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  • Dick Penrun glanced up incredulously. "Why, that's impossible; you would have to be two hundred years old!" he exclaimed. Lozzo nervously ran a hand through his white mop of hair. "But it is true, Sirro," he assured his companion. "We Martians sometimes live three centuries. You should know that I am only a hundred and seventy-five, and I do not lie when I say I was a cabin boy under Captain Halkon." His voice sank to a whisper, and he glanced apprehensively about the buffet of the Western Star which was due now in three days at the Martian city...

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  • AYOUNG and very beautiful girl with golden blond hair and smooth skin the color of creamed sweet potatoes floated in the middle of the windowless metal room into which Wayne Brighton drifted. The girl was not exactly naked, but her few filmy clothes concealed nothing. Wayne cleared his throat, his apprehension changing rapidly to confusion. "You are going to reduce me?" he asked. "The word is seduce, mister," the girl said. "They told me reduce, too, but they don't talk real good, and I think I'm supposed to seduce you so you'll tell 'em something, and then they'll let me...

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  • To be qualified for a post: Có đủ tư cách để nhận một chức vụ • To be qualified for a post: Có đủ tư cách để nhận một chức vụ • To be quarrelsome in one's cup: Rượu vào là gây gỗ • To be quartered with sb: ở trọ nhà ngời nào • To be queer: Bị ốm • To be quick at accounts: Tính lẹ • To be quick of apprehension: Tiếp thu nhanh • To be quick of hearing, to have a keen sense of hearing: Sáng tai, thính tai • To be quick on one's pin:...

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  • Đề 18 Chọn từ có trọng âm nhấn vào âm tiết ở vị trí khác: 1. A. private B. belong C. indeed D. emit 2. A. property B. nitrogen C. surgery D. furthermore 3. A. solidify B. miraculous C. intimacy D. appropriate 4. A. apprehension

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  • To better understand how writing and speaking are used in the various majors, I have talked with Chairs; visited classes, observing speeches and presentations; and solicited and read written work from across the campus. Initial concerns/apprehension about WI and SI courses that I encountered have diminished, as faculty have seen, I believe, that CAC wants to help departments to identify and develop relevant, discipline-specific courses (rather than forcing them to teach generic, and ineffective, writing and speaking exercises)....

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  • Point of view shots allow us to experience the emotions of the lead character, her anxiety and apprehension as she goes to meet the imprisoned serial killer, Hannibal Lecter, for the first time. Director Jonathan Demme discusses this scene and the influence of Alfred Hitchcock on the Silence of the Lambs in his interview with Mark Cousins as part of the BBC’s Face to Face series. This scene is also an example of how the continuity style employs over-the shoulder dialogue. In the classic continuity scene, the dialogue begins with a two-shot of the participants in the scene.

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  • Agitation (dễ cáu gắt) is an unpleasant state of extreme arousal, increased tension, and irritability anxiety (lo lắng) Fear or apprehension or dread of impending danger and accompanied by restlessness, tension, tachycardia, and dyspnea unattached to a clearly identifiable stimulus.

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  • Adam wasn’t hungry and was apprehensive about the potential consequences of eating the forbidden fruit. He was, however, convinced the plant material could provide benefits beyond its nutritional value. On the one hand, God told him that its consumption would be fatal, while the serpent contended the plant would impart new knowledge. Both were right. After eating the fruit Adam lost his home and immortality, and was made aware of the concepts of good and evil. He would need this new knowledge to survive in the world outside of Eden....

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  • On-line privacy has emerged as one of the key—and most contentious—issues surrounding the continued evolution of the Internet. The World Wide Web requires the collection of certain data from individuals who visit web sites—such as Internet address—in order for the site to operate properly. However, collection of even this most basic data can be controversial because of the public's apprehension about what information is collected and how it could be used.

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  • Professor Maspero does not need to be introduced to us. His name is well known in England and America as that of one of the chief masters of Egyptian science as well as of ancient Oriental history and archaeology. Alike as a philologist, a historian, and an archaeologist, he occupies a foremost place in the annals of modern knowledge and research.

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  • As a natural consequence of the issue of all this paper the coin was rapidly leaving the kingdom; this circumstance alarmed the managers of the bank; and as the circulation of banknotes had now become immense, the effects of a run were regarded with great apprehension.

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  • After being frequently urged to write upon this subject, and as often declining to do it, from apprehension of my own inability, I am at length compelled to take up the pen, however unqualified I may still feel myself for the task. The use of the Foxglove is getting abroad, and it is better the world should derive some instruction, however imperfect, from my experience, than that the lives of men should be hazarded by its unguarded exhibition, or that a medicine of so much efficacy should be condemned and rejected as dangerous and unmanageable.

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  • It is now over 40 years since Parliament agreed, with apprehension in some quarters, to the Wilson Government’s modernising proposal to establish a Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration, as the Ombudsman was rather off-puttingly called. The apprehension centred on a belief that this new office was a dangerous constitutional departure, which threatened to subvert the traditional role of Parliament and its Members in the redress of grievances.

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  • The hanging of several anarchists in 1887 as a consequence of the Haymarket bombing in Chicago caused many Americans to sympathize with the gibbeted radicals. Youths swathed in bright idealism, men and women rooted in equalitarian democracy, workers trusting in the rectitude of their government--all doubted the guilt of the condemned prisoners and were deeply perturbed by the egregious miscarriage of justice.

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  • When Edward Temple was about eight or nine years old he was afflicted with a disorder of the eyes. It was so severe, and his sight was naturally so delicate, that the surgeon felt some apprehensions lest the boy should become totally blind. He therefore gave strict directions to keep him in a darkened chamber, with a bandage over his eyes. Not a ray of the blessed light of heaven could be suffered to visit the poor lad. This was a sad thing for Edward. It was just the same as if there were to be no more sunshine, nor moonlight, nor glow of the...

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  • Those who have denied the reality of moral distinctions, may be ranked among the disingenuous disputants; nor is it conceivable, that any human creature could ever seriously believe, that all characters and actions were alike entitled to the affection and regard of everyone.

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  • The experimental studies of aesthetic reactions to works of art that were carried out in the early part of this century were concerned with the identification of "types of apperception", or "apprehension", and one of the earliest of these typologies was formulated by Binet (1903) in his Experimental Study o/Intelligence. Bullogh's (1921) review of this research shows that some of Britain's leading psychologists were actively involved in experimental aesthetics, and...

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  • However, police and jails would be unnecessary if such attitudes always prevailed. Rationality implied that some individuals become criminals be- cause of the financial rewards from crime compared to legal work, taking account of the likelihood of apprehension and conviction, and the severity of punishment.

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  • Chapter 54 - Medical assisting externship and preparing to find a position. After completing a medical assisting program, you may be excited and apprehensive about beginning your new career. In this chapter, you learn how to maximize your externship experience and gain the hands-on experience you need for securing a position in medical assisting.

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  • By inadvertently increasing the concentration of energy-trapping gases in the lower atmosphere, human actions have begun to amplify Earth’s natural green- house effect. The primary challenge facing the world community is to achieve sufficient reduction in greenhouse gas emissions so as to avoid dangerous inter- ference in the climate system. National governments, via the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC), are committed in principle to seeking this outcome.

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