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  • This report is intended as a review of the transport sector’s contribution to local and global air pollution, and presents strategic and tactical methods of combating the problem in an environment of sustainable development and economic growth. The report examines the origins of–and damages due to–air pollution from transport, assesses the underlying causes, surveys the principal strategic approaches that are being applied to the problem, and examines the various mechanisms of intervention available.

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  • The ASRM meeting produced evidence that the current oversight of ART could be improved by the addition of insurance coverage for infertility treatments. Such coverage could promote the most medically appropriate procedures and reduce the incidence of multiple births with their accompanying risks and costs. Insurance coverage for infertility could also strengthen existing oversight and quality controls by requiring adherence to ASRM guidelines or performance of ART procedures only at clinics subject to SART standards.

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  • Lean Thinking Brings Powerful Financial Incentives to Resource Conservation and Pollution Prevention Improvement. Pollution prevention adherents often advocate a “pollution prevention pays” theme to promote more sustainable production behavior. As well, pollution prevention guidance encourages facilities to examine the total costs of polluting behavior to ensure investment decisions are fairly and completely evaluated. This “Total Cost Assessment” approach, according to advocates, can produce a strong business case (e.g.

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  • These recommendations have been developed to assist health care professionals to educate women about oral health and to improve the overall health of women and children. These guidelines can be used by: 1) prenatal care providers to integrate oral health risk assessment and referral into routine prenatal care; 2) oral health professionals to provide appropriate treatment for pregnant women; 3) child health professionals to include oral health risk assessment as part of well-child care and to provide referral.

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  • The Department of Defense's (DOD) early implementation of its nationwide managed health care program, TRICARE, is progressing consistent with congressional and DOD goals despite initial problems with marketing, beneficiary education, and computer system compatibility. However, the success of DOD's current effirts to implement resource-sharing agreements and utilization management is critical to containing health care costs. DOD also needs to gather certain enrollment and performance data so that it and the Congress can assess TRICARE's success in the future....

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  • Inventory data on land acquisitions highlight the role of policies and domestic players, as well as the limited benefits attained to date.Data from offi- cial registries in 14 countries3 suggest that policies influence the size and nature of large-scale land transfers, whether by lease or by sale. In Tanzania, where land rights are firmly vested with villages, less than 50,000 ha were transferred to investors between January 2004 and June 2009. By contrast, over the same period in Mozambique, 2.7 million were transferred.

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  • The ultimate purpose of ecosystem capital accounts is to assess whether economic use of ecosystems results in an increase and/or improvement, a steady state, or a degradation of the natural assets which together are used as economic resources, consumed by the economy as free externalities, and/or directly supply a range of free services to individuals or humankind as a whole. As the measurement of ecosystem capital on the basis of private benefits is necessarily incomplete, it can be misleading.

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  • At first glance, the cinema would seem to be remote from the undercover world of the surreptitious observation of an unknowing and unwilling victim. What is seen of the screen is so manifestly shown. But the mass of mainstream film, and the conventions within which it has consciously evolved, portray a hermetically sealed world which unwinds magically, indifferent to the presence of the audience, producing for them a sense of separation and playing on their voyeuristic phantasy.

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  • There are no new taxes on small employers in the law. The health care law does not require any business to provide health insurance for their employees. However, starting in 2014, a large employer may have to pay an assessment if it does not offer affordable insurance and one of its employees gets tax credits to purchase insurance in the Exchange. These assessments do not apply to businesses with less than 50 employees.

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  • Even with the multitude of options for subscribing to podcasts, not everyone will choose to subscribe. The best way to ensure that as many casual visitors to your web site subscribe as possible is to make each episode downloadable and consumable right on your web site. Once a potential audience member visits an episode’s page, they should see immediately obvious ways to LISTEN NOW or WATCH NOW with nothing to install or subscribe to. Immediate gratification and fulfillment helps greatly to get someone to commit to being a subscriber.

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  • Research on forecasting is extensive and includes many studies that have tested alternative methods in order to determine which ones are most effective. We review this evidence in order to provide guidelines for forecasting for marketing. The coverage includes intentions, Delphi, role playing, conjoint analysis, judgmental bootstrapping, analogies, extrapolation, rule-based forecasting, expert systems, and econometric methods. We discuss research about which methods are most appropriate to forecast market size, actions of decision makers, market share, sales, and financial outcomes.

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  • The entire format, name, route and length of your event depends solely on what you want to achieve. You’re in charge of how complex or simple you want to make it. There are masses of different types of walking event, ranging from fun walks and sponsored charity walks, to courses with measured distances and long distance challenges. A promoted walking event can be very attractive to people who are unused to walking or to exploring the countryside, since they know they can’t get lost, they can go at their own pace, they may meet new friends, learn more...

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  • There are three differences between job-order and process costing. First, process costing is used when a company produces a continuous flow of units that are indistinguishable from one another. Job-order costing is used when a company produces many different jobs that have unique production requirements.

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  • The recent financial crisis exposed a number of weaknesses in the housing finance sector in the United States (U.S.). The resulting problems can be sourced to incentives guiding decisions in the funding and loan management chains, to incentives driving households’ repayment and default decisions under the personal bankruptcy framework, and to incentives for loan servicers and investors to choose foreclosure over loan modification.

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  • This project has demonstrated the current interest in assessing and distinguishing the impacts on biodiversity of climate change and atmospheric pollution. It is strongly recommended that this proposal is used as the basis to decide whether or not to pursue and implement the new network. It has provided recommendations and options for an implementation plan and estimated costs. It has also shown that it will be most important to establish the right organisational framework, obtain agreement between parties and sufficient funding.

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  • Of course, there are negative concerns as well. The most frequently mentioned is the fact that you are generally always working alone. Although you can often be more productive, for some, this isolation is too difficult to manage. Others find the lack of support staff to be daunting as they have to complete time-consuming tasks that in an office setting would be completed by others. A final challenge for home-based businesses is the difficulty some have in keeping their work and personal lives separate. Since the number of home-based businesses is growing...

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  • Official policies for SME development can be evaluated against their impact upon enterprise culture, start-up, survival and growth of SMEs, and stakeholder empathy. Each of these criteria feeds off the others. Enterprise culture will be strong where there are high rates of SME growth. Where SMEs are dominant features in the local and regional economic and social environment, stakeholders themselves will be influenced and will adjust their behaviour accordingly. This template of culture and business and stakeholder development may be used in very different country contexts.

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  • The results of this project illustrate substantial technical potential for cars environmental improvement. The existing and developing legislation was also considered to assess any possible untapped technical potential. The European policy (and also the national policy) is actually being considering the environmental impacts from cars over years and already addresses some of the important environmental aspects at different stages of the car life cycle (e.g. air pollution, CO2 emissions, end-of-life waste, batteries, etc.).

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  • America in modern times has generally enjoyed stronger job growth—prior to the recent recession—than have other advanced nations. Yet, confusion sets in when we try to pinpoint the source of this vitality, partly because we have tended to focus on ―where the jobs are‖ instead of how (and when) they are created and lost. Despite being few in number, large publicly traded firms employ the most people. These firms include major manufacturers, the established energy and IT companies, big financial firms and chain retailers, and more.

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  • Congress was an active participant in the policy responses to this crisis and has an ongoing interest in macroeconomic conditions. Current macroeconomic concerns include whether the economy is in a sustained recovery, rapidly reducing unemployment, speeding a return to normal output and employment growth, and addressing government’s long-term debt problem. In the typical post-war business cycle, lower than normal growth during the recession is quickly followed by a recovery period with above normal growth.

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