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  • This chapter includes contents: Algorithms and parameterization revisited, associative containers (map, set), standard algorithms (copy, sort, input iterators and output iterators,...), list of useful facilities (headers, algorithms, containers, function objects).

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  • This volume contains the papers prepared for the Sixth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, held 19-23 April 1993 in Utrecht. The Programme Committee received a large number of submissions (5 page extended abstracts) from all over the world. The general quality of the submissions was high. Out of a total of 229 submissions, 47 were accepted, including 7 reserve papers. Every abstract submitted was reviewed by one member of the Programme Committee and three referees (see pages v and vi). ...

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  • A good dictionary contains not only many entries and a lot of information concerning each one of them, but also adequate means to reveal the stored information. Information access depends crucially on the quality of the index. We will present here some ideas of how a dictionary could be enhanced to support a speaker/writer to find the word s/he is looking for. To this end we suggest to add to an existing electronic resource an index based on the notion of association.

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  • This volume contains texts of the papers presented at the Fourth Conference of the European Chapter of the Association for Computational Linguistics, reserve papers, and tutorial abstracts. Over 130 papers were submitted for the conference, and the overall standard was high: it was with regret and difficulty that the Programme Committee were able to accept only 45, even including parallel sessions and reserve papers. We are grateful to all those who submitted papers, to the Programme Committee and referees for reading them, and to all who worked hard on local arrangements. ...

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  • Chapter 20 present the STL – the containers and algorithms part of the C++ standard library. The STL is an extensible framework dealing with data in a C++ program. First, this chapter present the general ideal, then the fundamental concepts, and finally examples of containers and algorithms.

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  • On completion of this chapter students will know how to: Function templates; class templates; three types of sequences containers are vector, deque and list; basic components of STL are iterators, algorithms and containers; STL has both sequence and associative containers.

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  • Determination of periodontal diagnosis and the extent and severity of periodontal tissue damage through standard periodontal assessment has traditionally been based on an array of clinical measurements, including probing depth (PD), clinical attachment level (CAL), bleeding on probing (BOP), plaque index (PI) and radiographic findings.

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  • Before entering into any investment, the risk of that venture must be identified and quantified. The Handbook of Risk provides in-depth coverage of risk from every possible angle and illuminates the subject by covering the quantitative and and behavioral issues faced by investment professionals on a day-to-day basis. This valuable reference offers a prescriptive and descriptive treatment of risk management for those looking to control, contain, and minimize the risk of their investments.

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  • Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) are a family of chemical compounds which do not exist in nature but which are manmade. Commercial mixtures are clear, pale yellow liquids manufactured by the replacement of hydrogen atoms on the biphenyl molecule by chlorine. The reaction is controlled according to the percentage replacement of hydrogen and results in a product which contain chlorobiphenyls with one or, more usually, several chlorine atoms attached to each molecule.

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  • Medicine is an ever-changing science. As new research and clinical experience broaden our knowledge, changes in treatment and drug therapy are required. The au- thor and the publisher of this work have checked with sources believed to be reliable in their efforts to provide information that is complete and generally in accord with the standards accepted at the time of publication.

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  • The suggested guidelines in this manual have been developed from a number of sources, and most are applicable to a wide range of mass public gatherings. These sources focused on youth audiences attending large rock concerts and competitive sporting events because of the difficulties and major incidents historically associated with such events. Many of the guidelines derived from such experiences are applicable to a broad range of other events that present their own challenges. Certain types of events have an inherent capacity for special management problems.

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  • BÀI 11 – ASSOCIATIVE CONTAINER (CÁC BỘ LƯU TRỮ LIÊN KẾT) Bao gồm map (ánh xạ) multimap (đa ánh xạ) set (tập hợp) multiset (đa tập hợp) Sự khác nhau giữa các associative container và sequential container ở một điểm: -các sequential container lưu trữ các phần tử (gọi là các value) và các value này được truy xuất tuần tự theo vị trí của chúng trong bộ lưu trữ -các associative container lưu trữ các phần tử (gọi là các value) và các khóa (gọi là các key) ......

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  • The new toolkit focuses on relapse prevention, risks of secondhand smoke exposure and the health benefits of quitting smoking for mother and infant. It also emphasizes the potential and underlying issues related to relapse including postpartum depression, stress and miscarriage. An appendix for counselors to use as a reference tool during counseling sessions is also included in the toolkit.

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  • This is due to the fact that in green leaves, the chlorophylls and carotenoids have a broad absorption band in the 400-500 nm spectral region and blue light does not penetrate very deeply into the leaf tissue, and as a result the fluorescence associated to blue light excitation is mainly generated in the green mesophyll cells close to the leaf`s surface, therefore little absorption occurs.

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  • Convertible bonds can be difficult to value, given their hybrid nature of containing elements of both debt and equity. Further complications arise due to the frequent presence of additional options such as callability and puttability, and contractual complexities such as trigger prices and “soft call” provisions, in which the ability of the issuing firm to exercise its option to call is dependent upon the history of its stock price.

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  • The third section of the book reviews some of the major challenges in health systems. These include health resources, technology and management of medical devices. The role of private business in public health is also explored. The final section contains a variety of issues related to global health. This includes the rise of NCDs in low and middle income countries, neglected diseases related to poverty and health and longevity medicine. A chapter of alcoholism and mortality examines the effects of a public health system breakdown.

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  • The international Colloquium “Open Issues in Local Star Formation and Early Stellar Evolution” was held in Ouro Preto (Brazil) from April 05 to 10, 2003. The Colloquium took place in the “Parque Metal´urgico”, an old iron industry that has been transformed into a nice modern conference center. Ouro Preto is a 18th century colonial city that has been declared a Cultural Heritage of Mankind in 1980. It is situated in the hills of the State of Minas Gerais at about 100 km from Belo Horizonte....

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  • This paper brings these issues to a unique data set that contains the monthly returns of European-domiciled equity mutual fund managers over a 20-year period. Speci cally, we ask whether an investor can outperform when she has access to country-speci c managers across several developed European markets, and is allowed to rotate the portfolio allocation among the countries (and managers) as macroeconomic conditions in Europe evolve.

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  • In this chapter: • Container • Panel • Insets • Window • Frames • Dialogs • FileDialog 6 Containers This chapter covers a special type of Component called Container. A Container is a subclass of Component that can contain other components, including other containers. Container allows you to create groupings of objects on the screen. This chapter covers the methods in the Container class and its subclasses: Panel, Window, Frame, Dialog, and FileDialog. It also covers the Insets class, which provides an internal border area for the Container classes.

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  • The present book collects most of the courses and seminars delivered at the meeting entitled “ Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics and Geometry”, which took place at the Centre de Physique des Houches in the French Alps, March 9- 21, 2003. It is divided into two volumes. Volume I contains the contributions on three broad topics: Random matrices, Zeta functions and Dynamical systems. The present volume contains sixteen contributions on three themes: Conformal field theories for strings and branes, Discrete groups and automorphic forms and finally, Hopf algebras and renormalization....

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