Arabic characters

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  • This book presents advances in character recognition, and it consists of 12 chapters that cover wide range of topics on different aspects of character recognition. Hopefully, this book will serve as a reference source for academic research, for professionals working in the character recognition field and for all interested in the subject.

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  • Arabic language is a morphologically complex language. Affixes and clitics are regularly attached to stems which make direct comparison between words not practical. In this paper we propose a new automatic headline generation technique that utilizes character cross-correlation to extract best headlines and to overcome the Arabic language complex morphology

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  • Due to Arabic’s morphological complexity, Arabic retrieval benefits greatly from morphological analysis – particularly stemming. However, the best known stemming does not handle linguistic phenomena such as broken plurals and malformed stems. In this paper we propose a model of character-level morphological transformation that is trained using Wikipedia hypertext to page title links.

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