and resources for Women’s Health issues....

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  • The reason behind this marketing interest is twofold. First, marketers recognize the increasing importance of the Internet and of consumers that are active in online communities. Almquist and Roberts (2000, p. 18) found that the major factor influencing positive brand equity for one brand over another is consumer advocacy. Online communities are places in which consumers often partake in discussions whose goals include attempts to inform and influence fellow consumers about products and brands (Kozinets 1999, Muniz and O’Guinn 2001).

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