Agroforestry system

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  • Market in upland regions is usually imperfect. Unfortunately, the market perfection is a major determinant of the agroforestry systems. The more perfect markets, the better -chosen agroforestry systems. Under imperfect market condition, the agroforestry choices are not based on comparative advantages of the regions and the farms.

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  • The AKT solfware and WaNuLCAS modelling combined nicely to evaluate both the current and future ecological effects and economic potential of the bamboo- based AF systems. Under hedgerow intercropping (BambooHed), bamboo prevents erosion and improves soil fertility. The bamboo products (mainly from Tre gai and Hop species) harvested from the hedges provide farmers with important income as well as material for household.

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  • The University of Queensland, together with its Vietnamese partner institutions, propose a CARD project to enhance the teaching and research capacity of staff in the three institutions. This will be achieved through a project targeting agroforestry systems for livestock feeding in the northern provinces of Vietnam. The project will focus on the use of adapted multipurpose trees in small holder farming and livestock feeding systems.

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về lâm nghiệp được đăng trên tạp chí lâm nghiệp quốc tế đề tài: "Assessment of the spatial distribution of light transmitted below young trees in an agroforestry system S Meloni...

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  • Marketing agroforest outputs is different from other agricultural commodities because of their diverse nature. Some products such as timber are often subject to government rules and regulations, which influence market conduct, performance and even structure.

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  • Operations Research/Management Science (OR/MS) approaches have helped people for the last 40 years or so, to understand the complex func- tioning of the systems based upon natural resources, as well as to manage this type of systems in an efficient way. The areas usually viewed within the natural resources field are: agriculture, fisheries, forestry, mining and water resources.

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  • In the area of agriculture we have eight chapters with different concerns such as conceptual problems related with risk analysis, the interaction between agriculture and the environment, water resources planning, agroforestry sys- tems management, simulation of effects on agriculture of changes in the common agriculture policy, and so on. OR/MS techniques used are basically the following: linear programming, multi-objective fractional programming, goal programming, multi-attribute utility theory and control dynamic optimi- zation. ...

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  • We conducted the study at a private facility in Washington State, USA. The animals at the facility were mainly or- phaned individuals that were housed in captivity for huma- nitarian reasons. The study was conducted under a license from the State of Washington, USA. Animals were kept in three outdoor enclosures, each c. 1500m2 in size. The enclosures consisted of mature conifer and hardwood forest enriched with water bodies and logs for climbing. The animals were fed commercial mink food mixed with offal provided by local elk and deer hunters.

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  • The pricing system used in this occasion describes how much money a smallholder earns from selling the trees from one rai. In case of a high latex- yielding clone the farmer can sell the wood for average price of BHT 50 000 from one rai. If the smallholder has been harvesting a clone combining high latex yield and high wood yield, he can get as much as BHT 70 000 per rai. The yield per hectare is in average 138,9 m3 , but due to inaccessibility of plantation areas only 75 % of available logs will reach the sawmills in...

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  • Migrants have various options for sending remittances: money transfer companies (Western Union, MoneyGram, etc.) or credit card companies; regular mail service; financial transfers through banks, credit unions or the various transfer options offered by companies (e.g. supermarkets or through mobile phones); informal channels such as couriers, or more sophisticated channels such as the ‘Hawala’ and ‘Hundi’ transfer systems; 16 or hand-carried by migrants themselves.

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  • In addition, the distributions of deaths by age and by cause in Delhi are very different from those in the U.S. In the U.S., over 70 percent of all deaths occur after the age of 65. In Delhi, over 70 percent of all deaths occur before the age of 65, with over 20 percent occurring before the age of five. Furthermore, 46 percent of all non-trauma deaths in the U.S. are attributable to cardiovascular disease compared to only 23 percent in Delhi.' Because the main effects of acute exposure to air pollution on daily deaths occur through impacts on...

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  • Once records are inventoried, determine the immediate and future usefulness of the records. In general, records should be retained only as long as they serve the immediate administrative, legal and/or fiscal purposes for which they were created. When records no longer serve these purposes, they should be disposed of or preserved for archival purposes, whichever is appropriate.

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  • IT Security Practitioners. IT security practitioners (e.g., network, system, application, and database administrators; computer specialists; security analysts; security consultants) are responsible for proper implementation of security requirements in their IT systems. As changes occur in the existing IT system environment (e.g.

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  • A stronger post-high school education and training system would recognize that education is a life-long endeavor, with each component a natural continuation of the high-quality education that preceded it. The foundation would be a high quality early childhood, elementary, and secondary education system. Post-secondary students would have access to timely and appropriate financial aid to help finance the cost of education and training. Further, all components would share common – or aligned – goals and the classes and programs would be cumulative. ...

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  • Some reciprocating open-type compressors used with water cooled systems incorporate a cylinder head cooling feature in the form of a water circuit through the compressor head. Supply water enters this before entering the condenser (see Figure 16). A rapid indicating thermometer is recommended for taking water temper- atures because the water regulating valve responds to the operating head pressure and will vary the temperature of the water as it modulates. It is also necessary, when adjusting the water regulator, to be able to take inlet and outlet temperatures quickly.

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  • The modern notion of ecosystem services can be traced back to at least the early 1970s. Since the late 1990s, however, several well-known studies have codified ecosystem services into generally accepted lists or typologies (Daily 1997; DeGroot, Wilson et al. 2002) The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 2002; Mooney, Cropper et al. 2004; Pereira, Queiroz et al.

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  • Like most networking software, TCP/IP is modeled in layers. This layered representation leads to the term protocol stack, which refers to the stack of layers in the protocol suite. It can be used for positioning (but not for functionally comparing) the TCP/IP protocol suite against others, such as Systems Network Architecture (SNA) and the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model. Functional comparisons cannot easily be extracted from this, because there are basic differences in the layered models used by the different protocol suites.

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  • Dr Komolong presented details of a fish nutrition and poultry feed experiment undertaken by students he was supervising at the University of Technology (Department of Agriculture) in Lae. Both students were participating in the workshop. The first presentation was titled Evaluation of local protein and energy sources for GIFT Tilapia Farming in Papua New Guinea (Densley Tapat) and the second was titled Evaluation of two Leucaena leafmeals and copra meal as substitute feeds for broiler chicken finisher diets (Eric Nogas).

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  • The lowest tier of service delivery in the urban areas was doorstep delivery provided by the government and NGO fieldworkers. Currently, the doorstep services have been withdrawn by the NGOs and shifted toward static service-delivery sites. The fixed sites at the lowest tier are the satellite clinics organized by NGOs on once a month basis. The next tier of service delivery comprises clinics/dispensaries managed by the NGOs, GoB, DCC and the private sector.

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  • Agroforestry practices have existed in Vietnam and in many countries throughout the world for a long time. Among others, these sys tems include traditional shifting cultivation typical of ethnic minority groups and home gardens seen in many rural landscape ecologies

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