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  • Để ổn định độ tương phản của hình, giảm ảnh hưởng của hình biến đổi theo cường độ sóng thu của hiện tượng Ant (hiện tượng FADING) nhà thiết kế dùng mạch tự động điều chỉnh độ lợi AGC. Mạch đo biên độ tín hiệu hình và qua đó điều chỉnh lại độ lợi của các tầng khuếch đại trung tần hay cao tần. Để tăng hiệu quả trong TV transistor, thường dùng kỹ thuật AGC khóa để giảm sự gây rối của các nhiẽu biên độ cao trong tín hiệu hình.....

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  • Compilation of all Java™ source files is no longer the only step necessary to build many Java-based projects. For the typical HelloWorld program, book examples, and simple applets, source file compilation is sufficient. Complex Java-based projects, like web applications or Swing-based programs (such as JBuilder), require much more. Up-to-date sources must be retrieved from source control. Dependencies not automatically handled by the Java compiler need to be managed. Various classes must be bundled and delivered to multiple locations, sometimes as JAR or WAR files.

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  • This book contains 20 chapters about the impact, environmental fate, modes of action, efficacy, and non-target effects of insecticides. The chapters are divided into 7 parts. Part 1 covers the non-target effects of insecticides, whereas part 2 is dedicated to integrated methods for pest control, in which insecticides are an important element for diminishing the populations of insect pests.

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  • Capacity assessment was made based on the control (1) the quality of TOT training, (2) objective assessment of the competence of 56 children was a lecturer other 56 children, (3) evaluation of the TOT trainers conduct FFS in different environment, and (4) evaluate the adoption of the farmers of the project interventions. To improve training quality TOT, 14 experts in many different aspects of integrated this innovative technology in Australia and Vietnam were invited to the TOT master trainers....

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  • Project management software is not for the creative mind that thinks big ideas but dismisses minutiae. The kind of individual who uses it best is one who can break big ideas into ordered, finite steps. This is a skill that is not easy to learn and may be beyond some PR practitioners. For those engaged in repeated activities, project management software allows one to systematize procedures and better control costs.

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  • Inhibition of the mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator (ANT) by long-chain acyl-CoA esters has been proposed to contribute to cellular dys-function in obesity and type 2 diabetes by increasing formation of reactive oxygen species and adenosine via effects on the coenzyme Q redox state, mitochondrial membrane potential (Dw) and cytosolic ATP concentrations.

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  • Members of the serine protease inhibitor (serpin) superfamily play import-ant roles in the inhibition of serine proteases involved in complex systems. This is evident in the regulation of coagulation serine proteases, especially the central enzyme in this system, thrombin. This review focuses on three serpins which are known to be key players in the regulation of thrombin: antithrombin and heparin cofactor II, which inhibit thrombin in its pro-coagulant role, and protein C inhibitor, which primarily inhibits the throm-bin⁄thrombomodulin complex, where thrombin plays an anticoagulant role.

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  • The goal of the SaaS provider is the most profitable; the user’s goal is to meet requirements as quickly as possible but still within budget and deadline. In this paper, a heuristic ACO (Ant Colony Optimization) is used to propose an algorithm to admission control, then building a scheduling algorithm based on the overlapping time between requests.

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  • Have you got the time to read 10 or more books and articles to add value prior to the interview? This book has been written mainly from the perspective of Java/J2EE job seekers and interviewers. There are numerous books and articles on the market covering specific topics like Java, J2EE, EJB, Design Patterns, ANT, CVS, Multi-Threading, Servlets, JSP, emerging technologies like AOP (Aspect Oriented Programming), Test Driven Development (TDD), Dependency Injection Dl (aka IoC – Inversion of Control) etc.

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  • In addition to emphasizing long-horizon expected returns, the approach taken here differs from previous treatments in that it uses ex ante estimates of expected returns, rather than ex post actual returns. Expected returns are estimated by incorporating corporate cash flow projections into an expanded version of the Campbell and Shiller (1988, 1989) dividend-price ratio model, in which the log of the price-earnings ratio is a linear function of required future returns, expected earnings growth rates, and expected dividend payout rates.

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  • The two study areas are inhabited by people of mixed cultural background and the languages are predomin- antly Ijebu/Yorubas. They are also inhabited by Olabisi Onabanjo University students and workers including lec- turers and other non-teaching staff. The people are mostly farmers planting cocoa, cassava, kolanuts, and so on, while some are engaged in small-scale businesses. The local government headquarters are in Ijebu-Igbo at Oke-Sopen.

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