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  • The Cosmetic Bootcamp arose from a simple concept asked at a lecture that I was delivering to a group of people attending a cosmetic meeting. An audience member responded to a statement that I made to the effect that the techniques I was discussing were best reserved for those individuals trained during a residency or fellowship to understand the anatomy and technical considerations involved.

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  • I hope that what is meant by this admittedly vague contention will become clearer through the course of this essay. It might be thought too easy to have recourse to ‘everyday usage’, for probably any definition at all can be supported by judicious selection from the flux of everyday language. I am able, however, to adduce here non- specialist usages of ‘aesthetic’ and its cognates by three of the authors whose writings on the peoples of the Southern Sudan are drawn on in this essay. These authors do not discuss aesthetics as such, but make passing references which I find...

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  • TSC stands for a bottom-up approach to cognition that has its basis in the claim that the evolution and development of cognition from simple to more complex processes are continuous (cf. Johnson & Rohrer 2006). The theory looks for support in the theory of biological evolution, data from developmental psychology, and analyses of the significance of the body for abstract thought by philosophers such as Dewey and Merleau-Ponty.

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  • Enriching opportunity - not sincere apology. Prior to a large-scale extension project that would mean put- ting up walls to screen off the building sites inside the terminal, this was the slogan Copenhagen Airports adapted. When Copen- hagen was Cultural City of Europe in 1996, several shops in Terminal 2 were to be renovated and the decision was made to put art on the temporary walls rather than the usual ‘sorry for the inconvenience’ signs.

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