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  • This study to develop AQ pollutant datasets for each of the constituent countries of the UK has been commissioned by Defra in order to better inform energy and environmental policy-makers within the Devolved Administrations in their pursuit of objectives set by the Air Quality Strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (AQS for ESWNI). These objectives also contribute to the UK’s targets as a whole in terms of meeting both national and international targets on both local and transboundary air pollution....

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  • The atmosphere is a mixture of several gases surrounding the earth's crust and has a layer that protects and preserves the lives of human beings and keeping the materials in good condition and functionality. Once damaged, by pollutants emitted from anthropogenic and natural sources, the atmosphere reduces the levels of protection due to formation of the ozone layer. The presence of contaminants in indoors and outdoors influenced by climatic factors, has a negative effect on human health and the durability of materials. Indoor air quality is a reflection of the outside air....

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  • We address air quality (AQ) forecasting as a regression problem employing computational intelligence (CI) methods for the Gdansk Metropolitan Area (GMA) in Poland and the Thessaloniki Metropolitan Area (TMA) in Greece. Linear Regression as well as Artificial Neural Network models are developed, accompanied by Random Forest models, for five locations per study area and for a dataset of limited feature dimensionality.

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  • Co-benefits of improving taxi system in Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province were studied. Three areas and nine routes in the urban area of Ha Long were selected for conducting this study. Information on the technical specifications of the taxi system was collected by 130 questionnaires. Taxi volume on nine selected routes was determined by vehicle counting. Realtime information on the driving behavior of taxis was obtained by GPS. Collected data were processed to generate input files to run IVE model associated with the base state and 4 selected air pollution control scenarios.

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  • Indoor air quality is having insufficient attention despite its importance for human health, especially for schools because children is one of the most sensitive groups to air pollution.

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  • Clean air is basic requirement of living organisms. But now a day, due to the unplanned growth, development and vehicular boom, air becomes polluted. Pollutants of major public health concern include particulate matter, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide and that can pose a serious threat to human health. In the present study, prime air pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, SO2 and NO2) were estimated in seven stations of Dahej area.

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  • The air pollution level can be assessed using air quality index - AQI calculated from the concentration of some gases and particle matters which are measured at ambient air quality monitoring stations. The calculated AQI values are characterized by temporal continuity but spatial discontinuity.

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  • This book provides a comprehensive compilation of chapters in air quality modelling, monitoring, exposure, health and control. The book consists of two volumes. Air Pollution – Monitoring, Modelling and Health mainly consist of chapters describing pioneering research findings in air quality monitoring, modelling, exposure and health; Air Pollution – Monitoring, Modelling, Health and Control comprises research findings on air quality monitoring, modelling, exposure, health and control.

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  • In order to understand and manage our air quality resources, it is necessary to gain a fundamental understanding of the principles that govern our ability to do so. From a local perspective, it may be considered desirable to install huge fans in order to “blow the smog away,” but from a technological and scientific perspective it is not feasible. Likewise, from a regional or continental perspective, it is not acceptable to merely transfer air contaminants from one location to another one by dilution or “blowing it away.”...

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  • Air pollution has been a major transboundary problem and a matter of global concern for decades. High concentrations of different air pollutants are particularly harmful to large cities residents, where numerous anthropogenic activities strongly influence the quality of air. Although there are many books on the subject, the one in front of you will hopefully fulfill some of the gaps in the area of air quality monitoring and modeling, and be of help to graduate students, professionals and researchers....

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  • Countries the world over, especially in the developing world, are experiencing rapid urbanization. The share of the world’s population living in cities is reported to have grown from about 35 percent in 1970 to almost 50 percent in 2001, and this number is expected to increase to more than 60 percent by 2030 (UN-HABITAT 2001). One of the many consequences of the increased economic activity that accompanies urbanization—particularly increased vehicle use, electricity generation, and industrial production—is the deterioration of air quality (Molina 2004)....

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  • The UK Government and devolved administrations are committed to delivering clean air for a good quality of life. We have come a long way since the smogs of the 1950s. We have achieved cleaner air through regulating emissions from industrial processes, progressively tightening emissions and fuel standards for road vehicles and controlling smoke from domestic premises. But there are still sometimes levels of pollution that can significantly harm human health and the environment.

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  • Environmental pollution has played a critical role in human lives since the early history of the nomadic tribes. During the last millennium, industrial revolution, increased population growth and urbanization have been the major determinants in shaping our environmental quality. Initially primary air pollutants such as sulfur dioxide and particulate matter were of concern. For example, the killer fog of London in 1952 resulted in significant numbers of human fatality leading to major air pollution control measures....

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  • Tham khảo sách 'air quality monitoring, assessment and management_1', khoa học tự nhiên, công nghệ môi trường phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • China is rapidly developing as evidenced by enhanced urbanization and industrialization and greatly increased energy consumption. However, these have brought Chinese cities a variety of urban air pollution problems in recent decades. During the 1970s, black smoke from stacks became the characteristic of Chinese industrial cities; in the 1980s, many southern cities began to suffer serious acid rain pollution; and recently, the air quality in large cities has deteriorated due to nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon monoxide (CO), and photochemical smog, which are typical of vehicle pollution.

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  • Indoor environments contribute significantly to total human exposure to air pollutants, as people spend most of their time indoors. Indoor air quality is influenced by penetrating outdoor air, specific indoor pollution sources, interactions between building system/construction techniques and occupants. Some pollutants may be 2-5 times more concentrated inside than outside buildings .

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  • Indoor air pollution which poses a critical threat to human health with ambient and household air pollution through exposure to pollutants in urban and rural areas in India. The present study was undertaken with the objective to assess the health problems faced by tribal household kitchens. The study was carried out in Udaipur district of Rajasthan state.

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  • Air pollution is about five decades or so old field and continues to be a global concern. Therefore, the governments around the world are involved in managing air quality in their countries for the welfare of their citizens. The management of air pollution involves understanding air pollution sources, monitoring of contaminants, modeling air quality, performing laboratory experiments, the use of satellite images for quantifying air quality levels, indoor air pollution, and elimination of contaminants through control....

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  • The atmosphere may be our most precious resource. Accordingly, the balance between its use and protection is a high priority for our civilization. While many of us would consider air pollution to be an issue that the modern world has resolved to a greater extent, it still appears to have considerable influence on the global environment. In many countries with ambitious economic growth targets the acceptable levels of air pollution have been transgressed. Serious respiratory disease related problems have been identified with both indoor and outdoor pollution throughout the world....

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  • Human beings need to breathe oxygen diluted in certain quantity of inert gas for living. In the atmosphere, there is a gas mixture of, mainly, oxygen and nitrogen, in appropriate proportions. However, the air also contains other gases, vapours and aerosols that humans incorporate when breathing and whose composition and concentration vary spatially. Some of these are physiologically inert. Air pollution has become a problem of major concern in the last few decades as it has caused negative effects on human health, nature and properties....

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