Annual operating cash flows

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  • Lecture "Fundamentals of finance management (10/E) - Chapter 11: Cash flow estimation and risk analysis" has contents: Proposed project, determining project value, annual operating cash flows, terminal net cash flow,...and other contents.

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  • Real estate is valued for its cash flow, both its operating cash flow during the time that you own the property and its likely net sale proceeds when you go to sell the property at some time in the future. Since real estate is purchased today based on its ability to produce cash flow in the future, tools are needed which help calculate the present value of future cash flows. These tools are readily available, are discussed in Tool Kits #2 and #3, and involve the concept of “capitalization”. All capitalization tools convert future income...

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  • THE FINANCIAL NUMBERS GAME been reported in the investing section of the cash-flow statement, operating cash flow in 1999 would have been $11.7 billion, or 16% higher than the $10.1 billion reported. Excluded from this discussion of the tax effects of the gain on sale is the fact that operating cash flow for the years 1997, 1998, and 1999 actually include the cash provided by operations of the divested unit. The amount of operating cash flow generated by that company prior to its disposal was not disclosed in the IBM annual report. In the absence of such a disclosure, calculating it...

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  • The effects of accruals on the time series properties of annual earnings and the predictability of future cash flows are likely to be more readily observable for working capital accruals. For the majority of firms the cycle from outlay of cash for purchases to receipt of cash from sales (which we call the "operating cash cycle") is much shorter than the cycle from outlay of cash for long-term investments to receipt of cash inflows from the investments (the "investment cycle").

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  • Chapter 3 Financial Statements, Cash Flow, and Taxes a. The annual report is a report issued annually by a corporation to its stockholders. It contains basic financial statements, as well as management’s opinion of the past year’s operations and the firm’s future prospects.

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