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  • With this book, you can build exciting, scalable web applications quickly and confidently, using Google App Engine — even if you have little or no experience in programming or web development. App Engine is one of the most exciting web technologies to appear in the last year, providing a simple, easy-to-use application framework with basic web tools. While Google’s own tutorial assumes significant development experience, Using Google App Engine is for anyone who wants to get started with this platform....

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  • More important, this abstraction separates different Organizations from each other. Even if they happen to be assigned common networks, datastores, or resource pools, they cannot modify or even see each other’s vApps without explicitly sharing them. (The exception is vApps connected to the same External Network, as they’re sharing the same vSwitch.) Providing Organizations with unique datastores, networks, and resource pools enforces even greater separation between the Organizations through the quotas you can set in those abstractions.

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  • DataSets are very powerful objects. You have seen in earlier chapters how they can act as in-memory datastore and how you can use them to update a database. However, this power comes at a price

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  • The VMware vCloud Director abstraction allows a service provider to delegate vApp creation, management, and use to tenant Organizations (or an IT department to delegate these capabilities to line of business teams). While providing these capabilities, the Organization administrators and users do not operate on or manage vCenter or vSphere’s capabilities, like VMware vMotion™. Tenants deal only with deploying vApps to resource pools, datastores, and networks created for and assigned to that Organization.

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  • 282 Chapter 12 Client-Side Programming with the Dojo Toolkit Using DataSources in your Dojo applications provides a standardized way to read, write, and search back-end resources without direct knowledge of how the data is structured. For any data that contains many rows, DataStores will greatly enhance your data access concerns. DBA—A Complete RIA Using WebSphere sMash and Dojo At this point, we’re ready to take all the knowledge gained and build a complete and usable Rich Internet Application (RIA).

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  • 292 Chapter 12 Client-Side Programming with the Dojo Toolkit Figure 12.12 Database driver details The second process started when a data source is selected fetches the database schema. The schema service returns a ItemFileReadStore-formatted JSON data, which contains a hierarchical structure that is perfect for representing in a tree widget. The process flow should be predictable at this point. We define a new DataStore, fetch the data, and when received, the createSchemaTree function is called to generate the Tree widget.

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