Antecedent conditions

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  • How are you feeling right now? This is the core question behind this book. But there is a hidden agenda! Before introducing it, we would like to present the Emotional Stress Reaction Questionnaire (ESRQ) right up-front. Read the instruction and start this book by responding to the ESRQ below. It should take less than one minute to complete!Formulation of Strategy

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  • 51 (45) DP D The N president T may V blame TP T' VP PRN himself The reflexive pronoun himself can be bound by the DP the president in (45) because the sister of the DP node is the T-bar node, and the pronoun himself is contained within the relevant T-bar node (by virtue of being one of the grandchildren of T-bar): consequently, the DP the president c-commands the anaphor himself and the binding condition (44) is satisfied. We therefore correctly predict that (42a) The president may blame himself is grammatical, with the president interpreted as the antecedent of himself. But...

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  • Diagnosis A diagnosis of botulism must be considered in patients with symmetric descending paralysis who are afebrile and mentally intact. The bulbar musculature is involved initially, but sensory findings are absent and, early on, deep tendon reflexes remain intact. The differential diagnosis of botulism and distinguishing features are listed in Table 134-2. Depending on season and other epidemiologic factors, West Nile virus infection may also be a consideration.

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  • Academic Article: Hot Weather Comparative Heat Balances in Pervious Concrete and Impervious Concrete Pavement Systems focuses on a site in Iowa where both a pervious concrete and a traditional concrete paving system have been installed and where temperatures were recorded within the systems for extended time periods. The analyses cover days with negligible antecedent precipitation and high air temperatures, which are extreme conditions for UHI impact.

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  • We present conditions under which verb phrases are elided based on a corpus of positive and negative examples. Factor that affect verb phrase ellipsis include: the distance between antecedent and ellipsis site, the syntactic relation between antecedent and ellipsis site, and the presence or absence of adjuncts. Building on these results, we examine where in the generation architecture a trainable algorithm for VP ellipsis should be located.

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  • It has been widely assumed that VP ellipsis is governed by an identity condition: the elided VP is interpreted as an identical copy of another expression in surrounding discourse. For example, Sag (76) imposes an identity condition on Logical Form representations of VP's. A basic feature of this account is the requirement that a syntactic VP be available as the antecedent. This requirement is reflected in most subsequent accounts as well. In this paper I examine three cases of VP ellipsis in which the antecedent cannot be identified with any VP. ...

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