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  • Communication is the key to success in any business. Whether you are trying to sell a product, answer a query or complaint or convince your colleagues to adopt a certain course of action, good communication often means the difference between success and failure. At best, imprecise language, clumsy sentences or long-winded ‘waffle’, whether in speech or writing, will give a poor impression of you or your business; at worst, what you are trying to say will be misunderstood or ignored.

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  • This paper describes a novel framework for interactive question-answering (Q/A) based on predictive questioning. Generated off-line from topic representations of complex scenarios, predictive questions represent requests for information that capture the most salient (and diverse) aspects of a topic. We present experimental results from large user studies (featuring a fully-implemented interactive Q/A system named F ERRET) that demonstrates that surprising performance is achieved by integrating predictive questions into the context of a Q/A dialogue. ...

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  • A user may typically need to combine the strengths of more than one system in order to perform a task. In this paper, we describe a component of the Janus natural language interface that translates intensional logic expressions representing the meaning of a request into executable code for each application program, chooses which combination of application systems to use, and designs the transfer of data among them in order to provide an answer.

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  • Everyday English Australia gồm 26 bài Tiếng Anh ở Úc. Các bài học này sẽ tập trung vào các sử dụng các tình huống tiếng Anh thông dụng nhất của người Úc như: Chào hỏi, làm quen, đề nghị, cách hỏi giờ, hỏi đường... Và sau đây là nội dung chi tiết của bài 18 Requests and answers.

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  • Tài liệu tham khảo anh văn giao tiếp EVERYDAY ENGLISH FROM AUSTRALIA – Series 1- Bài 18: Requests and answers.

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  • Writing Test Hints ... write directly on the given topic. Once you have accurately determined what the topic and the topic question is, keep to the topic throughout the entire piece of writing. ... write for the intended reader. This means you should write your answer in a formal academic style. For instance, if you are asked to write for a university lecturer, your answer must be written in the formal style expected. It is inappropriate to write in note form in the IELTS test (unless specifically requested). It is inappropriate to use colloquial or slang words or expressions in formal...

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  • Entrepreneurs—and entrepreneurial companies—live or die by the quality of their plans and proposals. Whether it's to get funding for a new product line or business from a client, writing hard-hitting prose that answers essential questions and makes specific requests is an indispensable skill. Entrepreneur, ad man, and writing teacher Dennis Chambers shows how entrepreneurs can persuade people,

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  • In a memo to all department managers, the employees ----------- more flexible working hours. Choose one answer. a. inquired b. asked c. said d. requested For professionals at the beginning of their careers,leisure time is a -----------commodity. a. high-priced b. regular c. common d. scarce A recent study of corporate managers ----------- most executives do not find their work Choose one answer. a. found that b. which discovered c. revealing d. founded

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  • Marks: 5 Question121. In a memo to all department managers, the employees ----------- more flexible working hours. Choose one answer. a. inquired b. asked c. said d. requested Question 2 Marks: 5 Question117. For professionals at the

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  • O ur book Renewal Coaching has already had an international impact.We have observed coaches at many levels, from those who are leaders of large organizations with thousands of employees to thosewho are independent practitioners.We have heard from coaches in the business, education, government, and nonprofit sectors. In theUnited States and abroad, their reports are consistent: we need renewal now more than ever, and we need practical tools to help us sustain our work. The Renewal Coaching Workbook is the answer to those requests.

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  • T he invention of e-mail as an efficient mode of communication gives rise to an intriguing benefit:One need not answer a question immediately as would be expected in real-time conversation. Therefore, on occasion, I prefer to ponder before I answer, as I did when honored with the request to write this preface to Essentials of Licensing Intellectual Property.

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  • Many requests for us to post assignment solutions online ! Short answer: We’re lazy ! Longer answer: There are parts of the course that we reuse from quarter to quarter, so we won’t be distributing solutions ! Discussing assignments is fine ! If you’re a Stanford student, remember the Honor Code ! We request that you don’t distribute completed assignments

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  • This volume, the first in a series, presents the findings of an ambitious project—to measure the impact of fishing on the ecosystems that make up the North Atlantic Ocean and to propose ways to mitigate that impact. The project arose from a request by Dr. Joshua Reichert, the Director of the Environment Program of the Pew Charitable Trusts, Philadelphia, to answer six specific questions about the North Atlantic: • What are the total fisheries catches from the ecosystems, including reported and unreported landings and discards at sea?...

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  • The Government’s request to the FRC to develop guidance on audit committees has of course its root in the dramatic corporate failures in the United States in early 2002. These occurred despite the perception of close US regulation of accounting and auditing and despite the existence of corporate governance institutions including audit committees. The consequence has been falling confidence and rising confusion in capital markets not just in the US but around the world.

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  • We have been investigating an interactive approach for Open-domain QA (ODQA) and have constructed a spoken interactive ODQA system, SPIQA. The system derives disambiguating queries (DQs) that draw out additional information. To test the efficiency of additional information requested by the DQs, the system reconstructs the user’s initial question by combining the addition information with question. The combination is then used for answer extraction. Experimental results revealed the potential of the generated DQs. ...

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  • AI dialog systems are now developing from question-answering systems toward advising systems. This includes: - structuring dialog - understanding a n d generating a wider range o f speech acts than simply information request and answer user modelling discussed here, but see (Jameson, Wahlster 1982). The second part o f this paper presents user modelling with respect to a dialog strategy which selects and verbalizes the appropriate speech act of recommendation.

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