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  • The experience acquired in the lessons taught in the Electve Course together with the feed-back from the students is used to implement a new optonal course in the Bachelor’s Degrees in Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Materials Engineering named “Technological and Scientfc Developments in Antquity: Ancient Egypt and Middle East and North Africa”.

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  • Topographical and other constraints further limit the utilizable quantity of water which rapid growth in the demand for water due to rise in population, increased pace of urbanization and industrialization is posing serious challenges in providing food and water security. King Dalpatdev Kaktiya was a king from the Kakatiya dynasty who made reservoir in north-west part of Jagdalpur and named Dalpatsagar is now being affected badly by city expansion and draining sewage into the reservoir.

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  • Solar energy, light and heat radiation from the Sun, has been exploited by humans since ancient times using a variety of technology development than ever before. Solar radiation along with secondary resources of energy like wind and solar energy, water power and biomass, make the most of renewable energy available on earth. Only a tiny fraction of the available solar energy is used.

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  • Charles Kingsley makes this point in his 1873 lecture “Nausicaa in London: Or, the Lower Education of Woman,” in which he quotes the passage in The Odyssey in which Nausicaa plays ball with her female companions on the beach(62). J. Moyr Smith makes this explicit with regard to Greek clothing in his book Ancient Greek Female Costume in 1882: “Though more fully clad in most parts of Greece than in Sparta, the costume of the young girls and women was such as allowed the body to develop its natural beauty, and permitted a graceful freedom of motion” (17)....

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  • The ancient carving industry in Jepara is famous locally and worldwide. Its reputation has attracted many related economic activities linked to wood production and processing, especially furniture making. Today, Jepara is a typical example of what is called an ‘industrial district’ 1 in which growth in one sector (furniture manufacturing) has attracted thousands of small to medium-sized industries to the Kabupaten (administrative district)2 . These in turn have created an opportunity for further subsidiary activities and industries.

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  • The great nations of antiquity lived and prospered in arid and semiarid countries. In the more or less rainless regions of China, Mesopotamia, Palestine, Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, the greatest cities and the mightiest peoples flourished in ancient days. Of the great civilizations of history only that of Europe has rooted in a humid climate. As Hilgard has suggested, history teaches that a high civilization goes hand in hand with a soil that thirsts for water. To-day, current events point to the arid and semiarid regions as the chief dependence of our modern civilization.

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  • Systematic excavations began at Herculaneum in 1738 and ten years later at Pompeii. In subsequent years, archaeologists found villas and homes with furnishings and works of art preserved in the volcanic ash. The Villa dei Papiri in Herculaneum was found buried with more than eighty statues and about a thousand ancient papyri (scrolls) inscribed with Greek texts. Modern knowledge of ancient Greek and Roman culture is largely based on what was unearthed in excavations at Pompeii, Herculaneum, and the other sites around the Bay of Naples.

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  • A scalloped birdbath in the center of this fresco complemented the outdoor water features in the garden just beyond the living room. Herm posts (statues in the form of square stone pillars surmounted by a bust or head) stand on each side of the birdbath—one with the head of a satyr and the other with what may be the head of a maenad or a child. Each herm is also adorned by plaques with reliefs of sleeping women. Theatrical masks hang along the top of the fresco.

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  • The findings of these few studies suggest that reflective thinking may develop in association with certain interventions. It also appears that the development of reflective thinking is related to other aspects of learning and professional development. The methods employed were usually observational and analytical, and appropriate to the questions asked. However, only one of these studies had a comparison group, so the transferability of the interventions and results across contexts is unclear.

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  • Handloom sector is an important second position employer in the country after agriculture by contributing to nearly 30 % of total exports. Pochampally handloom weaving is very popular in Telangana state. Most of the pochampally ikat weavers are located in Nalgonda distrtict. Weaving is a family enterprise where right from the child to the old man in the family get involved in various weaving related activities. Hence a descriptive research design was adopted to study the socio-economic status of ikat weavers.

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  • The Jammu and Kashmir has a varied type of climate from sub-tropical to cold arid. The main crops grown in the state are rice, maize, wheat, pulses, oil seeds, saffron etc. The cultivation of Saffron is mostly confined to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. In Kashmir saffron cultivation is peculiar and the legend about its introduction in to Kashmir shows that it is an ancient industry about 2200 years’ old. It is the legendry crop of the welldrained plateau of Pampore. The present study is an attempt to analyse the cost, return and marketing of Saffron in Jammu and Kashmir.

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  • In the past, the formal discipline of project management was applied primarily to very large projects lasting several years and costing millions of dollars; this was as true for information technology (IT) projects as it was for other industries. Furthermore in the 20th century, project management methods were largely based upon “command and control” techniques. These techniques evolved from ancient military regimes and dictatorial governments, where relatively few educated people directed large numbers of uneducated people.

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  • The sustainability and prosperity of the ancient civilizations of China, Egypt, Babylonia, Phoenicia, Persia and Roma were based on the extensive use of water for human consumption, crop irrigation, canal navigation and energy generation. Today, the worldwide scarcity of water and clean energy constitutes a central and critical problem for the whole humankind. This situation is aggravated as industrial, agricultural and municipal effl uents reach the water bodies, or the coastal seawater that is used as feed for desalination plants.

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  • Crystallization is one of the most ancient and interdisciplinary topics of research known to mankind. Crystals can be organic or inorganic and may be produced from melts, liquid solutions, vapors or even in solid state. Notwithstanding its inherently high complexity, the crystallization process is part of our everyday lives, from ice making in our homes to the most state-of-the-art chemical and electronic industry.

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  • Taking risks with one’s life in sport competitions is nothing new in the human experience. Gladiatorial competitions in ancient Rome and jousts in medieval Europe are two examples of sports that fit the modern definition of extreme. Extreme sports in their modern form are a recent development and the list of pursuits and sports categorized as “extreme” is long and growing as is the number of athletes and spectators. Extreme sports now form a distinct sector within the larger sports industry, although exactly where it fits is not at all clear.

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  • The motion of all vehicles requires the expenditure of a certain quantity of mechanical energy, and in motor vehicles the system that supplies such energy (in most cases an internal combustion engine) is on board. The lack of an adequate prime mover is the main reason that mechanical vehicles could be built only at the end of the industrial revolution, and enter mass production only in the Twentieth Century, in spite of attempts dating back to ancient times. For a mechanical vehicle to be built, a prime mover able to move not only itself, but the vehicle structure and payload...

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  • Lisa Napoli was in the grip of a crisis, dissatisfied with her life and her work as a radio journalist. When a chance encounter with a handsome stranger presented her with an opportunity to move halfway around the world, Lisa left behind cosmopolitan Los Angeles for a new adventure in the ancient Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan—said to be one of the happiest places on earth.

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  • From ancient time (over 5000 years) oil crops like Sesame, Brassica, Olea europaea, etc. have given importance for their nutritional, medicinal and food products properties. One of important oil crop belonging to Pedaliaceae family is Sesamum indicum L., is an annual plant and being neglected because of many reasons. India and China are the world’s largest producers of Sesame, The oil content of Sesame seed varies from 28% to 59%. Sesame oil serve as natural sources of antioxidants i.e. lignans which improves flavor and taste and contributes to greater shelf-life of foods.

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  • Pomegranate (Punica granatum L.) is an ancient favorite table-fruit of the tropical and subtropical regions of the world, belonging to the family Punicaceae. Bhagwa variety among all the varieties grown in India is easily available on commercial scale. Fruits and vegetable processing in India generates substantial quantities of waste and these wastes of fruits are an abundant source of antioxidant and polyphenols among those pomegranate (Punica granatum L.

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