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  • SQL PUZZLES & ANSWERS Second Edition. The Morgan Kaufmann Series in Data Management Systems Series Editor: Jim Gray, Microsoft Research, Joe Celko’s Analytics and OLAP in SQL Joe Celko Data Preparation for Data Mining Using SAS Mamdouh Refaat Querying XML: XQuery, XPath, and SQL/XML in Context Jim Melton and Stephen Buxton Data Mining: Concepts and Techniques, Second Edition Jiawei Han and Micheline Kamber Database Modeling and Design

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  • The Graphics Class Using Bitmap Fills and Lines In addition to applying gradients to fills and lines, you can use bitmaps to decorate your drawing’s fills and lines. Both the beginBitmapFill() and lineBitmapStyle() methods we cover in this section use instances of the BitmapData class. This class handles pixel color and alpha data and allows low-level manipulation of bitmaps. Conveniently, BitmapData is also the data type of bitmaps instantiated from the Flash Professional library using a linkage class.

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  • However, part of this increase can be due to the inclusion of new lucky funds. As a consequence, the standard approach does not provide guidance on the location of funds with differential performance in the tails of the cross-sectional alpha distribution. For instance, suppose that the number of funds with negative estimated alphas increases by 50 as γ passes from 0.05 to 0.15. If all these 50 funds are lucky, we would conclude that the few funds with negative performance are located in the extreme left tail.

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  • PDC play a key role in the detection and defence against viruses in the nasal epithelium. After recognizing viruses they start producing large amounts of IFN-alpha. Hartmann et al. showed that the healthy nasal epithelium contains relatively high numbers of PDC and MDC. Whereas PDC levels are decreased in asymptomatic patients with chronic nasal allergy and increased during infectious inflammation. These results indicate the importance of PDC against viral invaders, because of the presence of high numbers of PDC in the healthy nasal mucosa.

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  • Alpha channel support lets you encode video in which Flash removes and saves the background as a transparency. This allows you to overlay (or composite) the video on top of other Flash content, while the subject of the video remains in the foreground. For example, you can use alpha channels to record a video clip of a presenter using a blue screen as a backdrop. You can then encode the video with an alpha channel and place the presenter in front of another image as the backdrop to the video. Bitmap filter effects let you use ActionScript to apply filters...

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  • The BitmapData Class opacity, and then 0000FF, or blue, for the color. The result of this script is a 100 × 100–pixel, 100-percent opaque, blue square positioned at (0, 0). N OT E Creating Bitmaps with Transparency To create a bitmap data object with transparency, you must change the third parameter of the class constructor to true and then reduce the opacity of the color value. The first pair of characters in the hexadecimal number (from left to right) represents alpha (AA in the 32-bit format listed previously).

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  • The solution structure of the growth factor chimera mEGF/ TGFa44250 has been determined using an extended version of the DYANA procedure for calculating structures from NMR data. The backbone fold and preferred orientation of the domains of the chimera are similar to those found in previous studies of EGF structures, and several H-bonds used as input constraints in those studies were found independently in the chimera. This shows that the modified activity of the chimera does not result from a major structural change.

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