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  • The incidence of breast cancer has increased since the 1970s. Despite favorable trends in prognosis, the role of changes in clinical practice and the introduction of screening remain controversial. We examined breast cancer trends to shed light on their determinants.

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  • We examined 15 years of key performance indicators (KPIs) of the population-based mammography screening programme (PMSP) in Flanders, Belgium.

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  • The study revealed that majority (68.75%) of the farmers belonged to middle age group, had medium annual income (58.75%), belong to medium social cohesiveness(81.25%), had medium mass medium access (72.50%), had medium knowledge on climate change(83.75%). Having more percentage of respondents on medium and high level of fatalism as it was found in result hinted that there is need to develop competencies of farmers on consequences of climate change through the services of agricultural extensionists.

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  • Male Breast Cancer (MBC) is rare, which makes its understanding and treatment be extrapolated from what is known about the occurrence in women, with few epidemiological studies. Therefore, the aim of the present paper was to study breast cancer mortality in adult males in Brazil and its administrative regions between 2005 and 2015.

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  • Cervical cancer (CC) incidence in Estonia is the third highest in Europe, even though an organised nation-wide screening program has been in place since 2006. The aim of the study was to analyse the incidence and survival of CC in Estonia, focusing on age, morphology and stage at diagnosis.

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  • An increasing incidence of thyroid cancer is observed in many developed countries. Increasing incidence may also reflect better reporting or increased diagnostic scrutiny. We conducted this study to examine trends in thyroid cancer incidence and histological patterns in Sri Lanka.

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  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer morbidity among Shanghai and Hong Kong women, which contributes to 20–25% of new female cancer incidents. This study aimed to describe the temporal trend of breast cancer and interpret the potential effects on the observed secular trends.

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  • The Indian Sundarbans is a coastal delta and major climate hotspot located in the state of West Bengal. The delta faces significant climatic challenges. The residents mainly depend on agriculture, livestock rearing and fishing. They face challenges of poverty, marginalization and an acute struggle against geo-climatic events. The present study was conducted to know the socio economic status of the farming community under the given resources viz. demographic, physical, economic, natural and social.

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  • Internal Revenue Code section 162(m) limits tax deductibility of executive compensation to $1 million per covered executive, with an exception for performance-based compensation. Both stock options and annual bonuses can qualify as performance-based, but they vary in the difficulty of qualification and the degree of additional compensation risk that qualification imposes on the executive. Most stock-option grants easily qualify with little change in risk, but qualification increases the risk associated with annual bonus compensation relative to what it was prior.

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