Against dengue

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  • Neutralizing and non-neutralizing monoclonal antibodies against dengue virus E protein derived from a naturally infected patient

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  • It is my great honor and pleasure to introduce this comprehensive book to readers who are interested in carbohydrates. This book contains 23 excellent chapters written by experts from the fields of chemistry, glycobiology, microbiology, immunology, botany, zoology, as well as biotechnology. According to the topics, methods and targets, the 23 chapters are further divided into five independent sections. In addition to the basic research, this book also offers much in the way of experiences, tools, and technologies for readers who are interested in different fields of Glycobiology.

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  • Dengue fever is sometimes called "breakbone fever." It produces intense pain in the muscles and joints and behind the eyes. People get severe headaches. There are no cures, but most people recover, though some take a long time. Dengue is spread through the bite of infected mosquitoes. Four related viruses cause the disease. Recovery from one of them provides lifetime protection only against that virus.

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