Aquaculture engineering

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  • Published in Phnom Penh in October 2002 by the. Mekong River Commission ... This paper was compiled by M.J. Phillips, with contributions from those listed in the .Thailand is blessed with an abundance of marine and freshwater resources. in 2002 it ranked in the top-ten fishing nations of the world. Thailand is also recognised for the advances it has made in developing its aquaculture sector. Capture...

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  • Myanmar was hit by Cyclone Nargis in May 2008 with winds of 190km/hour and an enormous sea surge. It destroyed houses and even whole villages and caused massive fl ooding with an offi cially estimated death toll of 140,000 people and the livelihoods of 2.4 million people seriously affected. I outlined issues relating to small-scale aquaculture in articles in previous columns (‘Myanmar revisited’ in the January-March 2009 issue and ‘Small-scale aquaculture in the Ayeyarwady Delta’ in the April-June 2009 issue).

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  • Bivalve culture such as clam production is a promising activity as it is more profitable despite a low production rate. However, clam culture has the disadvantage of mainly relying on capture of seed source from the wild. At the same time, due to disease outbreak in the prawn farming sector as a consequence of water deterioration, there has been an overall reduction in aquaculture production. Clam is recognized as a water cleaning machine(filter feeder), thus water quality will be improved if clam can be incorporated into the shrimp farming system.

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  • The Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB) provided daily data on air pollution levels collected at the nine monitoring stations located throughout the city. Six of these monitors have been in operation since 1987 and are operated directly by the CPCB. The other three monitors, added to the monitoring network in 1990, are operated on behalf of the CPCB by the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI).

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  • Technically speaking, a database is really the collection of related data and the relation- ships supporting the data. The database software—a.k.a the database management system (DBMS)—is the software, such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, and DB2, that is used to store that data. A database engine, in turn, is a process instance of the software accessing your database. Finally, the database server is the computer on which the database engine is running. In the industry, this distinction is often understood from context.

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  • Visual Basic is a fairly easy programming language to learn and it is for anybody who is interested in programming but lack professional training in software engineering. Learning VB will help young children to improve their logical thinking skills and develop their minds. You can choose to program in VB purely for fun and enjoyment or you can create more advanced applications such as educational courseware and commercial software.

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