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  • Changes to the UCITS directive introduced in 2001 extended the scope of eligible assets for UCITS to new classes of assets. 6 As a result, UCITS managers now invest in a much greater number of countries and in more complex instruments than in 1985. As more investment opportunities arise in different third country jurisdictions, the necessity to appoint sub- custodians in these jurisdictions increases. Despite the enlargement of eligible investment instruments, the UCITS Directive does not define the conditions applicable in case a depositary delegates custody to a sub-custodian.

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  • The questionnaire consisted of both multiple choice questions and qualitative questions. The quantitative questions focused on two main areas: (a) the usefulness of the course and various course components for the enhancement of the students’ academic writing skills and abilities, and (b) the usefulness of the course in helping them write their other course-work related assignments and research reports.

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  • An engineer, procure and construct (EPC) contract is a form of D&B contract under which a design engineer or firm of design consultants heads a team which includes an experienced contractor and perhaps a plant supplier. The promoter specifies his project requirements in outline which the team designs in detail in continued liaison with him. The EPC organization arranges and manages construction, letting specialist work packages out as necessary to suitable sub-contractors.

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  • The NIMS provides a set of standardized organizational structures—such as the Incident Command System (ICS), multi-agency coordination systems, and public information systems—as well as requirements for processes, procedures, and systems designed to improve interoperability among jurisdictions and disciplines in various areas, to include: training; resource management; personnel qualification and certification; equipment certification; communications and information management; technology support; and continuous system improvement.

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  • Standardised, regularly available indicators to explain market developments for microfinance in Europe do not yet exist, or refer to Eastern Europe. Thus, we will focus in this section on the framework conditions for microfinance which are covered by the regularly updated Eurostat indicators for poverty and social inclusion, and by data on micro-enterprises. Specific aspects of the current crisis will be discussed later in this paper.

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  • Seventh, the study is the only one which gives important policy implications, reporting them in turn in each empirical chapter. This is the first study on Thailand which discusses the effect of the Thai government’s encouragement of individual savings by adopting special fund styles which give favourable tax treatment. We reveal the policy implications of this action by assessing these specific funds in a separate group from general funds, before comparing and discussing the results from the two groups. ...

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  • The Project Board is the executive authority of a project. It authorizes the project to proceed, change direction or stop. It enters in to a contract with the Project Manager through the Project Initiation, Project and Stage Plans, to provide the executive support and resources required to execute a project which will deliver the specified products to schedule and budget. In effect, the Project Board acts as the project guardians, enabling the Project Manager and Project Team to do their job protected "from the arrows of outrageous fortune".

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  • Section 619 of Dodd-Frank (the “Volcker Rule”) generally prohibits any banking entity, including affi liates of banks, from the following (all of which are subject to a number of exceptions): (i) engaging in, sponsoring or investing in a “covered fund” (e.g., a hedge fund, pri- vate equity fund, and numerous other private funds and pooled investment vehicles), and (ii) having certain rela- tionships with a covered fund.

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  • The crucial assumption that allows as to solve the two-good model relatively simply is the ability of the shoppers to combine purchases from two stores without incurring additional cost. This assumption can be justi ed for internet shopping or the cases when as Stahl, II (1989) puts it \Casual empiricism suggests that there is a non-negligible measure of consumers who seem to derive enjoyment from shopping itself".

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  • What do we know about the demographics of this diverse population? In 1990, Buchanan estimated that there were approximately 30 million peo- ple in the United States whose native language was not English. In 1998, Cheng said that there were 8 million immigrants from Southeast Asia alone. The 2000 United States census (U.S. Bureau of the Census, 2003) reports a total of more than 31 million foreign-born individuals. More than half (51.7%) are from Latin America and more than one fourth (26.4%) are from Asia. The rest were born in Europe (15.8%), Africa (2.8%), Oceania (0.

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  • Often, researchers make the mistake of believing that writing an article is a separate phase to be done after completing the entire research. We recommend that researchers start writing much sooner. From the effectiveness perspective, it is not wise to wait for a moment when you feel that you know and understand “everything” needed for writing articles. It is more sensible to start learning to write piece-by-piece, better enabling the perception of what to do and when, and thus aiding the avoidance of unnecessary work.

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  • According to the survey, only 22% of people are really satisfied with their project managers, while 30% of the interviewees are not satisfied. There may be several reasons for this level of dissatisfaction. As mentioned before, a good leader is supposed to be respected by his or her followers. However, the reality is that almost two thirds of the project managers are not considered successful leaders. While they may be able to complete a project, they may not inspire faith or confidence in their abilities from their subordinates. This may stem from a lack of leadership skills.

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  • One of several current trends in distributed database system de- sign is a move away from supporting traditional ACID database transactions. Some systems, such as Amazon’s Dynamo [13],Mon- goDB [24], CouchDB [6], and Cassandra [17] provide no transac- tional support whatsoever. Others provide only limited transaction- ality, such as single-row transactional updates (e.g. Bigtable [11]) or transactions whose accesses are limited to small subsets of a database (e.g. Azure [9], Megastore [7], and the Oracle NoSQL Database [26]).

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  • The website for Cable News 14 in North Carolina allowed registered users to submit weather related announcements for T.V., in order to alert local residents of school or business closures. The submissions are posted to the onscreen crawl during the newscast as a public service and periodically rotated. Think Web 2.0 for television. To prevent abuse, such as users posting defamatory messages, station personnel must first review the submission’s content before it’s allowed to air. Afterward, users are free to edit the content to reflect any changes in status.

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  • In most agricultural settings, commercial fertilizer provides only one source of N used for crop production. Animal manure, biological N fixation, mineralization from soil organic N, and deposition of N from the atmosphere can also contribute to soil fertility and surface water contamination. Because there are multiple sources and sinks of N in the soil, the relationship between N fertilizer application rate and nitrogen loss in drainage water is not always consistent across locations and across studies.

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  • We found that NOP officials did not assemble a peer review panel to annually evaluate their accreditation procedures. NOP regulations require the AMS Administrator to establish a peer review panel pursuant to the Federal Advisory Committee Act8 (FACA) to complete this evaluation. NOP officials attributed this inaction to budget constraints and the difficulties in forming a panel each year. NOP officials did not request a waiver from the Administrator or additional funding to form a panel.

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  • Every time we brake, corner, or accelerate, the contact patches change. When we accelerate, the contact patches grow in the rear and lessen in the front because of the transfer of the vehicle weight to the rear of the car. Under braking, the front tire patches get larger while the rears decrease in size, again because of weight transfer. When cornering, the outside patches grow while the inside patches diminish. That’s the key to car control. Jamming on the brakes, throwing the car into a turn, even accelerating too aggressively...

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  • The emphasis on sensuous elements and on Gestalten founded thereon makes it clear that Witasek's position is a formalist one. The `meanings' of works of art will have no role to play within his theory. He has not even left room in his classification of aesthetic objects for what we might call narrative entities: states of affairs, events, actions, etc., making up what we normally think of as plot. There are of course many works of art whose adequate appreciation requires that we go beyond the level of light, colour, shadow and sound, and...

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  • As a reaction to this complexity, we designed a new abstraction that allows us to express the simple computa- tions we were trying to perform but hides the messy de- tails of parallelization, fault-tolerance, data distribution and load balancing in a library. Our abstraction is in- spired by the map and reduce primitives present in Lisp and many other functional languages.

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  • In the business sector, real investment in equipment and software rose at an annual rate of more than 20 percent over the first half of the year. Some of these gains no doubt reflected spending that had been deferred during the crisis, including investments to replace or update existing equipment. Consequently, investment in equipment and software will almost certainly increase more slowly over the remainder of this year, though it should continue to advance at a solid pace. In contrast, outside of a few areas such as drilling and mining, business investment in structures has...

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