Analysis of disturbance

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  • This volume is devoted to the study of feedback control of so-calledlinear plant/nonlinear instrumentation(LPNI) systems. Such systems appear naturally in situations where the plant can be viewed as linear but the instrumentation, that is, actuators and sensors, can not.

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  • This calculation is done because of the emergence of harmonics on a 3-phase induction motor that has exceeded the standard limit, so it must reduce the harmonics. Moreover, disturbances that occur, such as torsion vibrations caused by the interaction of the fundamental harmonic magnetic field, causing higher noise.

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  • Power quality has become an important issue in recent times when many utilities around the world find very difficult to meet energy demands which leads to load shedding and power quality problems. This book on power quality written by experts in their fields will be of great benefit to professionals, engineers and researchers. This book comprises of 16 chapters which are arranged in two sections. Section one covers power quality monitoring, classification, and analysis aspects.

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  • Tuyển tập báo cáo các nghiên cứu khoa học quốc tế ngành hóa học dành cho các bạn yêu hóa học tham khảo đề tài: Research Article Detection of Disturbances in Voltage Signals for Power Quality Analysis Using HOS

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  • Plant nutrition plays a major role in quantitative and qualitative crop production in bringing sustainability and plants require seventeen essential elements for their normal growth and development. Among these, those elements required smaller in quantity is called micronutrients (Fe, Cu, Zn, Mn, B, Cl, Mo and Ni). Micronutrients are essentially as important as macronutrients to have better growth, yield and quality in plants.

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  • In this study, it was also performed calculations EENS (Expected Energy Not Supplied). This calculation is done because of a disturbance at each feeder; there is an energy that can not be transmitted; it can happen losses. Based on the calculation and analysis that the reliability index is obtained.

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  • The morphometric analysis of the Thuthapuzha river basin using GIS gives a platform for deriving the geomorphological parameters. This Kerala river basin has dendritic type of drainage network with an elongated basin. The elongated basin is described by shape parameters such as form factor, shape factor, circulatory ratio, and elongation ratio. Lower stream frequency reveals that this basin has less structural disturbance as a result of high surface runoff and fast stream flow.

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  • Difficulty in accessing ground water without disturbing ground-water flow patterns, chemistry, microbiology, and the physical and chemical makeup of formation materials has made accurate characterization of in situ ground-water conditions a very challenging task.

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  • This book is a compilation of some selected articles devoted to the analysis and control of vibrations. Vibrations are a phenomenon found in many engineering systems; their harmful effects are translated into low performance, noise, energy misspend, discomfort and system breakdown, among others. These are the reasons why, in the last years, researchers have made great efforts in seeking ways to eliminate them totally or partially.

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  • Introduction: Methanol (methyl alcohol) poisoning accidents take place most frequently by drinking it in mistake for ethanol. Methanol poisoning is not due to the effect of methanol itself, but due to toxicity of its metabolites. Methanol is rapidly absorbed into human body through the airway mucous membranes, digestive tract mucous membranes or the skin; it is metabolized into formaldehyde (formalin, HCHO) and then formic acid (HCOOH) by the actions of alcohol dehydrogenase and aldehyde dehydrogenase, respectively.

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  • In extreme cases of mental disability, substituted judgment may be appropriate when a severe emotional disturbance or cognitive impairment compromises an individual’s ability to give informed consent. Any restriction or denial of decision-making author- ity to a disabled woman should be the consequence of an objective procedure, con- taining proper legal safeguards against every form of abuse. This procedure must be based on an evaluation of the capability of the mentally disabled person by qualified experts, subject to periodic review and to appeal.

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  • Initially, NBS bills were traded on the stock exchange, but in October 2003, online trading was introduced. Online auctions carry lower transaction costs and have no intermediaries or provisions. They represent the first step in the implementation of new regulations of operation in the open market, regulations intended to provide gradual movement towards indirect instruments of monetary policy. From the very beginning, online auctions were very successful, with trading volumes significantly above pre-online trading periods.

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  • Polyphosphate polymer (polyP) plays a very important role in every living cell. Synthesis of this linear polymer of phosphate (Pi) residues is catalyzed by the polyphosphate kinase (PPK) enzyme.

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  • The effect of the coordination of a Ni(II) ion on the electronic and magnetic properties of the ligand salophen were experimentally and theoretically evaluated. The complex [Ni(salophen)] was synthesized and characterized through FTIR and an elemental analysis. Spectral data obtained using DMSO as a solvent showed that the ligand absorption profile was significantly disturbed after the coordination of the metal atom.

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  • Zinc phosphide is a highly effective rodenticide used widely to protect grain in stores and domestically to kill rodents. Acute poisoning may be direct by ingestion or indirect through accidental inhalation of phosphine gas generated during its use.

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  • A long-term field experiment was carried out in alluvial soil with conservation agriculture practices like Zero tillage, Permanent bed and Conventional tillage to see the impact on vertical distribution of DTPA-Zn and Organic carbon of soil under rice based cropping systems. After completion of 5th cycle of experiment (2016), soil samples were collected from each plot and analysis processes were executed. The results were revealed that vertical distribution of DTPA-Zn and Organic carbon content, decreased with increases of soil depth. Maximum DTPA-Zn (2.

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  • Infection of a wound is the successful invasion and proliferation by one or more species of microorganisms anywhere within the body‘s sterile tissues, sometimes resulting in pus formation. Development of wound infection depends on the inter play of many factors. The breaking of the host protective layer, the skin, and thus disturbing the protective functions of the layer, will induce many cell types into the wound to initiate host response. An estimated 234 million surgical operations are performed worldwide every year, with the majority resulting in a wound that heals by primary intention.

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  • Due to the randomness and complexity of power quality disturbances, there is lack of mature and reliable detection and analysing methods on power quality disturbance, especially in the construction site with the changeable operation condition.

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  • A long-term field experiment was carried out in alluvial soil with conservation agriculture practices like Zero tillage (ZT), Permanent bed (PB) and Conventional tillage (CT) to see the impact on Physico-chemical Properties of soil under rice based cropping systems. After completion of 7th cycle of experiment (2018), soil samples were collected from each plot and analysis processes were executed. The results obtained from the study show that the conservation agricultural practices increased the organic carbon 0.47 to 0.71%, cation exchange capacity 9.76 to 13.

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  • This paper proposes a new control strategy for improving the performance of the superheated steam temperature control system in thermal power plants. Based on the analysis of the limitations of the static feedforward compensators (SFC) for temperature and boiler load disturbances in the existing control system of the auxiliary boiler in Dung Quat refinery, two adaptive dynamic feedforward compensators (ADFC) for temperature and boiler load disturbances were proposed to replace the SFCs.

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