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  • The basis of all business is buying and selling goods or services or a combination of the two. The word product is these days used for both goods and services. A television is a product and a particular type of insurance scheme may be described by the provider as a product. For the purposes of this Report the word product will be used in the former sense. Products are designed and produced and sold to customers as end items in themselves.

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  • The paper analyses the existing issues of teacher training and mentoring, then proposes solutions to improve the training and mentoring effectiveness in order to meet the requirements of fundamental and comprehensive education reform.

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  • The paper examines whether there is an economic justification for a macroprudential approach to insurance regulation based on the normative theory of regulation. First, the paper elaborates some basic foundations, such as the characterisation of a macroprudential approach to financial regulation as well as an explanation of the functions the insurance industry contributes to the financial system and the real economy. Then it addresses the research question by analysing whether the requirements are fulfilled for a normative theory-compliant macroprudential regulatory foundation.

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  • Pomegranate is a high value crop having great economic importance. Apart from its demand for fresh fruits and juice, the processed products like wine and candy are also gaining importance in world trade. Demand in the international market has widened the scope for earning higher dividends from this crop. Consequently production is expected to increase by ten folds in recent years. Bagalkot is one of the major pomegranate growing districts of Karnataka where the variety Bhagwa is cultivated extensively which is well suitable for export purpose.

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  • Hence, in order to ensure food security and to promote the livelihood of rural poor, promoting the piggery farming becomes essential. In order to promote, piggery farming, the constraints experienced by them should be eliminated; which requires a detailed study on the constraints. The objective of the study is to analyse the constraints experienced ny the piggery farmers and to provide suggestions to promote piggery farming. The study was conducted at eight blocks of West Godavari district which possess a greater number of piggery farmers.

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  • Starting to trade options can be stressful and unsettling, but it doesn’t have to be. By learning to trade options systematically and by fostering a patient approach, a new trader can become successful. Options trading requires an understanding of the characteristics of options and this takes time to master. Nonetheless, a person who is willing to study and work hard can achieve success.

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  • U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) is faced with the challenge of ensuring that the flow of qualified volunteers is adequate to meet future active-duty accession requirements. This report documents research methods, findings, and policy conclusions from a project analyzing human resource management options for

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  • Zheng (1999) further develops the analyses of Gruber (1996), expanding the data set to cover the universe of all equity funds between 1970 and 1993. She finds that funds that enjoy positive net f lows subsequently perform better on a risk-adjusted basis than funds that experience negative net f lows. She also examines whether a trading strategy could be devised based on the predictive ability of net f lows and finds evidence that information on net f lows into smal funds could be used to make risk-adjusted profits....

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  • Chapter 9 Population Viability Analysis: Data Requirements and Essential Analyses The biological diversity of the earth is threatened by the burgeoning human population. To prevent extinctions of species, conservationists must manage many populations in isolated habitat parcels that are smaller than desirable.

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  • The ambiguity in Judd’s sculpture relates to most of his sculptures conforming to box like constructions that rely on the precision of the right angle, the consequence of this is that just as square boxes have four sides, so do his sculptures, and in having four sides they can be said to be made up of parts, no matter how pervasive the quality of the orthogonal and the square are. Further to this, the repetition of squareness without variation can result in a work having little or no aesthetic significance, what is required therefore is the addition of a ‘different’...

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  • Notwithstanding the fact that the policy rate is near its zero lower bound, the Federal Reserve retains a number of tools and strategies for providing additional stimulus. I will focus here on three that have been part of recent staff analyses and discussion at FOMC meetings: (1) conducting additional purchases of longer-term securities, (2) modifying the Committee’s communication, and (3) reducing the interest paid on excess reserves. I will also comment on a fourth strategy, proposed by several economists--namely, that the FOMC increase its inflation goals. ...

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  • Consensus is always difficult. Even in the setting of level I evidence, competing interpretations, experiences and interests present challenges to the best-intentioned analyses. Consensus requires commitment to the process, time, a spirit of collaboration and, above all, leadership. For many, Andy Novick’s career was both the quintessence of leadership and the embodiment of the best in academic urology.

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  • The purpose of this dissertation is to an swer the question of how to manage the multicultural sales teams in interdependent environment to get competitive advantage. In order to answer this question, research was undertaken to analyse various factors that influence the team performance both positively and negatively. The other objective of this research is to identify the key factors and competencies that will increase participation, energy and produc tivity in multicultural teams.

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  • This study also analyses on the trending of the faculty and students to get valuable results which are accurate by applying the Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) showing low range errors. After that, this study can provide the Ministry of Vietnamese Education and Training (MOET) a good method and results to plan the education policies and resources allocation in the future.

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  • The design of computer-based instrumentation and control (I&C) systems is determined by the allocation of I&C functions to I&C systems and components. Due to the characteristics of computer-based technology, component failures can negatively affect several I&C functions, so that the reliability proof of the I&C systems requires the accomplishment of I&C system design analyses throughout the I&C life-cycle.

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  • The research study on “Analyses of post harvest management practices of sericulture entrepreneur was conducted in Zone III of north eastern part of Karnataka. The ex-postfacto research design along with snowball method of sampling is used for the study. It was corroborated that, 92 per cent of respondents fallowing 4 day harvest and 5 day sale during summer followed by 5 day harvest and 6 day sale during winter. Around sixty per cent respondents were taken by initial cleaning and seventy per cent of them involving in separation of inferior cocoons from lot.

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  • In this paper, the author describes his study on human development from the medical and health care perspectives, focusing on analysing and explaining the positive roles played by the State policies on health care in improving health care index (HCI) specifically and human development index (HDI) generally.

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  • Rice is the staple food of Odisha in terms of area, production and yield. System of Rice Intensification (SRI) involves adoption of changes in management practices of rice cultivation creating a favourable condition for crop growth with less utilization of inputs. Despite the benefits, SRI has not adopted by the farmers as expected in the state. This paper attempted to analyse the perception of Odisha farmers regarding major constraints hindering widespread of SRI by different categories of farmers (i.e. adopters, dropouts and non-adopters) in the state and the positive impact of SRI.

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  • In this article, the authors have analysed the qualities of Leadership to be developed among the MBA Students of a select B-School and identified that Communication is of high priority.

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  • Based on the basic theoretical foundation and financial policies for the sustainable development of non-life insurance market; (limited to 6 types of policies, including: capital policies, reserve requirements, capital investment, solvency, taxes and policies for supporting agricultural insurance); the thesis provides a detailed analysis and assessesment of the positive impacts as well as the limitations of financial policies, the effects of those limitations on the sustainable development of Vietnam’s non-life insurance market and the causes of these problems.

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