Aggregate characteristics

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  • This study was undertaken to determine the relative strength of individual soil aggregates of different sizes and shapes against crushing forces. Soil aggregates were placed individually between a clean–fixed flat surface and a flat plate connected to a pocketpenetrometer and crushed under applied stress.

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  • An effective separation method of very pure binder fraction to assess radiocarbon dating is proposed in the present contribution. The elimination of contaminant error sources and the suitable selection of mortar samples enable the reliable dating. Petrographic analysis under polarizing light microscopy is used to identify different mineralogical phases of mortar samples, aggregate nature, and the limestone fragment remains.

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  • After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Illustrate how economists combine consumption and investment to depict an aggregate expenditures schedule for a private closed economy, discuss the three characteristics of the equilibrium level of real GDP in a private closed economy, analyze how changes in equilibrium real GDP can occur in the aggregate expenditures model and describe how those changes relate to the multiplier,...

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  • Adolescents who become pregnant prior to completion of their education typically face expulsion from school, and those who give birth often are not readmitted. In many African societies for example, once a young woman has given birth she is regarded as an adult, a role that is generally perceived as incompatible with continued formal educa- tion. In the event that a young woman is forced to abandon her education due to early pregnancy, she likely faces curtailment of her social, intellectual and economic develop- ment.

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  • Variation in the morphology of the adult male reproductive system among different groups of Hymenoptera offer characteristics that help studies of behavior and the evolutionary history of this group. The objective of this study was to describe the adult male reproductive system of the wasp Polistes versicolor versicolor Olivier (Vespidae: Polistini). The reproductive systems were dissected, fixed and embedded for light microscopy. In P. v. versicolor, the reproductive system includes a pair of testes, each one with three fusiform follicles.

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  • It is easy to see how a website may suffer for publish- ing RSS feeds. The most popular feed on Bloglines2 is, which has about 17,700 subscribers as of this writing. If each of those subscribers were using per- sonal aggregation software (desktop clients), Slashdot’s headlines-only RSS feed (about 2 kilobytes for a day’s worth of entries, and typically polled half-hourly) would be transferred 850,000 times a day, for a total of 1.7 GB of data daily.

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  • Recently, much academic and regulatory interest has been concentrated on the problem of high-yield, junk bond default. Arguably, corporate bonds have defaulted for many reasons, including factors specific to the individual issuing firm, variables corresponding to the industry in which it operates, and macroeconomic forces affecting the business cycle. Individual factors include the firm's leverage, industry type, agency problem, riskiness of the investment decisions, managerial integrity, efficiency and investment savvy together with institutional operating costs.

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  • In this article we will analyze the Italian case in some detail to give tentative answers to the following questions: (1) Can the success of Italian banks be traced back to the privati- zation of the savings banks? (2) What impact did the privatization have on (a) the provi- sion of banking services to the population, (b) the provision of loans to SMEs, and (c) the intensity of competition in the banking sector? (3) In what respects is the Italian case com- parable to the German one? A short case study of a particularly successful Italian bank, UniCredit, will supplement the aggregate...

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  • Heterologous expression of the extracellular domains (ECDs) of the nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (AChR) subunits may give large amounts of proteins for studying the functional and spatial characteristics of their ligand-binding sites. The ECD of the a7 subunit of the homo-oligomeric a7 neuronal AChR appears to be a more suitable object than the ECDs of other heteromeric neuronal or muscle-type AChRs. The rat a7 ECDs (amino-acid residues  1–210) were recently expressed in Escherichia coli as fusion proteins with maltose-binding protein...

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  • Chapter 28 - The aggregate expenditures model. In this chapter, you will learn to: Aggregate expenditures for a private closed economy, characteristics of equilibrium real GDP in a private closed economy, changes in equilibrium real GDP and the multiplier, adding the government and international sectors, recessionary and inflationary expenditure gaps.

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  • In this paper, a nonlinear optimal control law based on aggregated variables is presented. The criterion is chosen so that the dynamic characteristics of object are included. The stability of the closed-loop system is global according to the Lyapunov stability theory. The control law depends explicitly on ship model parameters, so that it is can be easily to tune when the parameters change.

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  • We propose aggregative context-aware fitness functions based on feature selection for evolutionary learning of characteristic graph patterns. The proposed fitness functions estimate the fitness of a set of correlated individuals rather than the sum of fitness of the individuals, and specify the fitness of an individual as its contribution degree in the context of the set.

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  • Then combining the generalized intervalvalued trapezoidal fuzzy number aggregation operator with Choquet integral-based distance, an extension of technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution method is developed to deal with a multi-criteria generalized intervalvalued trapezoidal fuzzy number group decision making problems, where inter-dependent or interactive characteristics among criteria preference of decision makers are also considered.

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  • Characterization and elucidation of the size-dependent evolution of the physical and chemical properties of finite materials aggregates, having discrete quantized energy level spectra, specific structural and morphological motifs and exhibiting unique dynamical characteristics, are among the outstanding challenges of modern materials science.

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  • Stages of neutrophil development shown schematically. G-CSF (granulocyte colony-stimulating factor) and GM-CSF (granulocytemacrophage colony-stimulating factor) are critical to this process. Identifying cellular characteristics and specific cell-surface markers are listed for each maturational stage. Figure 61-3 Neutrophil band with Döhle body. The neutrophil with a sausage-shaped nucleus in the center of the field is a band form.

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  • While there is a broad literature on the returns to schooling, few studies have investigated the returns to an MBA. The value of an MBA degree is a concern to potential MBA students, and articles in the popular press and schools themselves often report average starting salaries of graduates as an indicator of program effectiveness without addressing issues of selection. The more rigorous attempts to determine the efficiency or value-added of MBA programs rely on aggregate data of student characteristics as reported by top-rated schools (Tracy and Waldfogel, 1997; Colbert et al.

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  • Na+-Montmorillonite (Na+-MMT) minerals were organically modified by adding different amounts of surfactant octadecylamine corresponding to the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the pristine montmorillonites. The characteristic of the organo-MMT were obtained by X-ray diffraction, FT-IR spectroscopy. The amount of added surfactant has direct effect on the interlayer separation and the organophicility-hydrophicility balance of MMT. An optimal surfactant/CEC ratio about 1.0 leads to two distinct distance of 15.5 Å and 32.

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  • R race n. [F. race; member of the same stock or lineage] A population or aggregate of populations inhabiting a defined geographical and/or ecological region possessing characteristic phenotypic and gene frequencies or features

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  • The aim of this paper is to investigate the use of sample reweighting, in a behavioural tax microsimulation model, to examine the implications for government taxes and expenditure of population ageing in Australia. Tax microsimulation models are based on large-scale cross-sectional surveys containing substantial information about the characteristics of individuals and house- holds.

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  • The Credit Register information used here is based exclusively at the transaction or loan level, not at the level of borrowers. A given borrower may enter into several loans with the same bank or with different banks. As some characteristics of the loans cannot readily be aggregated for a given borrower (collateral, maturity, type of instrument), in order to distinguish their impact it is essential to perform the analysis at the level of each loan.

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