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  • The bayside suburb of St Kilda has long been seen as Melbourne’s seedy underbelly, the equivalent of Sydney’s King’s Cross, London’s Soho, or New York’s Times Square. But as with most of those locations, a decade or two of gentrification has dimmed the red lights somewhat; these days, the only remaining street walkers left in St Kilda are likely to survive not so much because of the blind eye turned by the local vice squad, but due to the National Trust giving the hookers a heritage listing.

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  • White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike. Red-necked Phalarope. Forty-spotted Pardalote. There, now that the non-birdwatchers have lost interest and have skipped to the first page containing a description of an outback sunset, I can have a little chat. This is the story of my quest to break the Australian birdwatching record and as such is concerned primarily with birds. In order to keep the dude non-birdwatching readers interested, however, occasionally I have had to divert from a purely birding focus.

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  • When did humans appear? What is it that makes us different from the rest of the animals? In what way did language develop? Why is it so important to have deciphered the sequence of the human genome? This book offers answers to these and many other questions about the mysteries and marvels of human evolution. Scientists maintain that modern humans originated in Africa because that is where they have found the oldest bones.

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