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  • Its has been four years since I first publish the page and there has been an enourmous amount of support given to me for my crusade of giving away free drawing lessons .So for all those people who belived in the Lair.... Thanks dudes !!!!!. I hope that this new update will be the beginning of a new era for the Lairman and his Lair. For beginning our manga classes all we need is a couple of pencils ( HB,2B ) a bunch of bond paper (newspaper is also good and cheaper or you can use any other) , a good...

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  • A De-motivating Experience (Sara’s loving of art in the class with Ms. Cumming on seventh grade and up setting with The head of art department by little regarding to Sara’s love of art) The Decline and Death of Motivation on the job Concentrate on assessment people and lose the sight of their effort. It may completely cut off opportunities for improvement. Performance Review can be De- motivating Simply grade employees’ performance. Focus on pay raise rather than employee’s abilities. One way lecture ...

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Dictionary of computer and internet terms" introduced to readers of words, phrases, terminology Expertise in the fields of information technology, computer and internet terms from A to rhyme rhyme L. offers your reference.

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  • (BQ) Following the contents of the first book "Dictionary of computer and internet terms", section 2 introduces the reader to the words, phrases, terminology Expertise in the fields of information technology, computer and internet terms from rhyme M. Invite you to refer to the disclosures.

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  • Significant development always builds from existing assets and points of strength. Accordingly, not all economically distressed places are positioned to utilize arts and cultural activities as a major development strategy at either the regional or neighborhood level. Additionally, no economic or community development strategy should be viewed as a quick-fix to complex social and economic problems.

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  • While the basics of HTTP are elegantly simple, the protocol's advanced features are notoriously confusing, because they knit together complex technologies and terminology from many disciplines. This book clearly explains HTTP and these interrelated core technologies, in twenty-one logically organized chapters, backed up by hundreds of detailed illustrations and examples, and convenient reference appendices. HTTP: The Definitive Guide explains everything people need to use HTTP efficiently -- including the "black arts" and "tricks of the trade" -- in a concise and readable manner....

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  • The book titled “Corrosion Resistance” has a significant meaning because the terminology “Corrosion Resistance” is one of the most important indications of materials under corrosion study and characterization. The book has covered the state-of-the-art technologies, development, and research progress of corrosion studies in a wide range of research and application fields. The authors have contributed their chapters, each on their special field, on corrosion characterization and corrosion resistance....

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  • The philosophy of art tends towards analysing the relations between art and such matters as the True and the Good, matters which are beyond the formal qualities of works of art. It is perhaps worth emphasizing that practices similar to those of Western art criticism and philosophy are to be found in other cultures. These practices are worthy of study in their own right. According to the terminology adopted in this essay, however, they are not the aesthetics of a society, but its art criticism or its philosophy. ...

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