Applying datatypes

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  • Contents Introduction Acknowledgments About the Authors Part One Getting Started Chapter 1 Elementary XML Schema Chapter 2 XSD Elements Chapter 3 Adding Attributes Part Two Going Beyond DTDs Chapter 4 Applying Datatypes Chapter 5 Data Facets Chapter 6 More about Data Facets Chapter 7 Grouping Elements and Attributes Chapter 8 Deriving Types

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  • Microsoft SQL Server implements extensive support for location-based data. Pro Spatial with SQL Server 2012 introduces SQL Server’s spatial feature set, and covers everything you'll need to know to store, manipulate, and analyze information about the physical location of objects in space. You’ll learn about the geography and geometry datatypes, and how to apply them in practical situations involving the spatial relationships of people, places, and things on Earth.

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  • This guide describes database features that support applications using Large Object (LOB) datatypes. The information in this guide applies to all platforms and does not include system-specific information. Oracle Database Application Developer's Guide - Large Objects contains information that describes the features and functionality of Oracle Database 10g.The database includes all of the resources you need to use LOBs in your application; however, there are some restrictions on how you can use LOBs as described in the following:...

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