An em clustering model

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  • The EM clustering algorithm (Hofmann and Puzicha, 1998) used here is an unsupervised machine learning algorithm that has been applied in many NLP tasks, such as inducing a semantically labeled lexicon and determining lexical choice in machine translation (Rooth et al., 1998), automatic acquisition of verb semantic classes (Schulte im Walde, 2000) and automatic semantic labeling (Gildea and Jurafsky, 2002).

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  • This paper presents an innovative, complex approach to semantic verb classification that relies on selectional preferences as verb properties. The probabilistic verb class model underlying the semantic classes is trained by a combination of the EM algorithm and the MDL principle, providing soft clusters with two dimensions (verb senses and subcategorisation frames with selectional preferences) as a result. A language-model-based evaluation shows that after 10 training iterations the verb class model results are above the baseline results. ...

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  • We present a technique for automatic induction of slot annotations for subcategorization frames, based on induction of hidden classes in the EM framework of statistical estimation. The models are empirically evalutated by a general decision test. Induction of slot labeling for subcategorization frames is accomplished by a further application of EM, and applied experimentally on frame observations derived from parsing large corpora. We outline an interpretation of the learned representations as theoretical-linguistic decompositional lexical entries. ...

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