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  • Almost all research in the social and behavioral sciences, and also in eco­ nomic and marketing research, criminological research, and social medical research deals with the analysis of categorical data. Categorical data are quantified as either nominal or ordinal variables. This volume is a collec­ tion of up-to-date studies on modern categorical data analysis methods, emphasizing their application to relevant and interesting data sets.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "Essential statistics - Exploring the world through data" has contents: Survey sampling and inference, hypothesis testing for population proportions, inferring population means, analyzing categorical variables and interpreting research.

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  • Social networking and micro-blogging sites are stores of opinion-bearing content created by human users. We describe C-Feel-It, a system which can tap opinion content in posts (called tweets) from the micro-blogging website, Twitter. This web-based system categorizes tweets pertaining to a search string as positive, negative or objective and gives an aggregate sentiment score that represents a sentiment snapshot for a search string.

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  • “Creating value through values” is the credo of today’s management accountant. It means that management accountants should maintain an unwavering commitment to ethical values while using their knowledge and skills to influence decisions that create value for organizational stakeholders. These skills include managing risks and implementing strategy through planning, budgeting and forecasting, and decision support. Management accountants are strategic business partners who understand the financial and operational sides of the business.

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  • Lecture Managerial economics - Chapter 6 include the contents: How competition is rivalry to obtain a distinct advantage, categorizing and analyzing competitive strategies, how mergers and lawful agreements among competitors can sometimes increase economic value created in a market,... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Chapter 16 - Analyzing qualitative data. After reading this chapter, you should be able to: Distinguish between the analysis and interpretation of qualitative data, write an analytical memo while collecting qualitative data, search textual data for relevant codes to be analyzed, create a coding scheme for qualitative data,...

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  • Teachers wanted the units to comprise the various categories of questions contained in the TOEFL. We have analyzed these questions, categorized them, clearly described each type, and noted in what proportion each appears on the test. We have suggested strategies for the test in general and for each type of question in particular. We have also included discussion of "trick" questions.

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  • The process of collecting and analyzing the data is critical in healthcare as it constitutes the basis for categorization of patient health problems. Data collected in medical practice ranges from free form text to structured text, numerical measurements, recorded signals, and imaging data.

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  • This thesis investigates the protection landscape surrounding online banking. First, electronic banking is analysed for vulnerabilities and a survey of current attacks is carried out. This is represented graphically as an attack tree describing the different ways in which online transactions can be attacked. The discussion then moves on to various defences which have been developed, categorizing them and analyzing how successful they are at protecting against the attacks given in the first chapter.

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