Articulated robot

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  • Một số loại robot Scara của các hãng sản xuất Robot Scara là một trong những robot phổ biến nhất trong công nghiệp. Chuyển động của robot này rất đơn giản nhưng lại phù hợp với các dây chuyền và ứng dụng hữu hiệu trong nhiệm vụ nhặt và đặt sản phẩm. Robot Scara (Selectively Compliant Articulated Robot Arm) có nghĩa là tay máy lắp ráp chọn lọc. Cấu trúc động học loại tay máy này thuộc hệ phỏng sinh, có các trục quay, các khớp đều là thẳng đứng.

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  • The mechatronic servo system is the major theme studied in this book. In particular, the servo system adopted in an electric servo motor is explained in this chapter. Several items of its utilization from the development stage to the present as well as its performances. The so-called mechanism machine (called as mechatronic servo system at the following), i.e.

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  • The development of a humanoid robot in the collaborative research centre 588 has the objective of creating a machine that closely cooperates with humans. The collaborative research centre 588 (SFB588) “Humanoid Robots – learning and cooperating multi-modal robots” was established by the German Research Foundation (DFG) in Karlsruhe in May 2000.

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  • Magnenat Thalmann and Thalmann [1991] propose a new classification of computer animation scenes involving synthetic actors both according to the method of controlling motion and according to the kinds of interactions the actors have. A motion control method specifies how an actor is animated and may be characterized according to the type of information to which it is privileged in animating the synthetic actor. For example, in a keyframe system for an articulated body, the privileged information to be manipulated is joint angles.

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