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  • Th is is not the fi rst attempt to build the Next-Generation Network (NGN). Back in the 1980s, when the carriers controlled innovation, they had come up with a wonderfully complex architecture for voice, data, and video services, called the Broadband Integrated Services Digital Network (Broadband ISDN).

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  • The Mzansi Account is the result of a banking industry initiative to provide a standard bank account, which is affordable, readily available and suits the specific needs of the previously unbanked com- munities. This initiative is a requirement of the Financial Sector Charter, which requires banks to make banking more accessible to the nation and, specifically, to increase banking reach to all com- munities.

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  • Ad hoc networks: Concept, Routing, Problem, DSDV (Destination Sequenced Distance Vector), Ad-hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODV), DSR (Dynamic Source Routing), Further alternatives. Mobile transport layer: Motivation, Approaches for improvement, Indirect TCP, Snooping TCP, Mobile TCP, Selective retransmission; Comparison; Recommended TCP improvements for 2.5G/3G wireless.


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  • As businesses become increasingly dependent on the network, the availability of the network infrastructure becomes a critical business concern. • Redundancy is the solution for achieving the necessary availability. • Layer 2 redundancy improves the availability of the network by implementing alternate network paths by adding equipment and cabling. • Having multiple paths for data to traverse the network allows for a single path to be disrupted without impacting the connectivity of devices on the network...

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  • Every operator knows that a well-planned network makes for reduced complexity, lower costs and fewer service issues. Unfortunately, the reality is that many operators have fewer resources dedicated to network planning and design. With new network equipment options, new transmission and transport alternatives and increased service demands, engineering decisions are becoming increasingly complex.

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  • This paper describes a natural language pro- be improved by enhancing underlying compocessing system reinforced by the use of associ- nent technologies, such as knowledge based ation of words and concepts, implemented as a systems. In particular, alternate approaches neural network. Combining an associative net- to symbolic manipulation provided by connecwork with a conventional system contributes tionist models [Rumelhart 86] have emerged. to semantic disambiguation in the process of Connectionist approaches enable the extracinterpretation. ...

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  • In recent years, a major emphasis has been put on the maintenance of existing road network of Vietnam in an appropriate and systematic way through various major projects such as the Highway Management Capacity Improvement Project (HMCP, 2002), the Road Network Improvement Project (RNIP, 2003), and the Third Road Improvement Project - Implementation of Sector Development Policy (ISDP, 2005).

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  • Urban agriculture is significant to the history of the City of Detroit, from ribbon farms to Mayor Pingree’s famous potato patches of the nineteenth century, victory gardens to gardening angels of the twentieth century and a burgeoning of garden network capacity to gardening programs in the twenty-first century.

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  • Use Case: mô tả hành vi của hệ thống, dưới dạng chuổi hành động. Một usc sẽ mang lại 1 kết quả có thể quan sát của giá trị đến 1 actor. Một use case chứa basic flow of events và tất cả alternate flows of events liên quan

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  • Các đặc điểm C++ áp dụng cho class Lập trình hướng đối tượng Tài liệu đọc Eckel, Bruce. Thinking in C++, 2nd Ed. Vol 1. ¨ Chapter n 8: Constants 10: Name Control Start at p. 352 (Classes) p. 423 (Static Members in C++) to p. 442 (Alternate Linkage Specifications) ¨ Chapter n n Dietel. C++ How to Program, 4th Ed. ¨ Chapter n 7: Class II 7.2, 7.3, 7.6, 7.7, 7.8 @ 2004 Trần Minh Châu. FOTECH. VNU 2 Tổng quan n Các đặc điểm cơ bản của C++ như const, static, ...

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  • Red Hat Linux is the most popular distribution of Linux currently in use. Red Hat Linux has shown itself to be a robust, reliable operating system that can run on a variety of hardware, from personal computers to large mainframes. Linux in general, and Red Hat Linux in particular, is a very powerful operating system that can be used at the enterprise level as a full-fledged server, as well as at the workstation level for typical user applications. For those of us dissatisfied with the reliability of other commercially available operating systems, Red Hat Linux is a pleasant alternative....

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  • Cisco enterprise customers have in the past relied heavily upon traditional WAN/MAN services for their connectivity requirements. Layer 2 circuits based on TDM, Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET have formed the mainstay of most low-speed WAN services. More recently, high-speed MAN solutions have been delivered directly over Layer 1 optical circuits, SONET, or through the implementation of point-to-point or point-to-multipoint Ethernet services delivered over one of these two technologies.

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  • Thực thi và khắc phục sự cố triển khai chứng chỉ trong ISA Server 2006 – Phần 2 Trong phần hai này chúng tôi sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cách sử dụng các chứng chỉ số trong các kịch bản web chain và reverse publish.

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  • ‘Time to get hired’ is a step-by-step booklet that helps you to understand what it takes to land a new job through alternative channels that applying as a response to a job ad. We will cover how to approach recruitment and employment agencies, how to use your network and how to submit unsolicited applications. Finally we will prepare you for the interview. Our vision is to make it easier for you and help you find a new job as quickly as possible. Students that are about to graduate often don’t quite know how best to approach job-hunting. Being a jobseeker can be...

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  • .Circuit Design .The Newnes Know It All Series PIC Microcontrollers: Know It All Lucio Di Jasio, Tim Wilmshurst, Dogan Ibrahim, John Morton, Martin Bates, Jack Smith, D.W. Smith, and Chuck Hellebuyck ISBN: 978-0-7506-8615-0 Embedded Software: Know It All Jean Labrosse, Jack Ganssle, Tammy Noergaard, Robert Oshana, Colin Walls, Keith Curtis, Jason Andrews, David J. Katz, Rick Gentile, Kamal Hyder, and Bob Perrin ISBN: 978-0-7506-8583-2 Embedded Hardware: Know It All Jack Ganssle, Tammy Noergaard, Fred Eady, Lewin Edwards, David J.

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  • By now you've seen all the hype, read all the books, and discovered all the wonders of Java. But most of us still use C++ or C to create our hard-core applications, saving Java for our Web pages or leaving it to HTML jocks to fiddle with. Doing so denies us the opportunity to use a programming language that makes interfacing with a computer infinitely easier, with less frustration and faster results. Java is much more than "Dancing Dukes" or a programming language for Web pages. It is a strong alternative to the masochistic programming of the past, in which...

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  • Although the rediscovery in the mid 1980s of the backpropagation algorithm by Rumelhart, Hinton, and Williams [1] has long been viewed as a landmark event in the history of neural network computing and has led to a sustained resurgence of activity, the relative ineffectiveness of this simple gradient method has motivated many researchers to develop enhanced training procedures. In fact, the neural network literature has been inundated with papers proposing alternative training Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks...

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  • In this book, the extended Kalman filter (EKF) has been used as the standard technique for performing recursive nonlinear estimation. The EKF algorithm, however, provides only an approximation to optimal nonlinear estimation. In this chapter, we point out the underlying assumptions and flaws in the EKF, and present an alternative filter with performance superior to that of the EKF. This algorithm, referred to as the unscented Kalman filter (UKF), was first proposed by Julier et al. [1–3], and further developed by Wan and van der Merwe [4–7]....

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  • THE UNSCENTED KALMAN FILTER Eric A. Wan and Rudolph van der Merwe Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oregon Graduate Institute of Science and Technology, Beaverton, Oregon, U.S.A. 7.1 INTRODUCTION In this book, the extended Kalman filter (EKF) has been used as the standard technique for performing recursive nonlinear estimation. The EKF algorithm, however, provides only an approximation to optimal nonlinear estimation.

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  • Transport diversity is a general terminology used for selecting or preferring a network exit-point for end-user application traffic across network topologies that have a variety of characteristics. These characteristics include things like monetary cost, reliability or availability, availability of bandwidth, and latency. One example of transport diversity is a branch office environment that has a primary path using Frame Relay and a backup or alternate path using basic rate ISDN.

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