Anaerobic eukaryotes

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  • Research in anoxic environments is a relatively new and rapidly growing branch of science that is of general interest to many students of diverse microbial communities. The term anoxia means absence of atmospheric oxygen, while the term hypoxia refers to O 2 depletion or to an extreme form of “low oxygen.” Both terms anoxia and hypoxia are used in various contexts. It is accepted that the initial microorganisms evolved anaerobically and thrived in an atmosphere without oxygen. The rise of atmospheric oxygen occurred ~2.

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  • Sulfatases form a major group of enzymes present in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. This class of hydrolases is unique in requiring essential post-translational modification of a critical active-site cysteinyl or seryl residue to Ca-formylglycine (FGly).

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  • It has long been accepted that bacterial quinol-fumarate reductase (QFR)generally uses a low-redox-potential naphthoquinone, menaquinone (MK), as the electron donor, whereas mitochondrial QFR from facultative and anaerobic eukaryotes uses a low-redox-potential benzoqui-none, rhodoquinone (RQ), as the substrate. In the present study, we purifiednovel complex II fromtheRQ-containing phototrophic purple bacterium,Rhodoferax fermentansthat exhibited high rhodoquinol-fumarate reductase activity in addition to succinate-ubiquinone reductase activity....

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