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  • Lecture FinTech - Chapter 12: Decentralized finance, after studying this section will help you understand: understanding applications of blockchain (revisited) assignment review — the dao attacked discussion on the dao attack...

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  • Lecture FinTech - Chapter 13: Cyber physical society and future of finances, after studying this section will help you understand: Smart contract programming demo, understanding applications of blockchain, discussion on the dao attack...

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  • This research applied aspect orientation and informative multidimensional layering to present a better features model for mobile personal finance application. In addressing the gap, this research proposes a clearer operation of three-dimensional models, functional data, and aspect elements that cut across through informative multidimensional layering.

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  • Accountants and auditors are responsible for preparing and examining the financial records of companies. With the trend of developing machine, there is software that has automated many accounting procedures such as recording, posting, analyzing, preparing report, tax and audit process. This paper introduces the present situation of the application of artificial intelligence in the field of accounting and audit services. After that, it provides some suggestions for accounting and auditing fields in the context of Vietnam.

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  • The research also indicates that although information released by financial statement based on fair value is useful for investors’ decision making, it is not the only source of helpful information. Also, it is stated that information accuracy and financial market typical features are the two major difficulties in the application of fair value accounting into Vietnam context.

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  • The study investigated a number of benefits, such as reducing processing time, decreasing operation cost, improving efficiency of human resource, high confidential and accurate information, optimizing the utility of other IT application. However, there are also internal and external factors that have hindered the implementation of e-invoice. Some suggestions to overcome these obstacles were presented in this paper.

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  • The results showed that, basically, the knowledge and skills of the accounting students of the ULSA are at the level of applicability. However, they need to acquire additional knowledge to catch up with international standards such as preparing and presenting international financial statements, professional ethics, social responsibilities. Additional skills need to be acquired by students to adapt with globalization are respecting others’ cultures, adaptability in multicultural environment, independent and professional working style.

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  • Applying Roger's Theory of Diffusion Innovation (1962) and Davis's Model of Technology Acceptance (1986), this study examines the factors that influence the decision-making of the enterprises in application of balanced scorecard in Vietnamese hospitality firms. An analysis of the 315 hotel managers indicates that managers' perceptions of usefulness and ability to acquire new knowledge significantly influence the decision to use the balanced scorecard in Vietnamese hospitality firms.

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  • This work is about to provide various parties as policy makers and business managers with a conceptual framework, as a foundation, that can help them in designing and implementing accounting system(s) that can best report and disclose the environmentally-related information within the corporate-wide reporting system. Exercising environmental accounting at corporate level has confronted policy makers and company managers with challenges.

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  • In Vietnam, the study and application of performance measurement (PM) of construction project is still in the initial stage especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These enterprises have adopted traditional PM that focuses solely on financial performance measures (PMs). Whereas, financial PMs are no longer adequate to evaluate organisations’ performance in today’s rapid changing business environment.

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  • Blockchain technology has been applied widely in many countries in different fields such as banking, finance, insurance, health, production, retailing... However, the application of this technology in education seems to be still limited, especially in Vietnam. This paper will introduce an overview of blockchain technology as well as propose some recommendations on the potential of applying this technology to support management activities at universities in Vietnam. Finally, the advantages and disadvantages of deploying blockchain technology at universities in Vietnam will also be mentioned.

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 9: Mobile Computing and Commerce and Pervasive learning objectives: Describe the mobile computing environment that supports m-commerce (devices, software, services). Describe the four major types of wireless telecommunications networks. Define mobile commerce and understand its relationship to e-commerce. Discuss the value-added attributes, benefits, and fundamental drivers of m-commerce. Discuss m-commerce applications in finance, shopping, advertising, and provision of content. Describe the application of m-commerce within organizations.

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  • This article is based on a study examining the implementation of the CGSs in Indonesia and Vietnam. It shows that critical factors for successful CGSs are including dissemination of the scheme to have a widely coverage of MSMEs, simple application procedure, incentives mechanism for channeling banks and guaranteed borrowers ...

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  • The purpose of this paper is to explore the causes of financing difficulties of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Asian context. Recent literature suggests that lack of capital is the most severe constraint for SMEs’ survival and growth. Financing remains a critical constraint for several reasons. Information asymmetry between banks and SMEs retards the loans applications and underdeveloped equity markets deny SMEs future growth opportunities.

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  • Such a disruptive technology as the blockchain platform has a potential to provide value-added contributions towards multiple-disciplinary applications these days. Blockchain technology, considered as the second generation of the Internet in the digital age, has been applied in practice for various industry such as finance, healthcare, tourism, retailing, manufacturing, education, public sector, supply chains management, agri-food industry and so on. In which, supply chain operations, particularly agri-food management, becomes a prosperous beneficiary from blockchain technology.

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  • In this paper, first, the two cultures are briefly surveyed. Second, basic ideas of integration techniques are discussed together with supporting programming languages. Third, some exemplary implementations of integration with concrete applications are presented. Finally, certain recent relevant work in business and finance are introduced.

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  • The paper discusses the application of constructivism to teaching interpreting to senior students of Business English at the University of Finance-Marketing’s Foreign Language Department. In fact, the author depicts the classroom model, in which the constructivist approach in combination with cooperative learning is adopted in two empirical courses.

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  • After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: Identify the following cross-functional enterprise systems, and give examples of how they can provide significant business value to a company; give examples of how Internet and other information technologies support business processes within the business functions of: Accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, production, operations management;...

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  • After you have mastered the material in this chapter, you will be able to: Identify the following cross-functional enterprise systems, and give examples of how they can provide significant business value to a company; give examples of how Internet and other information technologies support business processes within the business functions of: Accounting, finance, human resource management, marketing, production, operations management;...

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  • The study analyizes practical experience of funding sources of public universities in Vietnam, appraises structure of funding sources applied in autonomized Vietnam public universities; reviews funding experiences of public universities in other countries.

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