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  • This study guide enables readers to make the best use of the Longman Pronunciation Dictionary. The dictionary and study guide together are a powerful aid to the study of English pronunciation. Discussion of features of English pronunciation shown in the dictionary and explanation of the conventions used to show them.

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  • The aim of this paper is to present a new method for identifying linguistic structure in the aggregate analysis of the language variation. The method consists of extracting the most frequent sound correspondences from the aligned transcriptions of words. Based on the extracted correspondences every site is compared to all other sites, and a correspondence index is calculated for each site.

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  • Complementary and alternative medicine, which includes a range of practices outside of conventional medicine such as herbs, homeopathy, massage therapy, yoga, and acupuncture, hold increasing appeal for Americans. In fact, according to one estimate, 42% of Americans have used alternative therapies. In all age groups, the use of unconventional healthcare practices has steadily increased in the last 30 years, and the trend is likely to continue, although people born before 1945 are the least likely to turn to these therapies....

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  • It is, however, easy to confuse the main idea or theme with the subject. Basically, the subject of a piece of writing is what that piece is generally about, plain and simple - the facts and information. However, when you look past the facts and information to the heart of what writers are trying to say, and why they are saying it, that’s the main idea or theme.

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  • Read the following paragraphs and carefully determine what the main idea is for each. The best way to approach these questions is to first read the paragraph and then, in your own words, restate what you think the author is trying to say. From the five choices, select the one statement that best supports the author’s point.

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  • Alternatives are included for those areas of pronunciation which are especially susceptible to variation across different varieties of English. For example, where there is a letter R with no vowel after it, many speakers do not pronounce the R and many other speakers do pronounce it, and both varieties are presented.

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