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  • SSA continues to engage in an aggressive program to deter, detect, investigate, and prosecute fraud. During FY 2011, SSA's Office of the Inspector General (OIG) received over 15,000 SSI fraud-related allegations via telephone, correspondence, fax, or email. As allegations are received, they are carefully reviewed to determine the most appropriate course of action, such as referral to OIG’s Office of Investigations Field Divisions, other components of OIG, outside law enforcement agencies, or other program or policy components in SSA.

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  • As their name suggests, the deep dives allowed attendees to delve into the questions under consideration in a profound way. In these intensive dialogs, participants worked to tease out the vital requirements, questions, issues, and assumptions surrounding 21st century literacy. What new ways of thinking, learning, and assessing are possible or implied by this concept of 21st century literacy — and what new kinds of technologies, organizations, structures, and infrastructures? These were key questions for the attendees.

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  • A site plan is a map of the event and is essential for event planning and management. All key stakeholders can use it as part of the planning process, with consultation as to its final layout. The site plan must be easy to interpret and be posted strategically around the site for use by patrons. The site plan can be distributed for setting up the event and is also invaluable in an emergency. Use the checklist below to determine what must be shown on the site map. Use a simple grid format and include surrounding streets and landmarks. Entrances,...

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  • The purpose of the above review of the livestock component in the First Five-Year Plan is twofold. First, is to provide a sort of benchmark that would be readily comparable with later policies and developments in the sector. It is clear that the government wanted to keep production in the private sector but saw an important role for itself in marketing, distribution and even processing of livestock and livestock products. It would not hesitate to intervene in the market to alter prices.

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  • The standards in this report harmonise and, where appropriate, strengthen the existing international standards for payment systems (PS) that are systemically important, central securities depositories (CSDs), securities settlement systems (SSSs), and central counterparties (CCPs). The revised standards also incorporate additional guidance for over- the-counter (OTC) derivatives CCPs and trade repositories (TRs).

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  • The current arrangements for local audit, whereby a single organisation - the Audit Commission - is the regulator, commissioner and provider of local audit services are inefficient and unnecessarily centralised. The Audit Commission has increased the professionalism and the quality of local government audit, but, it has also become too focused on reporting to central Government and supporting the previous era of a target driven Government.

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  • Protein family databases obtain sequences fromone of the large protein sequence databases,most commonly SWISS- PROT with TrEMBL (Bairoch and Apweiler, 2000) but also PIR (Barker et al., 2000). They then apply an algorithm, either manual or automatic, to group the sequences into families. Each family is represented in one or more ways to facilitate both inspection by humans and comparison by computer programs. The most common representation is a multiple alignment of the family’s sequences, either with insertion and deletion (gap) characters or without.

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  • When calling high in an organization to Chairpersons, Vice Presidents or Directors, it can take an hour of dialing before one of these people actually answers the phone. That means agents may only hear the voice of their desired contacts 8 or so times per day. These are very precious opportunities. If the salesperson’s behavior makes the call seem frivolous, or the only outcome is agreement that your company will send a $5 marketing piece, then you have your results. These results may even be permanent.

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  • The three individuals that have themost control over the final appearance of a filmare the director, the cinematographer, and the editor. The 160 films we have analyzed hadmore than 400 different such individuals, and each of themoften led teams of considerable size. Thus, popular films are a collective and collaborative product, and the causes for the general changes in film over time as shown in Figure 1 can only be sociological, even cultural.

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  • The guidelines have been developed to inspire change among local governments (and other actors in the fi eld of urban development) in the planning, designing and managing of urban infrastructure. The goal is to encourage an integrated approach, taking into account principles and criteria of eco-effi ciency and social inclusiveness.

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  • Subjects suggested different types of information they felt could help raise awareness among policy makers and influencers of the impact of air pollution on health. These included providing peer-reviewed papers; cost-benefit analyses; information on health benefits and health-impact assessments; maps of air pollution and health-impact assessments that show inequalities in exposure and in health effects; and comparative risk assessments for air pollution and other environmental factors.

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  • Neoclassical economics and several management theories assume that the corporation’s objective is profit maximization subject to capacity constraints. The central focus is shareholders as the ultimate residual claimant, providing the necessary financial capital for the firm’s operations (Jensen and Meckling, 1976; Zingales, 2000). However, there is substantial variation in how corporations actually compete and pursue profit maximization.

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  • At this stage, 'gross' means prior to integration into the calculation of the other factors that limit the accessibility of the carbon resource: access to other services and maintenance of ecosystem functions. This integration will be done by weighting the gross potential with indexes extracted from tables [C], [D] and [E]: Ecosystem Accessible Water Surplus (EAWS), Landscape Ecosystem Potential (LEP), Rivers Ecosystem Potential (REP) and Ecosystem Biodiversity Rating (EBR).

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  • Practical experience has shown that comprehensive, company-wide or agency-wide information security oriented towards long-term fulfilment of requirements and sustainable limitation of the risks can only be achieved through information security management. BSI Standard 100-1 ”Information Security Management Systems (ISMS)” (see [BSI1]) describes the information security process. Within the ISMS, the IS audit is part of the information security process and is integrated into “Check” phase of the PDCA model by Deming.

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  • Founded in 1970, Population Services International (PSI) is a nonprofit organization based in Washington, DC that harnesses the vitality of the private sector to address the health problems of low-income and vulnerable populations in more than 65 developing countries around the world, principally through social marketing of health products and services and through behavior change communications campaigns.

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  • All plans of central and local governments focus on the infrastructural construction, such as energy, transportation and communication, and food processing plants. These developments require new technology, new equipment, new machinery, and new materials, but at present these needs cannot be met internally, either in terms of quantity or quality; they must be met by imports.

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  • The Zoning Resolution’s off-street parking regulations were written before car sharing existed. Therefore, the zoning text currently addresses only private automobiles and car rental establishments, the latter of which are commercial uses. In addition, the definitions of “public parking lot” and “public parking garage” generally prohibit the storage of commercial vehicles in such facilities. However, car sharing is a use that is more appropriately characterized as somewhere between private automobile and traditional car rental. ...

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  • At the beginning of the nineties, Schnabel throws tablecloths soaked with paint on canvases and uses resin which covers the painting in a free and unpredictable way to introduce elements of chance into the artistic process. Sometimes the result looks like it was made by body fluid more than by paint. Towards the mid nineties hand painting becomes his preferred method of expression, starting in the La Voz de Antonio Molina, 1992, and Des and Gina, 1994, paintings.

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  • It is important to shave before beginning the treatment. If the external hair shaft is present the laser will burn it, in turn burning the skin. Depilatory creams can be used with patients who object to shaving. Anesthesia is usually not required; however, this depends on the patient and body area. When treating the upper lip some kind of anesthesia is recommended. There is a high risk for eye damage with the laser because the retina has a very high concentra- tion of melanin. For this reason treatment must not be carried out inside the bony area of the eye. It is important...

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  • Similarly, improved effi ciency for an individual corporation that gives it a competitive advantage but with no benefi t fl ow- ing to the society would also not justify high salary. Examples of such cases might include improvements to increase market share by dominant corporations within an industry, where ben- efi ts may be confi ned to the corporation’s shareholders but not distributed within the society in which the goods are produced or consumed.

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