An exact a* method

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  • Letter-substitution ciphers encode a document from a known or hypothesized language into an unknown writing system or an unknown encoding of a known writing system. It is a problem that can occur in a number of practical applications, such as in the problem of determining the encodings of electronic documents in which the language is known, but the encoding standard is not. It has also been used in relation to OCR applications. In this paper, we introduce an exact method for deciphering messages using a generalization of the Viterbi algorithm. ...

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  • Latent conditional models have become popular recently in both natural language processing and vision processing communities. However, establishing an effective and efficient inference method on latent conditional models remains a question. In this paper, we describe the latent-dynamic inference (LDI), which is able to produce the optimal label sequence on latent conditional models by using efficient search strategy and dynamic programming.

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  • Chapter 6 SAFETY AND EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS INTRODUCTION Chemicals can be described as the foundation of a modern, progressive society. They are an integral and ever-increasing part of our complex technological world, making it possible for us to enjoy a high standard of living. Yet, as the 1984 catastrophe in Bhopal, India dramatically and tragically demonstrated, those same chemicals are the source of danger to those in the workplace and surrounding locales who are regularly exposed to them.

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  • Department of Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences Brown University Providence, RI, USA correction, the approximation is poor for hierarchical models, which are commonly used for NLP applications. We derive an improved O(1) formula that gives exact values for the expected counts in non-hierarchical models. For hierarchical models, where our formula is not exact, we present an efficient method for sampling from the HDP (and related models, such as the hierarchical PitmanYor process) that considerably decreases the memory footprint of such models as compared to the naive implementation. ...

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  • We propose a new hierarchical Bayesian n-gram model of natural languages. Our model makes use of a generalization of the commonly used Dirichlet distributions called Pitman-Yor processes which produce power-law distributions more closely resembling those in natural languages. We show that an approximation to the hierarchical Pitman-Yor language model recovers the exact formulation of interpolated Kneser-Ney, one of the best smoothing methods for n-gram language models.

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  • A subdivision similar to finite element method is used to provide a background mesh for numerical integration. The essential boundary conditions are enforced by Penalty Method. The results are obtained for a two-dimensional problem using different EFG weight functions and compared with the results of finite element method and exact methods.

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  • Planning Radio Networks In earlier chapters we discussed the characteristics of the radio propagation channel in some detail. We introduced methods for predicting the mean signal level within a small area in rural, suburban and urban environments and it became clear that this is a complicated process involving a knowledge of several factors, including the details of the terrain, the building clutter and the extent of foliage along the radio path.

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  • The author assumes that a person who is intelligent enough to make a garden, does not need an arbitrary calendar of operations. Too exact advice is misleading and unpractical. Most of the older gardening books were arranged wholly on the calendar method--giving specific directions for each month in the year.

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  • Conventional n-best reranking techniques often suffer from the limited scope of the nbest list, which rules out many potentially good alternatives. We instead propose forest reranking, a method that reranks a packed forest of exponentially many parses. Since exact inference is intractable with non-local features, we present an approximate algorithm inspired by forest rescoring that makes discriminative training practical over the whole Treebank.

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  • It is currently impossible to know the actual exact figure for total roundwood inputs to the Jepara wood industries, other than that it must lie between 1.55 and 2.20 million m3 /year. A full-time employee is therefore sustained by an average of 8 to 13 m3 /year, with a most probable average value of 9 m3 /year. The main processed wood species in Jepara is teak (Tectona grandis), followed by mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla, locally called mahoni).

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  • This paper presents a simple method for modeling stator current and estimating rotor flux of an induction motor. A new current controller named “direct-decoupling”, based on exact linearization algorithm of the motor current model has been proposed.

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  • When damage is identified with an index, it is difficult exactly match the index with the repair of damage. Therefore, the method is considered difficult to apply them to check the seismic risk based on definition of the changes in the process of damage and other details due to differences in design. To reach this goal, it is first necessary to calculate the design solution reflects the damage and the collapse of a structure under a uniform standard values ​​for different seismic forces....

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  • This paper presents an efficient inference algorithm of conditional random fields (CRFs) for large-scale data. Our key idea is to decompose the output label state into an active set and an inactive set in which most unsupported transitions become a constant. Our method unifies two previous methods for efficient inference of CRFs, and also derives a simple but robust special case that performs faster than exact inference when the active sets are sufficiently small. We demonstrate that our method achieves dramatic speedup on six standard natural language processing problems. ...

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