Analogue measurements

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  • Until fairly recently most scientific data-gathering systems and industrial control procedures were based on electromechanical devices such as chart recorders and analogue gauges. The capability to process and analyse data was rather limited (and in some cases error prone) unless one had access to a minicomputer or mainframe. Today, that situation has changed considerably. I am sure that most potential readers of this book will be aware of the profound effect the PC has had on the way in which engineers and scientists are able to approach data-gathering tasks....

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  • Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) binding to the type 1 IGF receptor (IGF1R) elicits mitogenic e€ects, promotion of di€erentiation and protection from apoptosis. This study has systematically measured IGF1R binding anities of IGF-I, IGF-II and 14 IGF analogues to a recombinant high-anity form of the IGF1R using BIAcore technology. The analogues assessed could be divided into two groups: (a) those designed to investigate binding of IGF-binding protein, which exhibited IGF1R-binding anities similar to those of IGF-I or IGF-II;...

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  • In the new millennium, the knowledge half-life of electronic systems is less than four years. Consider Theo A.M. Classen’s recent statement: “Usefulness of a product = Log (Technology)”1. This requires us to carefully ponder, then to become skilled in, the level of technology built in new electronic systems and products that we often take for granted. Simply stated, millions of transistors combined with millions of bytes of software equals the current level of technology developed over a period of just 50 years.

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  • The SPIRAX SARCO Steam Meter consists of four basic parts. 1. M111 Transducer. This is installed in the steam line at the point where the steam flow is to be measured. (See TIS 8.002). It is supplied complete with a 2m length of 8 core heat resistant cable for connection to the M322 Conditioning Unit. 2. EL2600 Pressure Transmitter. This provides a 4-20 mA analogue signal to the M322 Conditioning Unit proportional to line pressure for superheated steam applications (see TIS 8.023). 3. M322 Conditioning Unit....

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  • Sums of two squares near perfect squares by R. C. Vaughan∗∗∗ In memory of Pritish Limani (1983–2003) Abstract Let C be a nondegenerate planar curve and for a real, positive decreasing function ψ let C(ψ) denote the set of simultaneously ψ-approximable points lying on C. We show that C is of Khintchine type for divergence; i.e. if a certain sum diverges then the one-dimensional Lebesgue measure on C of C(ψ) is full. We also obtain the Hausdorff measure analogue of the divergent Khintchine type result. ...

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