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Antidepressants and morphological

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  • The automotive industry in India was heavily regulated until the 1970s. The automotive firms were obliged to obtain licenses from the Indian government for various firm activities. The 1980s witnessed some relaxation in the regulations and the entry of Japanese firms. In the early 1990s, India undertook historic economic reforms under which the automotive industry was liberalised. Various government interventions in the form of policies, existing at various points of time, have influenced the development of India’s automotive industry over these phases. ...

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  • A supplementary-fired HRSG is basically a convective unit with a design quite similar to an unfired HRSG. However the firing capability provides the ability to control the HRSG steam production—within the capability of the burner system— independent of the normal gas turbine operating mode. Fully-Fired HRSG. A few industrials have used the exhaust of the gas turbine as preheated combustion air for a fully-fired HRSG. A fully fired HRSG is defined as a unit having the same amount of oxygen in its stack gases as an ambient-air-fired power boiler.

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  • Between the consumer and the agricultural production, the food processing industry and the retailing sector tries to adjust to changed consumer demands and the opportunities and restrictions from the changes in agricultural sector. New techniques offer great opportunities for those who adapt them timely while others will be forced out of business due to the increased competition. The retailing sector is in the middle of a structural revolution.

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  • Institutional capacity is critical to the ability of Dairy Pakistan to lead development of the dairy industry as described in this paper. It must be recognized, however, that Dairy Pakistan can only build its resources at a rate consistent with available funding and with projects agreed to be supported by funding providers. It is the intention of Dairy Pakistan to utilize the greatest possible proportion of the available funding in its early years on actual development programs rather than on its own structure.

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  • Carbohydrates are sugars and starches derived from cereals, tubers, roots, and other substances such as cellulose and lignin from plant cell walls, vessels and woody tissues. Carbohydrates do mainly provide energy for maintenance and production. A surplus of energy is stored as body fat. A part of the carbohydrates is crude fibre (CF), the remaining is nitrogen-free extract (NFE). The latter consists of sugars, starches and sugar-like substances. Sugars and starches are much easier to digest than CF.

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  • The definition from the Toulouse Conference in 1991 reads that, «Media edu- cation is an educational process / practice that seeks to enable members of a community creatively and critically to participate (at all levels of production, distribution and exhibition) in the use of the technological and traditional media for the development and liberation of themselves and the community, as well as for the democratization of communication».

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  • The process of survey development forces the board to think through and specify criteria for evaluation, which the executive director can also see. Surveys can repeat certain long-term questions annually, enabling the board and executive to monitor changes over time. The survey assessment approach can also be helpful when an or- ganization has not previously conducted an assessment and the board feels it needs the perceptions of others beyond the board.

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  • WBTi is a monitoring and evaluation tool initiated in Asia which uses the methodology and philosophy of Global Participatory Action Research (GLOPAR)1993 developed by the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) to track targets set by the Innocenti Declaration of 1990. WBTi has also adopted the WHO (2003) monitoring and evaluation tool on Infant and Young Child Feeding for assessing national practices, policies and programmes.

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  • Community management of patients with organic brain damage can be difficult. They often do not attend appointments. The community nursing team may be able to offer advice and support to the patient. A community care assessment by the social work department may be needed. If drinking continues to be problematic, sometimes patients will agree to an arrangement with their family or their social worker such that, at any one time, they only have access to small amounts of their money.

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  • The Malouf Report provided much of the guidance for our existing management approach, for example, the ban on the commercial hunt of whitecoats (harp seals) and bluebacks (hooded seals) and on the use of large vessels more than 65 feet long. The commercial hunt is now carried out largely from inshore boats owned and operated by coastal residents. With a plentiful and sustainable seal resource hunted well below its TAC for many years, DFO has concentrated on improving and enforcing hunting practices and regulatory and licensing requirements.

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  • Published results from the UKPDS were included in this review if they specifically reported results on the relationship between HbA1c and microvascular and/or macrovascular complications. One prospective observational study28 was identified which analysed the UKPDS glucose control results in terms of both macrovascular and microvascular complications. A meta-analysis29 was also identified which assessed the association between glycosylated haemoglobin and cardiovascular (CV) disease in people with diabetes. This included an analysis of 10 studies specifically of people with Type 2 diabetes.

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  • An examination of their contents shows them to be equally foreign to present day ideas as to the desirable characteristics for children's literature.

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  • Distribution Services. Paramount is responsible for the worldwide distribution in the media mentioned above of all of our animated feature films, but may engage one or more sub-distributors and service providers in those territories and media in which Paramount subdistributes all or substantially all of its motion pictures, subject to our prior written approval. Our grant of distribution rights to Paramount is expressly subject to certain existing subdistribution and license agreements previously entered into by Old DreamWorks Studios.

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  • A warranty is a promise in a contract. It is a written guarantee that the subject of the agreement is as represented. As a designer, you might warrant that your work is free from defective workmanship or that it is original and does not infringe the intellectual property of others. If some portion of the work turns out to be defective (for example, a problem with some line of custom computer code in an interactive project) then it is your responsibility to repair or replace it. Legal issues related to originality can be a bit more challenging. You can only...

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  • Laying birds require at least 14 to 16 hours of light each day for maximum year round production. Decreasing the light will stop egg production. Light must be added before sunrise and after sunset during the fall and winter, but be sure to provide several hours of darkness so the birds can roost. Use an inexpensive automatic timer to turn lights on and off. For each 40 square feet of pen space, install one 25-watt bulb at ceiling height above the food and water area. For floor-reared layers, provide at least 6 inches of roost space per bird, using...

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  • Like with a leasing company, the capital for loans in a CFC is raised through a combination of debt and equity. USAID’s DCA program for commercial finance companies would face the same concerns as it might with leasing since the DCA does not provide capital for lending only guarantees. Where DCA might be helpful is in the conversion of a bank to a commercial finance corporation. DCA could be considered to issue a guarantee to private sector investors (local or international) who capitalize the CFC or use guarantees for loans as discussed under bank interventions. ...

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  • One difficulty in studying women-led startup companies is that a firm may have multiple founders or owners of both genders. Various research studies deal with the problem in different ways: They count women’s firms as those owned solely or ―primarily‖ by women; they break out the mixed-ownership firms separately (or exclude them); or, they track startup activity by individuals rather than by firms. The Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity (KIEA) tracks individuals, using data from the Current Population Survey of the U.S. Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. ...

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  • This report presents the results of this exercise: the first chapter reports the general analysis of the impact of the crisis and the appropriate policy responses, and the second chapter reviews current national responses. This report was prepared by Dominique Guellec and Sacha Wunsch-Vincent of the OECD Secretariat. It has benefitted from inputs, co-ordination and oversight by Jean Guinet, Dirk Pilat, Graham Vickery and Andrew Wyckoff (OECD).

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  • New Zealand’s economy-wide labour productivity level (GDP per hour worked) is below the OECD mean. New Zealand’s labour productivity growth rate was also below the OECD mean, but similar to Australia’s from the 1980s until the onset of the global fi nancial crisis. New Zealand and Australian statistical agencies report labour productivity across a narrower set of industries called the ‘measured sector’ of the economy. Under this narrower but more accurate measure, New Zealand’s average labour productivity growth has been a little higher than that of Australia’s since 1988.

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  • The Government of Indonesia announced the Master Plan for the Acceleration and Expansion of Indonesia’s Economic Development (MP3EI) in May 2011. The MP3EI reiterated the national government’s intention to use the public private partnership (PPP) model one of the key ways to finance Indonesia’s economic development. Prior to this, the use of PPPs gained momentum at the start of the National Medium Term Development Plan (RPJPM) 20102014 as PPP was expected to fill the financing gap for the infrastructure plans contained within this blueprint.

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