Aromatic amide

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  • Single crystal X-ray crystallography is the most common and easily accessible way to determine the molecular structure of any crystalline material. This method provides two kinds of information which are needed for understanding both single molecule properties and bulk material properties: 1. Molecular Structure - Single Molecules: Unambiguous and three-dimensional information about the structure of the molecular entities.

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  • Synthesis of cyclic amide corrosion inhibitors based on C8-C18 fatty acids from Vietnam crude oil is researched. Amides used for this proces are aromatic amides and saturated cyclic amides, namely aniline, antranilic acid, diphenylamine, 1-naphtylamine and xyclohexylamine.

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  • Compared with hydrophilic drugs not undergoing transport, lipophilic drugs are more rapidly taken up from the blood into hepatocytes and more readily gain access to mixed-function oxidases embedded in sER membranes. For instance, a drug having lipophilicity by virtue of an aromatic substituent (phenyl ring) (B) can be hydroxylated and, thus, become more hydrophilic (Phase I reaction, p. 34). Besides oxidases, sER also contains reductases and glucuronyl transferases. The latter conjugate glucuronic acid with hydroxyl, carboxyl, amine, and amide groups (p.

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