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  • Solid waste management generates big challenges for society due to its large variability in production and composition, and because of its sanitary and environmental impacts. To contribute in facing this situation, this book includes a worldwide overview of experiences and conceptual and technical developments attained through research and development projects. In addition to minimizing generation, considered as the most desirable practice, it includes alternatives of valuation for potentially recoverable waste and strategies to reduce final conditioning and disposition risks.

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  • Here’s an example A group of language schools was unhappy with its system for issuing end-of-course certificates. These tended simply to record the level of the class attended and didn’t give information about real-life communicative competence or individual progress or achievement. They had a vision of a coherent system of clearly described levels, of interesting communicative kinds of assessment recorded in a certificate which would show – in language accessible to everybody – the learners’ language competence.

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  • We now live in a world where more intense weather, patterns of droughts and floods are becoming commonplace, as are overexploited fish stocks, destroyed forests and dried up rivers. The era of post-war consumerism, where humanity lived in a world rich in resources that were thought boundless, is closing as ecological limits become apparent around the world. We have to face the fact that our consumption of everyday products has a global impact....

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  • March 29, 1973, found me aboard a C-141 transport plane, along with fi fty other U.S. servicemen, returning to the United States after duty in Vietnam. The fl ight was the last in the withdrawal of U.S. military forces under the terms of the peace agreement that the United States and North Vietnam had reached in Paris two months earlier (not to be confused with the much more hazardous and chaotic exodus of the few remaining Americans when the agreement broke down and Communist forces overran South Vietnam in April 1975)....

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  • Developing a common vision and a comprehensive approach to addressing children’s social, emotional and behavioral health needs is an integral part of child and adolescent health and health care. Policymakers can promote policies that call for a comprehensive state plan, interagency strategies and coordinated investments to support early social and emotional development. By integrating social and emotional development into existing programs and services, policymakers support efforts to comprehensively address the mental health needs of children and their families.

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  • Although this article concentrates on image analysis and computer vision, image synthesis is in many respects linked to these disciplines (23,24). The most immediate example is the data visualization itself. The physician’s workstation will foremost be a display device, showing the results from the reconstruction and/or analysis. In addition to this obvious ex- ample, various concepts “borrowed” from computer graphics are often employed in scene analysis. The opposite is of course true, but of less interest in the context of this paper.

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  • ‘Time to get hired’ is a step-by-step booklet that helps you to understand what it takes to land a new job through alternative channels that applying as a response to a job ad. We will cover how to approach recruitment and employment agencies, how to use your network and how to submit unsolicited applications. Finally we will prepare you for the interview. Our vision is to make it easier for you and help you find a new job as quickly as possible. Students that are about to graduate often don’t quite know how best to approach job-hunting. Being a jobseeker can be...

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  • What is“alternative digital photography” anyway? That is the number one question people asked when this book idea was first being discussed. Perhaps this is on your mind as well. To some, the term conjures up visions of strange lifestyles involving macabre subjects. Actually, in this book, “alternative” simply means mysterious and out of the ordinary in terms of equipment and results. In day-to-day life many photographers tend to get into a rut with their photography.

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  • Balanced and coordinated advances within these research areas will pave the way to meeting the 2020 vision target of a fivefold increase in renewable resource use. Figures 11A to 11D detail goals for these priority research areas. Cost of materials surfaced many times as a major issue during the steering group’s investigations. Lowering unit costs is critical for sustainable economic growth.

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  • The rules are also flexible for communicating effectively with customers who are blind or have low vision. For example, a restaurant can put its menu on an audio cassette or a waiter can read it to a patron. A sales clerk can find items and read their labels. In more complex transactions where a significant amount of printed information is involved, providing alternate formats will be necessary, unless doing so is an undue burden. For example, when a client who is blind visits his real estate agent to negotiate the sale of a house, all relevant...

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  • If you have been in the business of sustainable development over the last few decades, you will be very familiar with a variety of concepts that have been widely used in the rhetoric, in the policies and in the literature.

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