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  • Bag-of-words approaches to information retrieval (IR) are effective but assume independence between words. The Hyperspace Analogue to Language (HAL) is a cognitively motivated and validated semantic space model that captures statistical dependencies between words by considering their co-occurrences in a surrounding window of text.

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  • Our thesis shows the quality of semantic vector representation with random projection and Hyperspace Analogue to Language model under about the researching on Vietnamese. The main goal is how to find semantic similarity or to study synonyms in Vietnamese. We are also interested in the stability of our approach that uses Random Indexing and HAL to represent semantic of words or documents. We build a system to find the synonyms in Vietnamese called Semantic Similarity Finding System. In particular, we also evaluate synonyms resulted from our system.

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  • At least since Chomsky, the usual response to the projection problem has been to characterize knowledge of language as a grammar, and then proceed by restricting so severely the class of grammars available for acquisition that the induction task is greatly simplified - perhaps trivialized. The work reported here describes an implemented LISP program that explicitly reproduces this methodological approach to acquisitio,~ - but in a computational setting.

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  • For the years up to 1890, Partridge was by his own admission quite reliant on Farmer and Henley's Slang and its Analogues, which he used as an 'expansible framework'. When it came to the slang for the years 1890 to 1945, Partridge was original and brilliant, especially in his treatment of underworld and military slang. His attitude towards language was scholarly and fun-loving, scientific and idiosyncratic.

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