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  • This paper presents the theoretical background of mobile marketing and analyzes the potential and current status of mobile marketing in Vietnam in the period of 2005 - 2017. The analysis shows that Vietnam is a country with many potential opportunities for extensive mobile marketing applications.However, the application of mobile marketing has not matched the potential and there have been some certain limitations because ofusing simple tools, not having promoted effective tools of mobile marketingand therudimentary expression.

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  • Lecture Principles of Marketing: Lesson 8. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about analyzing marketing opportunities; selecting target markets; developing the marketing Mix; managing the marketing effort.

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  • Lecture Principles of Marketing: Lesson 11. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about analyzing Marketing opportunities and developing strategies-MIS. People, equipment, and procedures to gather, sort, analyze, evaluate, and distribute needed, timely, and accurate information to marketing decision makers.

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  • The article focuses on analyzing the current situation, opportunities and challenges for Vietnam's agricultural exports to the EU market when the EVFTA Agreement officially comes into effect. The results show that the potential to export agricultural products of Vietnam to this market is extremely great.

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  • Lecture Fundamentals of International Business - Chapter 10: International Business Trends. After studying this section you should be able to: explain how Canadian and international companies, industries, and markets are affected by increased global business activity; identify and analyze international business trends and their influences on companies, industries, and career opportunities in the global economy,...

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  • The authors argue that the impact of FDI on entrepreneurial activity depends on different natures of capital flow and entrepreneurial motivation and relates to the quality of institutional environment. First, the roles of inward and outward FDI are examined in connection with the new firm creation by opportunity- and necessity-motivated entrepreneurs. Second, the integrated influences of (inward/outward) FDI and governance quality (GQ) on (opportunity/necessity) entrepreneurship are tested.

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  • Underpricing of Initial Public Offerings (IPO) has always been a big deal to see the money left on the table by the issuers. This study analyzes the after-market performances of IPOs observed in 2006-2011 period in Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE). Besides looking at the period as a whole, we divide that period into three regarding the Eight Annual Ernst & Young Global IPO Trends. This gives the opportunity to analyze the impact of macroeconomic factors before financial crisis (2006-2007), during the financial crisis (2008-2009), and after the financial crisis (2010-2011).

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document International business has contents: International financial markets, international monetary system, international strategy and organization, analyzing international opportunities, selecting and managing entry modes,... and other contents.

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  • In this chapter, you will explore how companies screen international business opportunities. You will also: Examine the difficulties of conducting international market research, learn about sources of secondary market research data, and understand methods of conducting primary international research.

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  • The big question is, though, how effective are these marketing ploys? Am I really going to go out and buy Proactive Acne Solution because I think it will do for me what it did for Jessica Simpson? National studies buy the FCC have said yes. As Sue Jozui’s brilliant and accurate statement says, the audience subject to celebrity oriented advertisements is expected to relate approval of the particular celebrity with the approval of the product. This is true, and certainly insults the intelligence of the target audience.

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  • Database Management  Verifiable Data – confirming the accuracy of the stored data by randomly calling a customer and verifying name, address, phone, email, and other attributes in the record.  Data Cleansing – the act of detecting and correcting (or removing) corrupt or inaccurate records from a record set, table, or database. Used mainly in databases, the term refers to identifying incomplete, incorrect, inaccurate, irrelevant etc. parts of the data and then replacing, modifying or deleting this dirty data.

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  • Currently one of the economic hotspots in China, Shanghai leads many Chinese cities in economic performance, foreign-trade growth, and infrastructural development, all of which are explored in this valuable resource. Examining basics such as the latest business trends, new business opportunities, and the city’s major industries, as well as analyzing economic progress in the expanding fields of import, export, and investment, this guide proves an essential tool for business professionals looking to invest in this expanding market....

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  • Trading in the foreign exchange (Forex) market can be extremely lucrative. However, to benefit from all the profit-making opportunities that arise in the market, Forex traders are required to spend hours in front of the computer screen watching out for every possible entry and exit point. This may require a large investment of time, which not all traders may have. Those who have limited time to study and analyze the Forex market, follow a less tedious method. This method involves pre-specifying the limit- and stop-levels for their trades.

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  • The level of costs will vary substantially between the alternative industry segments, and also between individual managers in each segment. It will also depend on the marketing route used by the AIFMs (passport or PPR), especially for non-EU AIFMs. The one-off and ongoing compliance costs for non-EU AIFMs using the PPR route will be much lower than those of non-EU AIFMs using the passporting route and for EU AIFMs, whatever the route. The costs therefore need to be carefully analyzed on a case-by-case basis.

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  • The internet has provided the global audience instant information, broad connections to billions and a revolutionary form of communication. However, for all of this seemingly effortless access to consumers, the internet has traditionally been a complex problem for marketers. Numerous organizations either do not have or maintain an appropriate interactive / internet marketing plan. More still simply include an isolated online component, typically a banner advertising campaign, in an overall marketing plan.

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  • Weblogs and message boards provide online forums for discussion that record the voice of the public. Woven into this mass of discussion is a wide range of opinion and commentary about consumer products. This presents an opportunity for companies to understand and respond to the consumer by analyzing this unsolicited feedback. Given the volume, format and content of the data, the appropriate approach to understand this data is to use large-scale web and text data mining technologies.

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  • Stock Investing For Dummies, 2nd Edition, has been an honor for me to write. I’m grateful that I can share my thoughts, information, and experience with such a large and devoted group of readers. Although the stock market has served millions of investors for nearly a century, recent years have shown me that a great investing vehicle such as stocks can be easily misunderstood, misused, and even abused.

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  • Click here for a definition of marketing; ways to analyze market opportunities, plan a marketing program, launch new products or services, and put your marketing program into action; and the nature of direct marketing and relationship marketing. Click here to discover the steps for conducting market research.

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  • As the head of accounting, Dan took pride in the efficiency of his department. Just recently, he and his team had significantly reduced the time between billing and receiving. The resulting improvement in cash flow resulted in a team award from management. So he was a bit annoyed when Janet, his old friend in marketing, told him about her latest market research. "Customers find their statements confusing," she said. "They seem to be paying the bills," Dan countered, "and we manage to keep track of the money, what more do we have to do?" She kept pushing.

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  • The process of gathering, analyzing, and presenting requirements is a detailed type of problem solving. You regularly apply problem-solving skills at work and in everyday life. This activity provides an opportunity to assess the problem-solving skills you currently possess as tools that you can apply in this course. In this activity, you will design a new type of motorcycle that you want to market commercially.

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