Arrest algorithm

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  • Given the complexity of critical care practice today, it’s impossible for even experienced clinicians to remember all the information required to give safe and effective care to critically ill patients. Clinicians frequently need to use a variety of clinical resources to verify drug information, normal laboratory and physiologic values, ECG and hemodynamic monitoring information, emergency algorithms, and other essential facts of patient management.

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  • The SFI market was born in discussions at the Santa Fe Institute in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. It originated as a desire of Brian Arthur and John Holland to build a financial market with an ecology of trading strategies. Successful strategies would persist and replicate, and weak strategies would go away, creating potential niches for the entry of new strategies. The market was to be a continually coevolving soup of strategies. At the foundation of this was a desire to not preload much into the system, and to let evolution do most of the work.

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  • We describe an unsupervised system for learning narrative schemas, coherent sequences or sets of events (arrested(POLICE , SUSPECT), convicted( JUDGE , SUSPECT )) whose arguments are filled with participant semantic roles defined over words (J UDGE = {judge, jury, court}, P OLICE = {police, agent, authorities}). Unlike most previous work in event structure or semantic role learning, our system does not use supervised techniques, hand-built knowledge, or predefined classes of events or roles.

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