Aspects of science communication

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  • This hands-on guide offers practical advice on all aspects of science communication. It features a tightly interwoven fabric of issues: product types, target groups, written communication, visual communication, validation processes, practices of efficient workflow, distribution, promotion, advertising, and much more. Extremely practical, the guide provides the necessary "shortcuts" to produce outreach products of high quality. All concepts are explained with simple terms and illustrative examples while check lists and short "to-the-point" overviews enable rapid progress and quick results.

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  • As rates of deforestation and land degradation, and losses of biodiversity and ecosystem services, continue to rise globally, the international community is faced with the challenge of finding land use interventions that can mitigate or reduce the impact of these environmental issues. Agroforestry, the integration of trees in farming systems, has the potential for providing rural livelihoods and habitats for species outside formally protected lands, connecting nature reserves, and alleviating resourceuse pressure on conservation areas.

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  • The OECD is developing a strategic response to the crisis focusing on two priority areas: finance, competition and governance; and restoring long-term growth. As part of this strategic response, the OECD Directorate for Science, Technology and Industry (DSTI) has analysed the likely impact of the downturn on the drivers of long term economic growth and the innovation-related items in policy responses of major countries.

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  • t he idea for a book on the ethical and metaphorical aspects of communicating the biosciences emerged from a chance encounter between three people in June 2006 at the Euroscience Open Forum in Munich. Rick Borchelt (Communications Director, Genetics and Public Policy Center, Berman Bioethics Institute, USA) gave a paper entitled ‘n arratives of humility’, inspired in part by a 2003 paper by Sheila Jasanoff on technologies of humility (reprinted in this volume).

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  • This paper measures and analyzes one Wi-Fi IC vendor’s alternatives by looking at the tactics within the enterprise’s organizational culture as well as operation management characteristics in the wireless networking communications industry.

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  • This book reviews a wide range of diverse topics related to the phenomenon of ferroelectricity (in the bulk as well as thin fi lm form) and provides a forum for scientists, engineers, and students working in this fi eld. It contains records of original research that provide or lead to fundamental principles in the science of ferroelectric materials.

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  • Since the discovery of carbon nanotubes about a decade and a half ago by Sumio Iijima, the scientific community involved in various aspects of research related to carbon nanotubes and related technologies has observed a steady progress of the science, as is typical for any new and novel material.

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  • The International Society of Gynecological Endocrinology is a non-profit organisation established in 1986 for the purpose of promoting science and research into all aspects of gynecological endocrinology and communication between scientists interested in these subjects. The Society operates through the monthly Journal of Gynecological Endocrinology, the monthly newsletter GynEndo News and the biannual World Congress, a major scientific event which allows a perfect integration of renowned faculty members with talented young scientists presenting innovative research.

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  • This book series was started in 1990 to promote research conducted under the auspices of the EC programmes’ Advanced Informatics in Medicine (AIM) and Biomedical and Health Research (BHR) bioengineering branch. A driving aspect of international health informatics is that telecommunication technology, rehabilitative technology, intelligent home technology and many other components are moving together and form one integrated world of information and communication media. The complete series has been accepted in Medline. Volumes from 2005 onwards are available online....

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  • Public health has been defined as the “science and art of prolonging life, preventing disease, and promoting health through organized efforts of society.” The geographical perspective is a key aspect of public health. Populations and communities are geographically distributed and communities tend to have their own defining characteristics.

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  • Over the decades, educating people about health has been an important strategy for preventing illness and injury. This approach has drawn heavily from the fields of public health, social science, communications, and education. Early experiments with education relied heavily on the delivery of information and facts. Gradually, educational approaches have turned more to skill development and to addressing all aspects of health, including physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being.

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  • This paper is based on the analysis of comparative statics for the benchmark year 2001. Our next task is to investigate the time profiles based on the dynamic simulation of the period, say, 2001-2025 by allowing for capital mobility, labor migration, productivity growth, etc., as well as by incorporating the aspect of common currency unit to make implications of the East Asian Community more comprehensive and definite as the economic and monetary union.

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  • This book is a result of contributions of experts from international scientific community working in different aspects of nanocomposite science and applications and reports on the state of the art research and development findings on nanocomposites through original and innovative research studies.

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  • Multimedia as we know it has gained tremendous importance over the last decade. It spans quite a few areas of computer science involving programming, algorithms, communication technology, various media of communications and so on. It has raised the quality of communication by adding more than one media of communication such as audio, video, text, graphics and animation. Its importance in terms of medical science, engineering, entertainment, education, distance learning, and to all aspects of life, cannot be overstated.

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  • This chapter presents aspects of the UK e-Science communities’ plans for generic Grid middleware. In particular, it derives from the discussions of the UK Architecture Task Force [1]. The UK e-Science Core Programme will focus on architecture and middleware development in order to contribute significantly to the emerging Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) [2]. This architecture views Grid technology as a generic integration mechanism assembled from Grid Services (GS), which are an extension of Web Services (WS) to comply with additional Grid requirements. ...

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  • The micro- and nano- transport of biomolecules is of interest to a wide range of scientific and engineering communities. Application areas include miniaturized technology that will support and advance key sectors, including healthcare, food provisioning, environment services, etc. This ebook is generally intended for undergraduate students from chemical, life and physical sciences wanting to find out about the basic properties of biomolecules and how they can be transported in liquids on the micro- to nano-scale.

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  • This book developed out of a course in laboratory informatics for residents in training in pathology and for fellows in the clinical laboratory sciences given over a period of years. The topics covered and the approach taken were strongly influenced by real-life experience. Pathology residents and clinical laboratory scientists, like the general population, vary greatly in familiarity with information issues in the laboratory and the computer system and infrastructure that supports an information system.

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  • Stochastic control plays an important role in many scientific and applied disciplines including communications, engineering, medicine, finance and many others. It is one of the effective methods being used to find optimal decision-making strategies in applications. The book provides a collection of outstanding investigations in various aspects of stochastic systems and their behavior. The book provides a self-contained treatment on practical aspects of stochastic modeling and calculus including applications drawn from engineering, statistics, and computer science....

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  • The temporal aspects of signaling are critical to the function of signals in communications, feedback regulation and control. The production and transduction of biological signals by enzymes comprises an area of central importance and rapid progress in the biomedical sciences.

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