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  • This paper tackles the question of errors from the students’ point of view. The students' errors in written English were collected, corrected and presented to the students to comment on them indicating the causes that led them to make such errors. It was hoped that the sudents’ perception of their errors will shed light on the learning strategies students employ to learn the second language.

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  • Results obtained from fixed effect and ordinary least squares are indifferent. However, results based on fixed effect model yield more insightful interpretation. The outcomes from fixed effect model help indicating that three determinants affecting mutual fund growth are types of AMCs, Administrative expense ratio, and size of AMCs. Types of AMCs or dummy variables are used to represent distribution channel and parent reputation.

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  • » Risk management is everyone’s responsibility. Each person and business unit in an organization “owns” a piece of risk management. Every employee should be involved in managing the risks within his or her part of the organization. Employees also may seek to be aware of risks that may affect their units but are managed by others, such as information technology risks. Employees and business units have these responsibilities regardless of whether the organization has dedicated risk management personnel, such as a CRO.

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  • Fluorosis is the result of an excessive intake of fluoride during enamel formation and calcification, usually the third month of gestation through the eighth year after birth.When high concentrations of fluoride are absorbed by the body, the metabolic function of the ameloblasts is altered, which leads to defective matrix formation and hypocalcification (Figure 7-2). This type of discoloration can affect the primary and the permanent dentition. Histologically, a hypomineralized porous subsurface, covered by a well-mineralized surface enamel layer, is observed.

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  • This era is characterised by a revolution in the development in the information management sector with the introduction of the personal computer (PC) and associated computer communications networking facilities. The result was availability of low cost PCs that had high efficiency in the management of project schedules. An example of major projects undertaken then (for there were several) is the Space Shuttle Challenger project of 1983 – 1986. The projects of the time focused on risk management, group dynamics, and quality management. ...

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  • Legislatures are considering this issue. In 2008, the Maryland legislature amended its title laws to include brands for flood and cosmetic damage to the definition of salvage vehicles. The new law redefines the term “salvage” to mean that cost to repair the damaged vehicle is greater than 75 percent of the vehicle’s pre-damage fair market value. The fiscal note on the bill indicated it will prevent vehicles involved in accidents from being rebuilt and resold under false brands. ...

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  • Another factor that influences demand is the price of related goods. The dramatic fall in the price of computers over the past twenty years has significantly increased the demand for printers, monitors and internet access. Such goods are examples of complements. Formally, for a given good X, a complement is a good whose consumption increases the value of X. Thus, the use of computers increases the value of peripheral devices like printers and monitors. The consumption of coffee increases the demand for cream for many people. Spaghetti and tomato sauce, national parks and hiking...

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  • { } In order to discuss all the subsets of a given set, let us introduce the following terminology. We shall call the original set the universal set, one-element subsets will be called unit sets, and the set which contains no members the empty set. We do not introduce special names for other kinds of subsets of the universal set. As an example, let the universal set U consist of the three elements {a, b, c}. The proper subsets of U are those sets containing some but not all of the elements of U. The proper subsets consist of three two-element sets namely, {a, b}, {a, c}, and {b,...

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  • Drawing on a large and wide-ranging literature on consumer behaviour, this report argues that psychological rather than informational differences may explain much of the variation in financial capability reported in the FSA's financial capability survey, and that people's financial behaviour may primarily depend on their intrinsic psychological attributes rather than information or skills or how they choose to deploy them.

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  • An effective budget should enable you to monitor progress at each phase and to identify precisely when and why actual expenses vary from your estimate. Thus, your budget cannot be constructed on an overall project basis; it needs to be broken down by phase. All of the budget elements—labor, fixed expenses, and variable expenses—will vary according to the demands of each phase. Some phases will move along relatively quickly and will require minimal team involvement and little or no expense.

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  • Certain developing countries and certain developed countries are especially large debtors to commercial banks and foreign governments. Investment in debt obligations ("Sovereign Debt") issued or guaranteed by governments or their agencies ("governmental entities") of such countries involves a high degree of risk. The governmental entity that controls the repayment of Sovereign Debt may not be able or willing to repay the principal and/or interest when due in accordance with the terms of such debt.

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  • The aimof this paper is to provide a detailed analysis of the impact of total population size and other demographic factors on air pollution emissions and to correct the weaknesses outlined above. We build on the papers by Dietz and Rosa (1997), Shi (2003) and York et al. (2003a, b) and improve on their studies in a number of ways. First, whereas these three studies examine only CO2 and energy use,we extend the analysis to sulfur dioxide (SO2) emissions, a pollutant with very different properties to CO2 and hence potentially pos- sessing a very different relationship with population.

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  • Oracle Audit Vault is an enterprise-class audit consolidation and management solution that enables organizations to simplify compliance reporting, proactively detect threats, reduce costs, and secure audit data. Faced with numerous regulatory mandates and increasing concerns about insider threats, organizations are utilizing database audit data as an important security measure, enforcing the trust-but-verify principle.

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  • Web applications provide end users with client access to server functionality through a set of Web pages. These pages often contain script code to be executed dynami- cally within the client Web browser. Most Web applications aim to enforce simple, intu- itive security policies, such as, forWeb-based email, dis- allowing any scripts in untrusted email messages.

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  • Furthermore, the particular bus in which the commuter travelled during this week was not air conditioned so ventilation was provided by open windows, allowing air to flow freely in and out of the bus. This is an interesting result as it demonstrates that due to the high temporal and spatial variability in CO concentrations, other variables (such as ventilation rate and proximity to emissions) may be more important in determining exposure than choice of transport mode.

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  • Scholars of strategy process research have developed various models on the formation of strategies for which organization-environment relations have always been a primary concern. While the majority of studies have emphasized an assessment of the environment for oppor- tunities and threats (e.g., Ansoff, 1965; Andrews, 1971; Porter, 1980), others have focused more directly on the environment as a central actor for strategy formation (see Mintzberg et al., 1998).

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  • As a result, more and more companies are looking to include non-traditional yet potentially very valuable data with their traditional enterprise data in their business intelligence analysis. To derive real business value from big data, you need the right tools to capture and organize a wide variety of data types from different sources, and to be able to easily analyze it within the context of all your enterprise data.

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  • Is the role of the government and media policy moot in the age of the Internet? While it is surely true that the social organization of news media and their relations with diverse publics are complicated by the Internet, it is highly debatable whether this has led to a disintegration or dispersal of power, as some philosophers have argued.

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  • It is no longer up for discussion. Advertisers have now moved beyond the click and require insight into the brand impact of their online activity alongside their click data. In 2012, we saw the introduction of real-time branding optimization, allowing advertisers to tweak campaigns on the fly, up-weighting successful campaign elements and down-weighting low performers. In 2013, this real-time planning and reallocation will go mainstream, moving from a 'nice to have' to an essential feature of digital campaign delivery and evaluation.

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  • The results of this risk-assessment process will enable you to develop alternative internal audit plans to address a variety of risks across your organisation. An effective audit plan provides a systematic means to assign risks into high, moderate and low categories. Once risks are assessed, the chief audit executive should work with the audit committee and senior management to prioritise organisational risks and determine the competencies and skill sets needed in the internal audit function to address high-priority risks and key stakeholder needs....

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