Affective closeness

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  • Health is largely determined by our social, economic, physical and cultural environment. Although, as we move further into the 21st century, we can see improvements for many people, inequalities in health and health outcomes still persist. The differences in life chances are dramatic and there is a direct correlation between low socio- economic status and poor health outcomes4. Health inequalities affect both women and babies.

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  • The IT-Grundschutz Catalogues (see [GSK]) and the BSI standards (see [BSI]) are the standard references for IS audits. If these references do not contain information relating to the implemented technologies you use, then other relevant regulations, laws, standards, or manufacturer specifications apply. The use of these references is to be documented and accounted for justified. Every IS audit team should consist of at least two IS auditors to guarantee the independence and objectivity of the audit (”two-person rule”).

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  • Asia whose growing share in world output is also raising the oil demand of the world economy as a whole. Furthermore, a thin margin of spare oil production capacity is expected to continue into 2007 despite new supplies from both non-OPEC and OPEC countries, as existing production comes close to its short-term capacity while some existing fields, e.g. the North Sea, suffer from declining yields. Rising crude oil stocks, which are close to five- year highs, will do little to dampen the oil price given the lack of spare capacity in oil production.

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  • Schematic of ejection timing with added MO time Multi-Cavity Molds Especially with multi-cavity molds, it may not be possible to clear all molded pieces out of the molding area in time and some MO time will have to be added. The need for this MO time should be closely scrutinized; while it is sometimes not possible to avoid MO time, it is quite common that the setup persons add extra MO time “just to be sure” that the pieces have cleared, rather than to ensure that the ejection, including air assist, is properly adjusted and timed as intended. ...

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  • This chapter proceeds from an ecological framework, which recognizes that multiple aspects of an adolescent's life may affect their reproductive health experiences, including a teen's family environment, their individual attitudes and behaviors, and peer attitudes and behaviors. In addition, the characteristics of a teen's community, including school context, neighborhood environment, and broader policies may affect reproductive health behaviors.

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  • As part of the accreditation process, program information is collected from a variety of sources including: program-specific information provided by the program director in the Program Information Form (PIF); resident survey question responses; and information collected by field staff (site visitors) as part of the site visit. The PIF contains questions related to the CPR and questions related to specialty-specific requirements.

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  • The regression results also imply that expected inflation has a substantial effect on expected long-run real equity returns. In other words, in addition to the negative effect on stock prices associated with its effect on expected earnings, higher expected inflation also raises long- run required returns. Roughly speaking, a one percentage point increase in expected inflation increases required long-run real stock returns about a percentage point; equivalently, it reduces the current price of stocks about 20 percent.

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  • After many years of practice as an analyst of adults and children, I came to realize that my work was based on a principle of which I was not consciously aware. Even though the feedback on the quality of my work (from colleagues and the patients themselves) was, on the whole, positive, I had had no more than a handful of patients who saw me for more than five years.

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  • The main contribution of this paper is that it applies a new measure for competition, called the Boone indicator (see also Boone, 2001; Bikker and Van Leuvensteijn, 2008; Van Leuvensteijn et al., 2007). The basic notion underlying this indicator is that in a competitive market, more efficient companies are likely to gain market shares. Hence, the stronger the impact of efficiency on market shares is, the stronger is competition.

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  • At the time of the moratorium, the total outstanding balance was close to 6 bil- lion DEM. The events that followed had a major influence on the average bond hold- er’s psyche and risk preferences. The build-up of political tensions that led to the col- lapse of SFRY left Serbia and Montenegro united in an effort to continue the legacy of the previous country. However, with civil war on its borders, FRY was not setting economic development as its top priority. By 1992, FRY was politically and econom- ically isolated.

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  • Like English, Korean has different styles of speaking and writing that reflect the genre, the setting, and the audience. A chat in a gym with a friend employs quite different words and constructions than a news report to a national TV audience. This chapter focuses on the use of sentence-final verb endings, whose selection is sensitive to whether the genre is written or spoken, to whether the setting is formal or informal, and to how close the speaker feels to the hearer.

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  • Ch a p ter 4 Understanding Interest Rates. Interest rates are among the most closely watched variables in the economy. Their movements are reported almost daily by the news media, because they directly affect our everyday lives and have important consequences for the health of the economy.

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  • Keywords: Screw Drive, Dynamic Model, Vibration Modes, Ritz Series. Abstract. The ball screw drives are among the most commonly mechanisms used to provide motion in high speed machine tools. The most important factor that affects high speed positioning accuracy is the closed loop bandwidth, which in turn is affected by the structural vibration modes.

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  • This book is titled ‘Airport design and operation’. However, the reader will not find chapters devoted exclusively to airport design or airport operation. Airport design and airport operation are closely related and influence each other. A poor design affects the airport operation and results in increasing costs. On the other hand it is difficult to design the airport infrastructure without sound knowledge of the airport operation. This is emphasized throughout the book.

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  • Diabetes mellitus affects 1-2% of many national populations. Its successful management requires close collaboration between the patient and the doctor.

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  • It has long been acknowledged that politics and regulatory capture can play an important role in dealing with financial institutions’ distress. The East Asia financial crisis meant a large number of distressed and closed intermediaries in an environment with many links between government, supervisors, politicians and financial institutions. This makes for a good event for studying how such connections affect the resolution of financial institutions’ distress. We investigate the occurrence of distress and closure decisions for...

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  • Another study conducted in a kaolin refinery industry produces hazardous by-product such as Al, Fe, and Zn. In kaolin processing, sulphuric acid is used to improve the whitening (Jordao et al., 2002) is discharged to the river waters. This will influence the well being of aquatic organisms that adapted well at close to neutral pH. Also, in order not to affect the colour and whiteness of paper, impurities such as iron oxides is needed to be removed. This can be made through the reduction of Fe(III) to Fe(II) with metallic Zn. Therefore, Zn, Fe, Al are usually present in the discharge....

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  • This book was first written following the tsunami in December 2004. The massive and sudden arrival of volunteers and non-government organisations into affected areas needed to link closely with local and government agencies and a „tsunami‟ of meetings was set up. Some meetings had unclear objectives, others were uncertain of the participant list or who should initiate the assembly; yet others were hampered by the damaged infrastructure and communicating systems. So this publication was produced by ...

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  • The growth of Aquaculture and its future role as a food supplier to human society has environmental, social and economic limitations, affecting marine ecosystems and socio-economic scales from local to global. These are close links with human health requirements and societal needs for various goods and services provided by marine ecosystems. This book shows this broad spectrum of dependencies of the future growth of aquaculture and highlights both relevant problems and expectations.

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  • From the close of World War II until sometime in the middle of the 1960s two grand ideals ruled the architectural profession. One was a political faith in the vision of modernity – the meliorist belief that by affecting social change and imposing a universal environmental order architects could improve the human lot and repair a globe wrought by physical and moral devastation. The second was the belief that the most efficient way to achieve this amelioration was through technology and its application.

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