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Aerodynamics and flow control

Xem 1-10 trên 10 kết quả Aerodynamics and flow control
  • The aim of this study is to examine the flow through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) including the main wing, tail and body and to calculate the aerodynamic force on the horizontal tail when rotating the elevator using the Fluent software for the viscous flows. Small disturbance theory was used to calculate the longitudinal stability of the UAV when controlling the elevator. Flying qualities are assessed to show that changes in the aerodynamic characteristics of the wing, tail, fuselage and configuration of the UAV may be required.

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  • Ebook "Flight dynamics, simulation, and control for rigid and flexible aircraft: Part 1" present content introduction to flight vehicles; basic principles governing aerodynamic flows; mechanics of equilibrium flight; aircraft non-linear dynamics: equations of motion; small perturbations and the linearised, decoupled equations of motion; longitudinal and lateral linear stability and control; aircraft dynamic response: numerical simulation and non-linear phenomenon.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "aerodynamics for engineering students" has contents: compressible flow, airfoils and wings in compressible flow, viscous flow and boundary layers, flow control and wing design, propulsion devices.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "aerodynamics for engineering students" has contents: compressible flow, viscous flow and boundary layers, flow control and wing design, propellers and propulsion.

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  • The book "Wind Tunnels and Experimental Fluid Dynamics Research" is comprised of 33 chapters divided in five sections. The first 12 chapters discuss wind tunnel facilities and experiments in incompressible flow, while the next seven chapters deal with building dynamics, flow control and fluid mechanics. Third section of the book is dedicated to chapters discussing aerodynamic field measurements and real full scale analysis (chapters 20-22).

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  • This book reports the latest development and trends in the low Re number aerodynamics, transition from laminar to turbulence, unsteady low Reynolds number flows, experimental studies, numerical transition modelling, control of low Re number flows, and MAV wing aerodynamics. This book focuses particularly on: (1) a review and brief information study on low Reynolds number flows and transition as an introduction to low Re number aerodynamics (Chapter 1), (2) transition modelling (Chapters 2-4), flow control (Chapters 5-7).

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  • Tham khảo sách 'control problems in robotics and automation b siciliano and k p valavanis eds', kỹ thuật - công nghệ, cơ khí - chế tạo máy phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • ISBN 1-85233-036-8 Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg New York British Library Cataloguing in Publication Data Autonomous robotic systems. (Lecture notes in control and information sciences ; 236) 1.Robotics 2.Automation I.Almeida, Anibal T. de II.Khatib, O. (Oussama) 629.8'92 ISBN 1852330368 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data A catalog record for this book is available from the Library of Congress Apart from any fair dealing for

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  • This volume, based on the proceedings of the Sixth International Symposium on Unsteady Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics and Aeroelasticity of Turbomachines and Propellers aims at promoting an international exchange of current research in unsteady flow phenomena in turbomachines and propellers.

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  • If we consider that aerodynamics, from a modern point of view, is a branch of physics that study physical laws and their applications, regarding the displacement of a body into a fluid, such concept could be applied to any body moving in a fluid at rest or any fluid moving around a body at rest. The general concept outlined above is applicable to planes; cars; boats; big ships; missiles; wind energy generators; small flying objects, like UAVs; etc.

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