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  • To the less narrowly technical reader, the development of the historical sense in one of the earlier culture peoples has an interest all its own. The historical writings of the Assyrians form one of the most important branches of their literature. Indeed, it may be claimed with much truth that it is the most characteristically Assyrian of them all. [Footnote: This study is a source investigation and not a bibliography. The only royal inscriptions studied in detail are those presenting source problems.

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  • As a result of researches in the field of Babylonian-Assyrian divination, now extending over a number of years[1], it may be definitely said that apart from the large class of miscellaneous omens[2], the Babylonians and Assyrians developed chiefly three methods of divination into more or less elaborate systems--divination through the inspection of the liver of a sacrificial animal or Hepatoscopy, through the observation of the movements in the heavens or Astrology, (chiefly directed to the moon and the planets but also to the sun and the prominent stars and constellations), and through...

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  • A Letter written by the Right Reverend Dr. FRANCIS ATTERBURY, late Lord Bishop of Rochester, to M. ROLLIN, in commendation of this Work. Reverende atque Eruditissime Vir, Cum, monente amico quodam, qui juxta ædes tuas habitat, scirem te Parisios revertisse; statui salutatum te ire, ut primùm per valetudinem liceret. Id officii, ex pedum infirmitate aliquandiu dilatum, cùm tandem me impleturum sperarem, frustrà fui; domi non eras.

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  • The social institutions, manners, and customs of an ancient people must always be of deep interest for all those to whom nothing is indifferent that is human. But even for modern thinkers, engrossed in the practical problems of our advanced civilization, the records of antiquity have a direct value. We are better able to deal with the complicated questions of the day if we are acquainted with the simpler issues of the past. We may not set them aside as too remote to have any influence upon us. Not long ago men looked to Greece and Rome for political models. We can hardly estimate the...

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  • Semitic studies, both linguistically and archæologically, have advanced by rapid strides during the last two decades. Fresh light has fallen upon the literary, scientific, theological, mercantile, and other achievements of this great branch of the human family. What these peoples thought and achieved has a very direct bearing upon some of the problems that lie nearest to the hearts of a large portion of the intelligent peoples of Christendom to-day. Classical studies no longer enjoy a monopoly of attention in the curricula of our colleges and universities.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'beacon lights of history vol 3', khoa học xã hội, lịch sử văn hoá phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • In preparing a new edition of Dr. Lord's great work, the "Beacon Lights of History," it has been necessary to make some rearrangement of lectures and volumes. Dr. Lord began with his volume on classic "Antiquity," and not until he had completed five volumes did he return to the remoter times of "Old Pagan Civilizations" (reaching back to Assyria and Egypt) and the "Jewish Heroes and Prophets." These issued, he took up again the line of great men and movements, and brought it down to modern days.

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  • Governments and laws Oriental laws Priestly jurisprudence The laws of Lycurgus The laws of Solon Cleisthenes The Ecclesia at Athens Struggle between patricians and plebeians at Rome Tribunes of the people Roman citizens The Roman senate The Roman constitution Imperial power The Twelve Tables Roman lawyers Jurisprudence under emperors Labeo Capito Gaius Paulus Ulpian Justinian Tribonian Code, Pandects, and Institutes Roman citizenship Laws pertaining to marriage Extent of paternal power Transfer of property Contracts The courts Crimes Fines Penal statutes Personal rights Slavery Securit...

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  • Change of public opinion about Mohammed Astonishing triumph of Mohammedanism Old religious systems of Arabia Polytheism succeeds the doctrines of the Magians The necessity of reform Early life of Mohammed Cadijeh Mohammed's meditations and dreams His belief in a personal God He preaches his new doctrines The opposition and ridicule of his countrymen The perseverance of Mohammed amid obstacles His flight to Medina The Koran and its doctrines Change in Mohammed's mode of propagating his doctrines Polygamy and a sensual paradise Warlike means to convert Arabia Mohammed accommodates his do...

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  • The early Saxons Their conquest of England Division of England into petty kingdoms Conversion of the Saxons The Saxon bishoprics Early distinguished men Isadore, Caedmon, and Baeda, or Bede Birth and early life of Alfred Succession to the throne of Wessex Danish invasions Humiliation and defeat of Alfred His subsequent conquests Final settlement of the Danes Alfred fortifies his kingdom Reorganizes the army and navy His naval successes Renewed Danish invasions The laws of Alfred Their severity Alfred's judicial reforms Establishment of shires and parishes Administrative reforms Financi...

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  • Social evils in England on the accession of William IV. Political agitations. Premiership of Lord Grey. Aristocratic character of the reformers. Lord John Russell. The Reform Bill. Its final passage. Henry Brougham. Lord Melbourne, Prime Minister. Troubles in Ireland. O'Connell. Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister. His short administration. Succeeded by Lord Melbourne. Abolition of West India slavery. Thomas Babington Macaulay. Popular reforms. Trades unions. Reform of municipal corporations. Death of William IV. Penny postage. Second ministry of Sir Robert Peel. The Duke of Wellington.

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  • Năm nay đánh dấu một thế kỷ rưỡi kể từ khi Cao Đẳng Dartmouth nhận được một trong những tài sản rất có giá trị thuộc lĩnh vực văn hoá - nghệ thuật: Những bức phù điêu thời Assyria, hiện đang nằm tại phòng trưng bày Kim tại Bảo tàng Hood.

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  • The following pages are intended to place before the reader in a handy form an account of the principal ideas and beliefs held by the ancient Egyptians concerning the resurrection and the future life, which is derived wholly from native religious works. The literature of Egypt which deals with these subjects is large and, as was to be expected, the product of different periods which, taken together, cover several thousands of years; and it is exceedingly difficult at times to reconcile the statements and beliefs of a writer of one period with those of a writer of another. ...

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  • Abraham the spiritual father of nations General forgetfulness of God when Abraham arose Civilization in his age Ancestors of Abram His settlement in Haran His moral courage The call of Abram His migrations The Canaanites Abram in Egypt Separation between Abram and Lot Melchizedek Abram covenants with God The mission of the Hebrews The faith of Abram Its peculiarities Trials of faith God's covenant with Abram The sacrifice of Isaac Paternal rights among Oriental nations Universality of sacrifice Had Abram a right to sacrifice Isaac? Supreme test of his faith His obedience to God His rig...

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  • Caesar an instrument of Providence His family and person Early manhood; marriage; profession; ambition Curule magistrates; the Roman Senate Only rich men who control elections ordinarily elected Venality of the people Caesar borrows money to bribe the people Elected Quaestor Gains a seat in the Senate Second marriage, with a cousin of Pompey Caesar made Pontifex Maximus; elected Praetor Sent to Spain; military services in Spain Elected Consul; his reforms; Leges Juliae Opposition of the Aristocracy Assigned to the province of Gaul His victories over the Gauls and Germans Character of t...

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  • Beacon Lights of History, Volume 06 A free download from 1 Beacon Lights of History, Volume 06 The Project Gutenberg eBook, Beacon Lights of History, Volume VI, by John Lord This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at www.gutenberg.

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  • Love, the flower of Eden The two Venuses of Socrates The Venus Urania The memory of Héloïse cherished Her birth and education Her extraordinary gifts Her aspirations Peter Abélard His wonderful genius His early scholastic triumphs Abélard at Paris His wit and flippancy His scepticism His successes His love for Héloïse His mad infatuation Scandal of the intimacy Disinterestedness of Héloïse Secret marriage of Abélard and Héloïse Marriage discovered Retirement of Héloïse and Abélard to separate convents His renewed labors His brilliant success Persecution of Abélard Letter...

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  • First act of the Revolution Remote causes Louis XVI Derangement of finances Assembly of notables Mirabeau; his writings and extraordinary eloquence Assembly of States-General Usurpation of the Third Estate Mirabeau's ascendency Paralysis of government General disturbances; fall of the Bastille Extraordinary reforms by the National Assembly Mirabeau's conservatism Talleyrand, and confiscation of Church property Death of Mirabeau; his characteristics Revolutionary violence; the clubs The Jacobin orators The King arrested The King tried, condemned, and executed The Reign of Terror Robespi...

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  • Dr. Lord's volume on "American Statesmen" was written some years after the issue of his volume on "Warriors and Statesmen," which was Volume IV of his original series of five volumes. The wide popular acceptance of the five volumes encouraged him to extend the series by including, and rewriting for the purpose, others of his great range of lectures. The volume called "Warriors and Statesmen" (now otherwise distributed) included a number of lectures which in this new edition have been arranged in more natural grouping. Among them were the lectures on Hamilton and Webster.

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  • The remarks made in the preface to the volume on "American Founders" are applicable also to this volume on "American Leaders." The lecture on Daniel Webster has been taken from its original position in "Warriors and Statesmen" (a volume the lectures of which are now distributed for the new edition in more appropriate groupings), and finds its natural neighborhood in this volume with the paper on Clay and Calhoun.

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