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  • States seeking to operate a State-based Exchange or electing to participate in a State Partnership Exchange must submit a complete Exchange Blueprint no later than 30 business days prior to the required Approval date of January 1 (November 16, 2012 for plan year 2014). A State may submit its Declaration Letter at any time prior to this deadline.

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  • The engineering department staff is responsible for approving, publishing, and distributing the engineering procedure manuals and any subsequent revisions. The manual will be reviewed and updated annually or as required to maintain an effective engineering program. The manual is maintained on a controlled copy basis, with manual holders receiving copies of new or revised pages as they are issued and notices to remove deleted pages. Generally, only manuals that have identification numbers will be controlled and maintained.......

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  • Safety training will be presented by the Design-Builder’s Safety Manager. Safety training includes orientation training, daily “Short course” field toolbox meetings, a monthly “Stand down” safety meeting, and as-needed training such as railroad safety training. Design quality training is presented by the DQAM. There may be different versions: one for the management staff to understand the quality requirements of design; another is for design staff to develop a detailed understanding of the quality process.

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  • This document defines: a. the minimum requirements to be used for the development and manufacture of 406 MHz ship security alert system (SSAS) beacons, provided at section 2; and b. the policies, procedures and type approval test methods for obtaining Cospas- Sarsat type approval of 406 MHz SSAS beacons, provided at section 3

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  • In particular, the management is under an obligation to ensure the audit committee is kept properly informed, and should take the initiative in supplying information rather than waiting to be asked. The board should make it clear to all directors and staff that they must cooperate with the audit committee and provide it with any information it requires.

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  • This report has been reviewed in draft form by individuals chosen for their diverse perspectives and technical expertise, in accordance with procedures approved by the NRC’s Report Review Committee. The purpose of this independent review is to provide candid and critical comments that will assist the institution in making its published report as sound as possible and to ensure that the report meets institutional standards for objectivity, evidence, and responsiveness to the study charge.

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  • These guidelines are provided to help iOS Developer Program members correctly promote their aΣliation with the App Store on websites, advertising, and all other marketing communications. The guidelines include important information on using the App Store badges, best marketing practices related to the App Store, and details on the use of Apple product images. Important: Apple approval required All marketing or advertising materials in print or video format, or materials with high visibility in any format, must be submitted to and approved by Apple before publication or broadcast.

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  • Because this document is a benchmark, it does not cover the important requirements that cannot be benchmarked, such as requirements for integration with existing systems (agent vs. agent-less, transport mechanism, ports and protocols, interface with change control, usability of user interface, storage type, integration with physical security systems, etc.).

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  • The University of Kentucky uses an official seal only on formal documents, such and diplomas and commencement materials. The dates on the seal refer to the founding of the Agricultural and Mechanical College in 1865, the separation of the Agricultural and Mechanical College from Kentucky University in 1878, and the name change to the University of Kentucky in 1916. Approval for usage of the seal is required prior to usage. All requests for the seal should be directed to the Vice President for University Relations, the Executive Director of Public Relations or the Director of Marketing.

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  • VCA supports DfT Street Works Division in providing a certification service to local authorities who wish to implement bus lane and parking enforcement camera systems. In addition to statutory work VCA provides a range of Management System Certification (MSC) services to the automotive industry supporting the ongoing compliance to the Type Approval requirements and regulations.

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  • Ad Hoc Routing – Allows initiators and/or approvers to route documents on an as- needed basis to any other user in the system, either for approval or FYI. Ad hoc routing is used to acquire approvals not otherwise possible. Account Manager Routing – The system automatically routes most documents to the account manager for each account cited in the document. The exceptions are below. Review Hierarchy Routing – Allows additional approvals to be required at the organizational level, after account manager routing. This could be used to route...

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  • The DaFIS Approval Authorization form allows department heads to delegate approvals for their organization to a DaFIS Account Manager (or delegate), authorizing that individual to approve some or all of the department’s financial business directly in DaFIS. This delegation is not required -- department heads may choose to retain some or all of their approval authority. However, all financial transactions must be entered and approved in DaFIS.

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  • On February 27, 2001, the Securi- ties and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved amendments to National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. (NASD®) Rule 2520 relating to margin requirements for day traders (the “amendments”). 1 The amendments become effec- tive on September 28, 2001 and are substantially similar to amend- ments by the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to its margin rules. 2

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  • The work shall consist of furnishing and applying liquid asphalt to previously prepared and approved absorbent surfaces (subgrade, granular subbase or aggregate base course) immediately prior to placing superimposed construction in accordance with the Specification requirements. Prime Coat shall be applied to the full width indicated on the Drawings, or as required by field conditions. Such work shall be performed as specified herein or as directed by the Engineer.

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  • In November 2009, EIF issued a working paper on the European microfinance market. In this study, we found that there are wide spectra of final beneficiaries and intermediaries and concluded that there is no common microfinance business model in Europe. While our findings suggested that the microfinance market is immature and fragmented, they also pointed to its growing importance as a market segment with a potential to counter poverty and unemployment while fostering financial and social inclusion.

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  • Approved products on their own are not always enough for successful exporting. A good knowledge of the relevant standards and the special characteristics of the market for the application must be taken into account in addition to the approved products themselves. A check list may help to clarify important questions and take them into account at the quotation stage. After a system is completed, any special requirements that were not taken into account in the engineering stage may require a high level of cost and time for their implementation....

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  • If so, the development of a traffic management plan, application to your local government authority, local Police and/or Main Roads Department, approval and advertising may be essential well in advance of your event - at least three months prior to the event. Check with your local government authority for the requirements in your town. On lodgment of the information, Council officers will inspect the area for the proposed temporary street closure and advise the applicant if it is practical and safe to do so for the purpose of conducting the event. All costs...

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  • Some communities offer a “One Stop Shopping” concept for permitting. The person requesting a permit for an event completes applications at one place and the information is forwarded to the appropriate agencies for their approval. The person requesting the permit does not have to track down the appropriate agencies to make a request. This concept also ensures that all required agencies are notified and considerations are made before the permit is issued.

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  • The intent of the Preliminary Design submittal is to provide a formal opportunity for WSDOT, the Contractor, various design team disciplines, and other approved project stakeholders to review the construction documents in order to ensure that: the design is progressing appropriately and proceeding in the right direction; the plans reflect Contractor requirements for construction; design features are coordinated; and there are no fatal flaws within a given discipline or between disciplines.

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  • The Dissertation Committee for Richard Jefferson Webb Certifies that this is the approved version of the following dissertation: Total Quality Management: An Organizational Communication Analysis Committee: __________________________ Larry D. Browning, Supervisor __________________________ Craig R. Scott __________________________ Dawna I. Ballard __________________________ Patricia D. Witherspoon __________________________ Sim B. Sitkin .Total Quality Management: An Organizational Communication Analysis by Richard Jefferson Webb, B.A., M.A.

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